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Author(s): Jess66six and Imyour666christ
Pairing: Henry/Zhou mi
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: SMUT and that's it.
Summary: Henry is staying in Canada for a while when Zhou mi comes to visit.

Author(s) note: Quite like how our Kibum/Sungmin fic turned out to be incredibly angsty...this one turned out to be rather adorable. Hope you guys enjoy. :)

Henry sat at the airport, anxious, excited, and quite frankly, a little bored. He was waiting for someone; it was weird to be at the airport and not heading onto a plane and flying to the next country. Barley any fans had approached him and he was grateful, though, at the same time, he wished they could at least give him someway to kill the time. Then again he was in his home country and not nearly as many people knew his name there. He tapped his fingers on the side of his seat; he was so sick of waiting. Then, a shining light of relief-the flight was called in-Zhou mi had finally arrived

People stopped to watch as the tall Chinese man that looked like he had walked straight out of a movie, would trot past them, pulling around seven rather large bags behind him on a tiny wheelie. Big round sunglasses sat on his face, letting everyone know he was a star. An ear to ear grin graced his features as he listened to people speaking all kinds of different languages around him, the English making him strangely giddy.
After rounding one last turn, he looked up and smiled so wide it made his previous grin look like a sneer.


Zhou mi practically ran at him with a smile that could warm anyone’s heart. He was just as charismatic as the last time Henry had seen him, granted it wasn’t that long ago, but even a day away from the Chinese man seemed like a year.

“Hi, Zhou mi.” He said as he approached, only slightly towering over him. He arms swooped around the boy, and before Henry could even comprehend what had happened, the hug was broken. He gave an awkward smile and Zhou mi just flashed the unbearably adorable grin that seemed to be permanently marked onto his face. He proceeded to grab a hold of Henry’s hand before continuing to walk through the airport and the Canadian boy felt a slight blush come across his face. Now people were paying him attention.

It seemed like years instead of just a few weeks since Zhou Mi had seen the boy. The warm feeling in his heart shined through on his face as he beamed at the boy, instantly going into what he's been doing and how his puppy has been-the poor little thing missed Henry painfully and whined all day until he pulled up video clips of him online. Zhou Mi let out a laugh as he pulled the boy closer, going on about how the baby loves him way more and that he should have brought him to Canada just so he could keep him.

"The ingrate doesn’t even care that I'm the one that feeds him..."

Their fingers were laced together by the time they got outside, Zhou Mi now silent, taking in the scenery.

"We did do an awful lot of bonding." The thought of that tiny dog of Zhou mi's made Henry wish he had traveled back to Beijing instead of Zhou mi coming to see him in Canada. But the older man had insisted on coming, not just for the cultural experience, but to see him in his home, his native land. It was a little nerve wracking and since he told his mom and dad they'd been acting as though he was bringing his boyfriend home.

"Do you want to check into your hotel first?" Henry asked after a few moments of silence and a lot of walking. They had arrived at the car.

Zhou mi parted from him to walk on the opposite of the car. He grinned, "Sure, Henli."

The car ride went rather uneventful, Zhou mi with his face to the window looking at the world like a five year old. Every so often his gaze would go over to Henry, who was going between his cell phone and looking up at Zhou mi.

Their eyes caught, both smiled a little nervously and Henry looked away. Quietly, Zhou mi reached his hand over and placed it on Henrys, squeezing it reassuringly.

"Thank you for letting me visit you, Henli. I really missed you."

Henry smiled and rubbed his thumb over Zhou mi's hand. "I missed you too." His eyes shifted after a moment, unable to keep eye contact with the sharp, charming gaze of the other.

They arrived at the hotel and Henry helped Zhou mi unload everything from the trunk and carried a few bags inside. He also helped the Chinese man sign up because he was hilariously unable to help himself, and the sight of him trying to speak English to the man at the front desk was almost too much.

"Thank you!" Zhou mi called to the man as they departed to the room. Henry let out a chuckle and the other looked at him curiously.

"Your English is really cute."

"Don’t make fun of me Henli, especially when you aren’t as amazing at Chinese as you seem to think."

Henry gawked a moment, then pretended to pout. "You come to my home country then insult me? I'm crushed!"

Zhou mi went from snark to concern like the flip of a switch. "Oh Henli I was only joking! Your Chinese is wonderful! Really.."

Henry bit the inside of his mouth to keep up the act. Sometimes, Zhou mi was far too innocent and naive for his own good.

The elevator door openned and Henry slipped in, pout still gracing his face. The doors shut and Henry shot Zhou mi the most pitiful look he could muster. The taller man looked heart broken.

"I'm sorry, Henli." He turned to face him. "Is there nothing I can do to fix this?" He was dead serious and Henry almost laughed. He let his eyes fall to the floor instead of responding, then Zhou mi took his hand in his and kissed it. "Your Chinese is the best, Henli."

Henry smiled. He was way too sweet. "I forgive you." The ear to ear grin he got in return was worth it. Zhou mi continued to grab Henry by the shoulders and plant a kiss on his cheek with an audible, "Mwah!"

Zhou mi pulled back, not failing to notice the blush that crossed Henrys cheeks. "Henry is the best at everything!" He grinned, wrapping his arms around the boy, jumping in alarm as the doors open and an elderly couple walked in. The two moved a bit to make room, but Zhou mi refusing to let go of his odd hold on Henry.

They reached their floor, being eyed by the older couple the whole time; Zhou mi managed an awkward smile at the two and walked out. As soon as the doors closed, the two boys broke out into near hysteric laughter.

The card key to room 425 finally found its slot after almost ten minutes of the boys laughing and wiping their tears away at how odd the moment was and the fact they were convinced they'd gotten lost on the fourth floor of the hotel.

"Ah finally! Ooh everything is blue!" Childish excitement lit up Zhou mi’s face as he threw his bags on the floor and flopped down on the bed, grinning up and Henry.

"It is nice." Henry said as he sat on the bed beside Zhou mi. Basically everything was blue-the bed sheets, the wallpaper, and the carpet-but it was very stylish to say the least. He felt a hand on his as he looked about the room; Zhou mi was stroking his thumb over his wrist.

"What have you been up to Henli?"

"Nothing much, just spending some time with my parents." He looked down at him, still laying on the bed, and watching as his smile dropped.

"You neglected quality time with your parents just to see me?" He finally sat up to look at Henry at eye level.

"It's no big deal, we're going to see them once we get you settled in." He received a questionable look from the other. "They want to meet you."

"Oh no," He had panic in his eyes and Henry couldn't help but laugh.


"What if they don’t like me?" Henry laughed again.

"Like someone could not like you."

The comment seemed lost on Zhou mi as he suddenly started into a mild panic. His face had paled a little and he brought a hand to his face.

"I didn’t realize they would want to really see me...maybe for a moment, a quick hello and goodbye..."

Henry grinned and squeezed his hand. "Mom has actually been working on dinner all day for you..."

Zhou mi turned and stared wide eyed and open mouthed. His heart beat had been at a quicker rate since he had gotten here, but now it was like it was trying to escape his chest.

Henry rolled his eyes at the unchanged expression on the tall Chinese boys face. "Oh come on, you can’t really be this surprised!"

Zhou mi dropped his eyes and chewed his lip. He didn’t know why, but the idea of Henry’s parents not liking him made his blood run cold.

"Henli...I'm nervous..."

"You have nothing to be nervous about." Henry stood and noticed now that Zhou mi had gotten much paler. "They'll love you."

"You think so?" Zhou mi asked and Henry moved so that he was standing in front of him.

"Of course. Even if it's not on their opinion alone. They're my parents-if I love you, then they have to as well." He grinned down at the Chinese man.

"Aw, you love me, Henli?" His smile made the blush come across Henry's face once more. He hadn't thought of how the comment could have come off as. "Henli?" Zhou mi reached up and pinched one of his cheeks, even shaking it some. He laughed at Henry's discomfort. "Cute as always, Henli."

The over-usage of his name was really getting to him. He had been annoyed at first when people called him Henli, but when Zhou mi said it, it made his heart flutter. And now he knew there was no way he could hide the redness on his normally pale cheeks.

"Why are you blushing so much, Henli? Are you warm?" Zhou mi reached up and ran his hand from Henrys forehead to his cheeks to his neck.

A shiver rippled through the violinist’s body, making Zhou mi worry. He pulled the boy down to the bed with him again.

"Sit down for a bit, you seem a little flushed."

The taller boy ran his hand through Henrys short hair trying to keep it from his face. "The last thing I need to happen is go to your parents house and you being feverish...they will think it is my fault..."

Zhou mi scooted back on the bed, pulling Henry along with him. "Come on, lets lay down for a little bit so you can cool down. I need to relax a bit after my flight, anyway."

Henry laid down on the bed, almost against his will, and rested his head against Zhou mi's shoulder. He wasn't making his situation any easier. His arm was around him and soon he was stroking a hand through his hair. Henry closed his eyes feeling more comfortable there than in his own home.

Soon he felt Zhou mi's lips on his forehead. His lips were warm and comforting, and Henry felt a small sadness at their departure. "Good, you don't have a fever." He kissed his forehead again and Henry knew he must have been doing this on purpose.

"Zhou mi?" Henry started and looked up to face the older man.

"Hmm?" That gorgeous smile was back.

"Why do you take such good care of me?" He rolled onto his side.

"Because I love you, Henli." Zhou mi also laid on his side and emphasized his point by placing a hand on his cheek.

Henry looked away and bit his lip. "Could you...elaborate on that?"

"What do you mean, Henli?" Zhou mi asked, pulling back a little so he could look the boy in the eyes.

"When you say things like that...and take care of me like this...I just...I'm confused."

Zhou mi stared at Henry for a moment before leaning forward and pressing his lips to Henry’s. It was quick and chaste, but it was everything Henry needed to know. The older boy placed his head against Henry’s again, a small smile on his lips.

"I think that's why I am afraid of meeting your parents..."

A small giggle escaped Henry. "They already think we are dating...because of the way I 'dote' over you...tried to make everything perfect for when you got here..."

His voice faded off as Zhou mi’s eyes intensely burned into his. He brought one of his hands up to brush Henry’s cheek, bringing color to it yet again.

" don’t have to fuss over me. I told you, everything you do is perfect. Everything."

Henry leaned forward and caught his lips again, making this kiss last longer while feeling the gentle brush of Zhou mi's hand against his face. There was brief moment where the kiss was broken, then Zhou mi pulled him back carefully with his hand rested on the back of his neck. Henry wrapped his arms around Zhou mi's neck and shifted his head to the side, allowing the kiss to deepen.

Zhou mi rolled over the top of him, pinning him flat on the bed. Henry felt his body being slowly pressed into the mattress and he let a small moan escape through his mouth. Zhou mi pulled back, then placed his lips on the younger boy's neck. Henry ran his hand through Zhou mi's hair and tried to control the rapid beating of his heart. A coarse breath escaped him before the other placed his lips back over his mouth in a slightly rougher kiss than before.

Zhou mi sucked on Henrys lower lip, letting his hands caress the boys side and face. Something about Henrys face made him want to touch it forever.

'Maybe it's the cheeks..,' he mused, thumb stroking over the boys right cheek. Henry let out a tiny whimper at the touch, making Zhou mi think he had an answer to his face touching issue. Or the fact his other hand had made its way under the younger boys shirt. Either or.

"Henli..." Zhou mi whispered against the others lips, pulling back just enough to barely touch. "Henli are you ok? Is this ok?"

Henry nodded lightly, afraid to break the feather light touch of Zhou mi’s lips on his. Said lips spread into a bit of a smirk as he started to move his hand more under Henrys shirt. His breath hitched and came back out in a hiss, feeling Zhou mi’s hand travel from his navel up to his chest.

"Are you sure, Henli?" Zhou mi’s voice was husky against Henrys ear "Are you sure this is ok?" he asked, while the very tips of his fingertips traced light circles around the boys nipples, the touch so faint it was enough to almost turn Henry into a withering mess.

Henry's back arched and his hips rubbed against Zhou mi's a little rougher than he had intended. A moan escaped both of them and Henry caught Zhou mi's lips again in their deepest kiss yet. He rolled his tongue over the elder’s bottom lips, then against his tongue. His hand felt through Zhou mi's hair as he attempted to make the kiss become as deep as possible.

His hips rolled upward again, taking even him by surprise. Then Zhou mi pressed him into the mattress and proceeded to make the friction unbearable. He felt the other suck on his bottom lip before beginning to unbutton his shirt and trace his mouth over the white skin. A small whimper passed through Henry's lips as Zhou mi touched every part of his torso with his hands and his mouth, licking, sucking, and even biting at the skin. Finally, the Chinese man placed a hand on the waist of his pants and Henry became tense and excited all at once.

Zhou mi mouthed along the top of Henrys pant line, his tongue slipping underneath causing Henry to moan and pant.

"Zhou mi..."

The said man growled at hearing his name moaned by the object of his affections. Slowly, he popped open the button that was keeping him from making Henry come undone.

The sound of the zipper seemed to echo through the room. Henry waited with baited breath as finally the pants were tugged down just a bit. Zhou mi palmed Henry through his boxers, still kissing and nibbling at the baby soft skin right above the clothing line. He tasted so sweet and so soft, just as Zhou mi had dreamed he would.

With the soft and warm kisses on his hip bones and the rhythmic motion of Zhou mi's hand, Henry could hardly breath. His hand still fingered through the others hair. Henry tried controlling his erratic breathing as Zhou mi's caresses hastened.

"Zhou mi..." Henry mumbled through barley parted lips. The older responded by licking the small bump of his hip bone. He began to feel the building sensation in his groin. He bit down on his lip to try to keep the pleasure moan from filling the room.

"Don't hold back." Zhou mi whispered to him, and with little thought, Henry followed his instructions.

"Ahhnn." Henry closed his eyes as the jolt of ecstasy ran through his body

Zhou mi continued his successions even as he felt the boys excitement soaking through his boxer shorts. A satisfied smile made its way to his face as he planted one last kiss to the boys navel and pulled himself up to Henrys flushed face.

The boy was panting heavily and his eyes were glazed. He placed soft kisses all along Henrys face, stopping to lovingly kiss at his lips. "Are you ok, Henli?"

Henry nodded lightly, dazed look yet to fade and slightly concerning Zhou mi. He continued to kiss at his lips lightly, letting his tongue come out and make its way into Henry’s mouth, affectionately stroking his tongue against the boys. Slowly Henry returned the kiss, another little moan making its way from his throat.

Zhou mi broke away to look down at the boy below him. He was flushed and sweaty, hair matted in all kinds of ways. His eyes were partially opened, still dazed and pupils blown.

"You are gorgeous, Henli."

The comment struck something in Henry; no one had ever treated him as well as Zhou mi did. He kissed him again and slowly pulled his arms around his neck. He maneuvered his legs on either side of the other man, rubbing their hips together once more. A surprised groan came from Zhou mi's lips and Henry grinned.

Henry kissed the skin of the others neck and rolled his hips up; his arousal quickly coming back. Zhou mi pushed his hips into his as a natural response but soon placed space between them. He appeared concerned.

"Henli, do you think we're going too far?" His hand found his cheek and gently caressed the soft, flushed skin.

The boy shook his head and brought Zhou mi back into a breath taking kiss. His tongue pushed against the older man's along with their hips.

Not saying Zhou mi was complaining, because he was far from such a ridiculous idea, but he was nervous. He had mused on the plane ride telling Henry that the boy was practically his sun, moon, and universe, but he let the idea go, thinking it would be a huge mistake. There was no way Henry felt the same. Then, as soon as he saw him, he couldn’t keeps his hands off of him, hands that were currently pulling at the boys hair a little rougher than he intended.

He knew he should put a stop to it, be the good man that he was, but Henry held him captive, rocking their hips together in such a wonderful friction Zhou mi couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

With one last nip at Henrys lips, Zhou mi pulled back and tried to untangle them a bit.

"No don’t go..." Henry pouted, holding onto Zhou mi’s shirt showing no signs of letting go.

Zhou mi giggled and gently tugged at Henrys arms. Unhappy, the boy let go, only to feel his jaw drop by the sight of Zhou mi pulling his shirt over his head.

"I'm not going anywhere, Henli. I promise," he murmured, going back down to kiss Henry thoroughly, moaning at the feel of their bare chests rubbing together.

Henry' s back arched at the very sensation of their bodies rubbing together. He wanted more-he needed more of Zhou mi. The friction between their hips was unbearable and the deep, and massaging motion of their tongues was only making things worse. Henry grabbed a hold of the other by the back of the neck.

"Zhou mi..." He mumbled, almost inaudibly between their kisses. "Please." Henry let his hand find the top of Zhou mi's pants and gave it a tug.

The Chinese man's breath was hot on his neck as he gave a rough exhale. "Henli..." His hand rubbed over Henry's. "You sure?"

In response he unbuttoned Zhou mi's pants and slowly unzipped them. Zhou mi pressed his lips against his before placing his hands back on the long opened pants of the younger. He slid the pants down and his boxers along with them; the feeling of his hands along the sides of his thighs was so rewarding.

Zhou mi suddenly got up, hearing a loud protesting groan from Henry. He smiled, going over to one of his bags that had been thrown on the floor and rummaged through until he found a tube of hand lotion from one of the bags. He wiggled it a little and grinned at the boy on the bed, the look on his face unreadable.

He set the tube down on the table next to the bed and slowly removed his own pants and boxers, biting his lip as the strain was finally relieved. He looked at Henry, who was looking all over him, and suddenly he was shy.

Everything was bare before him now. The boy knew his body, his secrets, and his heart. He was completely vulnerable, and for some reason, it didn’t scare his as much as he thought it should have. Especially when Henry looked up into his eyes and smiled, leaning up to pull him down on top of him into the bed, their lips connecting as a feeling of pure bliss rippled through their bodies.

"I love you, Henli.."

Henry caught his lips quickly before muttering the words so very foreign to his mouth, "I love you too, Zhou mi." He kissed him again and felt a shiver run down his spine as the older man gently stroked the inside of his thighs.

Zhou mi broke the kiss and reached for the bottle of lotion sitting idly on the nightstand. He began to place small kisses on Henry's thighs, gently running his tongue over the area at a slow pace. Henry held a fistful of the sheets and bit down on his lip as the sensitive skin was sucked on.

The opening of the lotion bottle sounded and Henry let out a shaky breath. He felt the cool of the lotion on him and a small bit of pressure was being applied. "I need you to relax, Henli."

The Chinese man lightly ran a finger on Henrys opening, willing him to relax. Very slowly, he pushed in, watching his face for any signs of pain or discomfort.

Henry bit his lip, the feeling wasn’t anything he expected. It didn’t hurt, but it felt odd. He looked down to Zhou mi’s face. and his heart warmed seeing the concern and slight fear in his eyes. Smiling seemed to comfort him, or give him the ok to thrust another finger in, this time a little more persistent, his patience starting to go. It still wasn’t too bad to Henry, then a third finger went in and he was uncomfortable.

He groaned a bit, willing himself not to tense, when Zhou mi hit something inside him that ripped a moan so deep from him he thought it came from his very soul.

Zhou mi quirked an eyebrow and hit the spot again, a smile creeping across his face as Henry arched from the bed, his name falling from his lips. Over and over Zhou mi hit that spot, holding Henrys hips down, watching hungrily as Henry moaned and squirm below him, until finally Henry was almost screaming.

"Please Zhou mi please I cant...I’m gonna...I need..."

"What do you need, Henli?"


That was enough for Zhou mi.

The feeling wasn't anything that Henry had expected it to be, a little part of him had expected it to hurt. Even as Zhou mi pushed inside of him it didn't hurt; all he could think about was how much he needed him.

Zhou mi pressed his mouth onto his swollen lips as he made it all the way in. He placed his hands firmly on the elder’s shoulders as he slowly pulled back. He felt a strong hand on his hip and immediately braced himself. Zhou mi thrust back into him with more vigor than before which caused Henry's head to roll back onto the pillow and a low moan sneak past his lips.

The thrusts came faster and their breaths became erratic and hard. As often as possible, Zhou mi would capture Henry's lips. It didn't take long for the taller man to hit that spot in him that made him cry out and whine with pleasure. Zhou mi tried his best to hit that spot every time, causing Henry to bite his lips or scratch his nails across his back.

Zhou mi let out a moan as Henry scratched as his back. He didn’t see himself as one of those kinds of guys that enjoyed that sort of thing, but he'd be damned if he said he wasn’t loving every second of it.

"Oh God, Henli..." Zhou mi moved his mouth down to bite at the boys neck, loving the way Henry would gasp and his breath would hitch.

Henry started to tremble; his hold on Zhou mi becoming stronger. Another loud moan escaped him as he felt Zhou mi’s hand grip his aching arousal, stroking in time with his thrusts.

Both were panting, lips sliding together in a clumsy haste as they both felt the pull of their orgasms crashing down on them.

It was such an amazing feeling; a loud moan rolled from Henry's throat and his eyes rolled back. His body tingled with a sensation better than he could had ever dreamed of. His grip on Zhou mi was still tight, even when the other gently brushed his lips over his.

He laid on top of him; both were catching their breath. Zhou mi's head was rested on his chest and Henry brushed a hand through his hair lovingly.

"Zhou mi?"

The Chinese man looked up at him, his smile just as bright as ever. "Yes, Henli?"

"Ready to meet my parents?"

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