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Title: Look Who’s Talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 8]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP, (Kid Eunhae)

Fandom: Super Junior(main), DBSK, Big Bang… SHINee

Rating: Pg for parenting ideas that should never be conducted on actual live children.

Warning: Kid Super Junior AU, Fake parenting tips…

Genre: Comedy, a bit of angst, and some mild sap. 

Disclaimer: still don’t own them…

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N : If you haven’t read the prologue or any of the previous chapters they can be found on my profile.


One week later they had reserved to move into the new house. It was fairly quick, but social security was pressuring them to make it happen. So the rest of the week had been spent packing things into boxes and preparing for the big move.


The day had started early, for Kangin at least. Yunho called at three thirty that morning. Apparently he had given all of his employees the day off in order to help him and Leeteuk move. He wouldn’t answer why either.


Just as Kangin was about to return to sleep a knock on his door thwarted him. He answered to find all of the ‘food of the god’s mini mart employees standing in his door way, Changmin included.


“Are you nuts?” Kangin glared at Yunho who was beaming far to happily for it to be this wretched hour of the day.


“Kangin, packing isn’t going to do itself. You need to get all the stuff into our truck, and we have to have it back in the garage this afternoon.”


“It’s three thirty.”


“Yes, that gives us exactly ten hours, get to work boys!”


“My kids are asleep.”


“Then wake them up, there’s plenty of time to sleep at the new house.”


“Why exactly are you helping me again?”


“Can I not do a favor for a friend? Let’s start in the kitchen boys.” Kangin grumbled wondering how he and Leeteuk ended up with friends like these as he went to remove his children from their beds and put them to sleep temporarily in his SUV.


He decided to tackle two at one time and scoped Han Geng and Kyuhyun to his chest taking their blankets along with him. Stairs were a slightly difficult task given the fact that he hadn’t had his coffee yet this morning, but he managed with only one small stumble. He made it out of the building when he saw it.  


Ignoring the monstrosity for the time being he maneuvered the children into his SUV utilizing only one of his hands to open the door. Once the children were placed in their respective seats he covered them with their blankets amazed that they had managed to stay asleep. He shut the car door quietly and turned around trying to spot Yunho among the people emerging with pieces of furniture from his apartment building. It wasn’t hard considering he was carrying the food processor while everyone else had chairs or bigger objects.


“Yunho, what is that?!’ he asked pointing to the truck. At least it was shaped like one. Normal delivery trucks, from Kangin’s experience, didn’t usually have soft core pornographic photos painted on them. The snapshot was of four grown men posed and naked, made decent by awkward clouds covering important bits. The heads of the men belonged to Yunho and his employees. It had the market name above the image, and below it in blaring red letter was the phase, ‘how can we help you?’.


“Our truck do you like it Seunghyun did it, well photo shopped it. Xiah kept refusing to pose with us so he tweaked it a bit. Isn’t she pretty. We have two but the other one is being utilized this morning, so we had to use the refrigerated one, but that’s okay I didn’t turn the ac on.”


“I think you could probably get sued for it, that’s what I think.” Kangin grumbled. Where had he an Leeteuk found their friends again?


Kangin tried to ignore the truck while he brought two other children down. He wasn’t quite as lucky his second time around. Eunhyuk woke up once he was removed from his bed and Donghae followed suit when Yunho dropped a box containing dishes. By the time he made it outside of the apartment building the boys were wide awake, and curious as to what everyone else was doing. In fear of waking Han Geng and Kyuhyun he let them run around outside with Changmin.


He decided his next task would be his hardest, waking up Leeteuk. As usual Leeteuk ignored the first five attempts and by his seventh Kangin decided just to carry him down bridal style. He made it out in the hallway when Xiah stopped him.


“Kangin, oh… Leeteuk didn’t want to get up.”


“Never does, what were you going to ask me?”


“What did you want us to do with the… raccoon?”


“Leave him for now, we’ll take him in our car, one of the kids will hold him.” Xiah paled for a second but nodded.


“He’s tame really,” Kangin reassured the man before carrying his husband over the threshold. He got a not so subtle flashback of their first day as a married couple and he couldn’t but smile descending the stairs. Life had evolved quickly, barley a month ago they were in Paris on their honeymoon, and now they were moving into their first house, with four children, and a raccoon.


He placed Leeteuk quietly in the car with the other two children and went to assist his friends. Yunho, although not much help himself, was running a tight ship, and doing so rather well. The entire contents of the kitchen, bathroom, and living room had been moved out and now only the two bedrooms remained. Unfortunately only so many people could be in one room at once so Kangin had to sit it out and opted for watching the kids. Tablo came up to him with a paper cup outstretched.


“Thought you could use this.”


“Thanks.” Kangin accepted and took a huge swig of the hot liquid, possibly a bit to quickly. Tablo stood by Kangin and watched as Eunhyuk ran around with Donghae and Changmin. “You sure you don’t want to move in with us?” Kangin asked wiping away the remains of liquid that had escaped his lips.


“Yeah, you guys are parents, I’m suppose to be his brother.” He smiled slightly. “I get to be the one he likes, the one he asks for advise he would never think to go to parents for, the one who gets to know all the fun stuff. You, well he may hate you at some point in time, but he’ll always like me.”


Kangin nodded and grinned and they resumed their silence watching the kids play around. “He’ll hate Leeteuk, I’m the one with candy remember.” He said after a minute.


“Candy only works up until teenage years then you have to find something else, like money.” Tablo laughed.


“I suppose.”


“We’re all done.” Xiah came up to the two men being attacked by Eunhyuk in the process.


“So it’s time to say goodbye to the house then. Is Leeteuk up?”


“I am, you ready to go get Kangin?”


“Kangin?” Xiah looked confused at the man who was rubbing sleep from his eyes.


“That’s the raccoon’s name.” Tablo told him smirking. “You guys go get him I’ll take Eunhyuk and Donghae to the car.”


Kangin nodded thanking him and took Leeteuk’s hand. Together they walked up the steps for the last time and over the threshold once more. It was even more eerily empty then the day they had moved in remembering all of the things that had happened. “You know if I had just said no to Eunhyuk we wouldn’t have to be moving.” Kangin said looking around one final time at their living room.


“You love him a admit it.”


“I love them all,” Kangin said smiling softly, “even this thing.” He pointed towards Kangin’s cage.


“They do grow on you.” Leeteuk smiled. “No regrets?”


“Other than in out friend choices, not really.” Kangin smirked as he picked up the cage in one hand and grabbed Leeteuk’s in the other. The walked to the door. “Come to think of it I do...”


“And what’s that?”


“We never got to have sex in every room.” Leeteuk hit him on the shoulder affectionately as they left their apartment for the last time.




By the time they pulled up into the drive way of their new home it was just starting to get light outside. The truck pulled into the driveway and the SUV pulled in along side it leaving Tablo to park Leeteuk’s car on the curb.


Their new house was certainly larger than their old apartment. They now had: five bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a spacious living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a basement. It had a plain white paneled exterior and standard red brick, much contrary to their neighbors who had opted for a grayish yet still very blue paneling. Their door was a dark forest green, and they had fake green shutters on the façade windows. There wasn’t any grass yet leaving the lawn all dirt and rocks, but as long as Kangin could keep the kids out of it until he could hire a company there shouldn’t be to much of a problem there. Overall it was normal, thus it’s appeal to the couple.


Kangin got out first and with Leeteuk’s help he released the kids from their car seats and set them on the driveway.


Han Geng had won the opportunity to hold Kangin in the car and he still had his arms wrapped around the surprisingly tame creature who was sleeping. Eunhyuk and Donghae began a game of tag in the drive way and Kyuhyun simply examined the house counting the windows, and such.


Kangin sighed, what were they going to do with these kids while getting the things in the house. Leeteuk hugged him from behind. “I love it.”



“We haven’t even gotten our furniture in there yet, or met the neighbors, or anything how can you know you love it?”


“Because it’s ours.” Leeteuk smiled. “And because there’s room for our family to grow in this house.” Kangin suppressed a groan at the word ‘grow’ but he smiled at his husband.


“I’m glad, now let’s get stared Yunho’s looking impatient.” He grabbed Kangin’s cage from the back of his SUV and was about to make his way up the porch steps to unlock it when another truck pulled onto the street.


“Oh look Kangin we’ll get to meet some neighbors after all!” Leeteuk smiled happily they watched as the truck pulled by them. Kangin almost dropped the cage he was holding.


“Yunho, who exactly did you rent your second truck out too?” Yunho didn’t hear him however to busy barking orders to even notice his own truck go by. It pulled in to the house directly to the right of Kangin’s and stopped.


“Neighbors!” a voice yelled from inside the truck before the door could even swing open.


“Leeteuk get the kid’s back in the car, Yunho put the stuff back in the truck, we’re going back to the apartment.” He picked up the cage and Kyuhyun who was closest to him and nearly ran to the car.


“Where you going Kangin?” Ji Yong asked stepping over the dividing line between the two lots.


“Back to the apartment.” He said decisively practically throwing Kyuhyun and the cage into his car before heading out after his remaining children.


“Why didn’t Seunghyun tell us you two were going to be our neighbors?” Leeteuk inquired.


“I wouldn’t let him. When you guys began looking for a house, I told him to show you the place we were thinking of moving to, then I told him to slip the info about noise from the street so you would buy a house towards the back, I never thought you would chose the one directly next to ours.”   Ji Yong smiled.


“He did. Sorry Kangin.” Seunghyun came onto their lawn as well mostly in attempts to regain his husband.


“Get the apartment back I’ll remodel or something.” Kangin desperately pleaded.


“I’m afraid the couple are moving in today as well, and the papers for this house have already been inked, you’re stuckhere.”


“Howdy, neighbor.” Ji Yong threw his arm over Leeteuk’s shoulder.


“Can I install an electric fence then?” Kangin asked hopefully.


“No, you have to follow the association rules. There’s a bundle of papers in your kitchen that should have them. Fences have to be regulation, and unless you’re talking about an invisible dog fence, then it cant have any electricity going through it.” Seunghyun told him placing a hand on his husband’s shoulder. “We still have to get the stuff in the house, lets go.”


Ji Yong sighed but nodded and released Leeteuk. “Alright, catch up with you two later.” And they left the premises.


Kangin brought Kyuhyun out of the car along with the cage and looked back up at his house. It was kind of funny how he actually kind of liked it a few minutes ago.


A/N II: So I may have lied about another kid, but it was either prolong the posting, or give you what I’ve got… Don’t worry the next child in on his way. Does anyone else want Yunho’s truck?

~Thanks to dmsr and dbsj0001 for commenting last chapter.

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