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No Heart

Title: No Heart
Chapter: 5/5 (END)
Pairing: Yehwook
Summary: Yehsung has always been a cold person; people even say he has no heart. But with no heart, how can you love?
A/N: Whoa, all of a sudden it got so serious O___O
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior but I wish I owned Yehwook :/

Yehsung was last to enter class when the first bell rung. "Good morning, Mr. Sen. Is Ryeowook here?"

"He's your boyfriend, you should know if he's here or not. I bet you called him at talked on the phone for endless hours," Mr. Sen rolled his eyes and sighed when Yehsung bounced up and down excitedly.

"Mr. Sen!! How did you know??"

"You know, Jongwoon, I liked it better when you were a cold hearted student. Now you're just too... too... hyper. I never knew having a love life did that to you..."

"Well Mr. Sen, at least I'm not getting in trouble for pulling out little girls' hair." Yehsung yawned and took his seat, waiting for Ryeowook to enter through the door.

But Ryeowook never came. Since they were three years apart, they only shared homeroom together, which lasted ten minutes. Half the day went by and Ryeowook still hadn't come.

"Sungmin! Do you know where Ryeowook is?" Yehsung asked desparately, worried about his Wookie.

"Um... No..." Sungmin thought for a moment. "Last night on MSN he told me that he was coming today. Said something about a special occasion--" the younger boy suddenly dropped his books. "RIGHT! Today is Hyukkie's birthday!! I have to get him a present after school!" then Sungmin left, muttering to himself about something to get Eunhyuk.

"Where is he?" Yehsung dialed Ryeowook's cell, but there was no answer. "Maybe he's just sick... But he was fine yesterday... Yesterday... Yesterday!!" Yehsung slapped himself as he remembered yesterday's occurance. His father asked him who Ryeowook was. He had said Ryeowook's name out loud. His father had all the connections... He had the power to do anything, even take his precious Wookie... Yehsung dialed another phone number and screamed into the phone when his father picked up, "YOU BASTARD!! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH RYEOWOOK?!?!"

"Tsk tsk, Jongwoon. Is that any way to speak to your father?"

"I don't care! Tell me where Ryeowook is!"

"What makes you think that I have him?"

Yehsung felt his blood boil and his grip was so tight, he almost broke his phone. "WHERE THE HELL IS HE?!"

"I can't tell you. You see, Jongwoon, it is your responsibility as the eldest to be heir to the company."

"I don't have to be heir to shit!! Where the fuck is Ryeowook?!"

"Until you sign the contract, I'm not giving him back. Besides, when you sign it, you'll never be able to see him again anyway," there was a bit of moving before shouting and screaming blasted into Yehsung's ear.

"Sungie! I-I'm scared! I don't know where I am and... and... The man beside me has a gun... He's pointing it at my head... Sungie, I-I'm scared... Please help me..."

Yehsung's eyes widened. He could hear his boyfriend's sobs on the other end, "Wookie, it's okay... I'm coming for you..."

"Hurry, please Yeh--" Ryeowook was cut off by a gunshot noise and then his father's voice came back.

"Better hurry, Jongwoon."

"What did you do to him, you sick bastard?! WHAT DID YOU DO!?"

"Meet me at the mansion at six o'clock sharp and we'll talk there. You have two choices Jongwoon. Let the boy die and live a life of freedom and emptiness, or sign the contract, become sucessful, and have the happiness of knowing he's alive. You choose."

Yehsung's hand shook as the dial tone echoed in his ear. "R-Ryeowook..."

__________________________Kim Mansion

Yehsung took a deep breath and clenched his fists, ready to punch his father if he did anything to hurt his Wookie.

"Right on time... You're actually half an hour early. Do you care about him that much?" Mr. Kim smirked as his son's hands shook violently. "Do you want to see him? Then, maybe, you can pick the right option."

Yehsung stayed silent, waiting for his father to take him to Ryeowook. Wookie... Please be alright... I want to see your smile, hear your laugh, I want to be able to kiss and hold you one last time...

"He's right there," Mr. Kim pointed to Ryeowook, who was curled up into a ball on the floor. "I didn't hurt him in anyway, unless you call pointing a gun to his head hurting."

Yehsung was about to lunge at his father right there and then, but the gun to pointed at Ryeowook's form was too high a risk, "can I talk to him?"

"Go ahead, but any funny stuff, and he'll be dead before you can say I Love You," Mr. Kim unlocked the door for Yehsung and let his son speak with the hostage.

"Wookie..." Yehsung stroked the smaller boy's hair in attempt for him to uncurl out of his position.

Ryeowook immediately sat up and hugged Yehsung, his arms wrapped around his waist. "Yehsung..."

"Wookie, everything is going to be--"

"Please don't sign the contract," Ryeowook said, cutting Yehsung off.


"Please don't leave me..." the younger whispered in a small voice.

"I won't leave you, Wookie," Yehsung glanced at his father, who was now looking over some paper work. The boy then shifted his gaze to the man who had the gun. Yehsung smiled softly at Ryeowook and tried to remove his arms.

"What are you doing?"

"Please just let go, Wookie. Trust me on this."

Hesitantly, Ryeowook released his grip around Yehsung and shrank back into a corner, observing what the older was going to do.

"Hey, dude with the gun!"

The man turned around and Yehsung sent a fist right to his face, hard. He whimpered in pain, but that didn't stop Yehsung from continuing to beat him senseless, pouring all his anger into every punch and kick. When he heard keys jingling and his father was no longer in his seat, Yehsung grabbed the gun from the lifeless man's hand and pointed it at the door, Ryeowook by his side.

The door swung open and and Mr. Kim laughed bitterly at the sight. His son aiming the gun at him? His own father? "Heh, you got guts, son. But do you think you should really be pointing that at me?" Mr. Kim pulled out his own gun, "before you shoot me," he steadily aimed the gun at Ryeowook, "I'll kill him."

Yehsung's grip on the gun tightened but he never lowered it, it stayed pointed at his father.

"Let me ask you once more, Jongwoon. Take over the company or the boy dies."

Yehsung answered with one shot. A shot to his father's heart, "I choose death. For you." Yehsung dropped the gun and hugged Ryeowook, both of them panting in fear.

"He got what he deserved. I got rid of the coldest thing in his body..."

"...His heart," Ryeowook finished, trying to pull Yehsung closer to him.

I'm not going down like this... Mr. Kim silently raised his gun, die, Kim Ryeowook. And fired.

Yehsung eyes widened and he turned around, the bullet piercing his chest.

"Yehsung!!" Ryeowook screamed collapsing onto the floor with his lover, the tears falling uncontrollably down his pale face, the blood soaking the front of his shirt. "Yehsung!!"

Yehsung smiled softly and caressed Ryeowook's cheek, "my whole life... People believed I had no heart..."

"Yehsung, Yehsung... You're going to be fine... You're going to be fine... Don't leave me!" Ryeowook let the phone slip from his hand after he called 911.

"They never knew I had a heart... I started to believe I didn't have one, until you came into my life..."

"Yehsung..." Ryeowook had never cried so much in his life. His vision was just a big blur, but Yehsung was perfectly clear. He had his hand placed over the older boy's heart, and clutched his shirt so tightly, his knuckles turned white.

"I think the reason why I didn't have a heart, was because I gave it to you... Ryeowook," Yehsung pulled the younger down and kissed him lightly.

And Ryeowook cried even harder when Yehsung's last words were mumbled against his lips, and the beat of his heart could no longer be felt.

I Love You.


I know, I know... You hate me now because I killed Yehsung, but that's they way it had to end T^T

My next fic is 100% happy and nobody dies *____* hope that cheers you up :/
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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