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Title: love and cookies
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Summary: Hankyung has a crush on Changmin
Pairing: Hankyung/Changmin and many more
Disclaimer: do not own them.
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

At the DBSK's apartment, the boys were just relaxing. They were waiting for the Super Junior

boys to come. Well actually only Hankyung, Heechul and Donghae were coming over. It was

going to be fun day for all. Well especially for Changmin, since his crush was coming over.

While on the other hand, Hankyung was excited to see Changmin. Since Changmin was the one,

that Hankyung liked. Even knowing that Hankyung was trying to forget about his feelings for

Changmin. And with everyone else, they were happy to see their friends. The plans for the

day, were Hankyung and Jaejoong would cook some wonderful treats. While Donghae, Yoochun,

Junsu and Changmin were going to show one another. What were some of the new dance moves,

that they were learning. While Heechul was probably going to whined and complain to Yunho.

Then after Jaejoong and Hankyung were done in the kitchen. They would gather together, so

that they all could watched a movie.

But for that plan to happen, they need the Super Junior;s boys to come. And luckily for the

boys of DBSK. It was only about five minutes, until there was a knock at the door. When there

was that knock, Changmin races to answers the door. Changmin was acting like a little child.

When he came back, with Heechul and Donghae in tow.

"Hi guys but where is Hannie ?" asked Yunho

"Oh, he forget something in the car. He'll be here, in a minute" answered Heechul

"Okay, I can't wait for him to come" said Jaejoong

"He'll be here, really soon Joongie. However let's go dance now" shouted Donghae as he jumped around the room.

"Sure, we have this really cool dance move to show you" said Junsu as he dragged Donghae and Yoochun to practice's room.

"Are you going stay with us, or go practices the new dance moves ?" asked Yunho

"Nah, I'll stay here for a while" answered Changmin

"Man, where is Hannie ?" asked Jaejoong

"He be here right away, Joongie. It's only been a few minutes, since he went back to the car. If
he isn't here, in ten minutes. Then we called the polices" teased Heechul

"Well Rella, what if the fans saw him. So they saw how fucking hot, he is. So they decided to kidnapped him" whined Jaejoong

"Well yes, our Hannie is very damn sexy. And he has that award winning ass. But I'm sure, that he is okay" answered Heechul

"Hey, what about my ass. I'm sure that, I have hotter ass than Hannie" said Yunho

"Nah, that is debatable" teased Heechul

"I must agree with Rella, on that matter" added Jaejoong

"My ass is the hottest ass, in the world" screamed Yunho

"Well, that is nice to know" teased Hankyung as he entered the room

"Hey Hannie, what took you so long ?" asked Jaejoong

"I forget the boxes of cookies, that I made for you guys. I made you guys, three dozen
homemade oreo cookies" answered Hankyung

"Oh, you made us cookies" squealed Jaejoong

"Yay for Hannie who made his yummy cookies" added Changmin

"It's okay guys, I like to bake" replied Hankyung

"Well Hannie and I have many recipes. That we want to try, so we are off to the kitchen" said
Jaejoong as he dragged Hankyung into the kitchen.

"Well now it's fun time, However Changmin are stay with you. Or going to the kitchen, to try to
steal food from Hannie and Jaejoong" asked Yunho

"I'll stay with you guys. I'll get to eat their yummy food later" answered Changmin

"Aww, I just feel so special now" said Heechul

"Of course Rella, you are the beautiful princess" answered Changmin

So while those three were have fun together. Inside the kitchen, Hankyung and Jaejoong were

cooking up a storm. Jaejoong and Hankyung, they were have so fun together. The kitchen was

just filled with laughter.

"Hannie, you should come over more" said Jaejoong

"Well with the new album out, we are very busy. However I'll try to come over more, if I can"
answered Hankyung

"The new video, it's just amazing" said Jaejoong

"I'm happy that you like it. It was hard work, but I think that it was worth it" replied Hankyung

"It was defiantly worth it, Hannie. When I saw the new video, my jaw dropped to the floor" said Jaejoong

"Well all the members did their best. However it's really nice to relax with you today" said Hankyung

"You guys are going to have great album. When the album comes out, I'll be one of first to buy it" said Jaejoong

"That is so sweet of you, Joongie. I'll make your favorite chocolate chip cheesecake" said Hankyung

"With that cheesecake recipes of yours. It's going to make me fall in love with you" said Jaejoong

"Nah, I would never be good enough for you. Since you are such a angel" teased Hankyung

"Silly Hannie, however we need to start cooking. Before cute Changmin came into the kitchen.
Begging for something to eat"' replied Jaejoong

"That Changmin is a perfect angel" whispered Hankyung

"Umm what did you say?" asked Jaejoong

'Oh, it was nothing Joongie. But you are right, the guys are going to be hungry soon. Since we agree to watched the movie, in three hours. So we better get our butts in gear" said Hankyung

So Hankyung and Jaejoong went straight to work on the food. So that hopeful soon, they would

have enough food to feed a army. However while they were working on the food. They didn't

notices, that someone was outside the door. That someone was watching with jealously burning

in his soul. The mystery person was burning with jealously. All he wanted to do, was races

into the kitchen. So that he could tear the two apart. All the mystery person could think

about was. That the absolutely bastard was touching his angel. That his perfect angel was

being tainted by something evil.

"Hey guys, how are things going" asked Yunho as he entered the kitchen.

"Yah, I'm really hungry at the moment. So tell me, that there is something to eat" whined Heechul

"Yes, we wanted some food now" added Changmin

"It's a good thing, that we have your homemade oreo cookies" said Jaejoong

"Yes, take some the cookies" replied Hankyung

"Yes take the cookies, and then out of my kitchen" said Jaejoong

"fine, we'll take the yummy cookies. And leave the lovebirds alone" teased Changmin

"We'll called everyone when we are done" replied Hankyung as he put a pan into the oven.

" Fine, we'll leave the two angels alone" said Heechul

"Yes, we leave you two angels, to cook away then" added Yunho

"Bye-bye Angels" said Changmin as the three left the kitchens.


Tags: pairing: hangeng/other, with: dbsg

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