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Sea Memories - Prologue

 Sea Memories - Prologue

rating (for this chapter) : PG 
pairing: kihae
summary: Kibum was a med student who had a summer job as a lifeguard; he meets someone who gives him the irony of his life; and his once boring existence is twisted into unforgettable memories
a/n: ok, my summary sucked, hopefully the fic doesn't, Please comment! don't worry they don't have to be nice ;) 
a/n2: i'm not new here.. i wonder if anyone could recognize me in this new account... ^^

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Also, on another note, I am willing to make/fix your layouts/banners (into suju related design only- i'm biased like that) i'm taking 3 requests for now..  i'm actually doing it for practice... (but it would be nice if i get fics in return *wink*) so if your fine with that.... requests go here  hopefully someone does request though.. lol...

Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum
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