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Sneaking in...

Title: Sneaking in...
Author: melon7 
Pairing: OT3-Siwon/Heechul/Hyukjae
Word Count: 1114
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The wrath of Heechul when caught sneaking into his room and using his things without permission. 
A/N: It's a weird OT3 but I like SiHyuk and SiChul so... Enjoy (:


Hyukjae decided to sneak into Heechul’s room after learning that his hyung won’t be back home early that day. Comeback preparations and performances had been tiring him out, with less than 5 hours of sleep for the past 3 days which resulted in aching muscles, he could only hope that getting some help from Heechul’s massage chair would aid in relieving his tensed muscles.

With his earphones on, he chose to listen to ballads from his Ipod that’ll help sooth his nerves. He almost wanted to listen to songs from their new album but he knew his mind will start choreographing new dance moves for songs they might promote next time. Reclining the massage chair to a height that he could only see the ceiling, he pressed for the Full Body Massage.

He was only in his boxer because he thought that more surface area will be able to get massaged, which really isn’t the case. He was just risking himself, getting a cold. He became too comfortable with the massage that he soon fell asleep.


Tugging onto Siwon’s tie, Heechul moves both of them into his room. He managed to finish his schedule early and had decided to reward Siwon who had been waiting patiently for his schedule to end. Planting kisses behind Siwon’s ears, he started to loosen the tie when Siwon stop dead in his tracks, hands quickly moving up to stop whatever Heechul was doing. He informed Heechul of the almost naked Hyukjae sleeping peacefully on the massage chair.

Usually Heechul hates to be interrupted during times like this but an idea popped into his mind, causing a sinful smirk to form on his lips. “Let’s have something different tonight”, he told Siwon. Though he did not really anticipate what his lover had in mind, he didn’t quite have a choice since Heechul had started stripping him.

After Heechul got rid of his own clothes, he moved towards Hyukjae like a predator. Carefully climbing onto the massage chair, he sat on one of the armrest while his legs lightly rested across Hyukjae’s torso and over the other armrest. He then motioned for his lover to come over and whispered his plan seductively into his ears.

Siwon kneeled down at the side of the massage chair and brought his hand up to stroke Hyukjae’s manhood through the thin fabric. Heechul saw his plan working as Hyukjae began to stir slightly. Siwon then carefully brought down Hyukjae’s boxer before slowly working on the half-hardened erection with his mouth. Hyukjae began to squirm as he suddenly felt disturbingly hot and uncomfortable. Heechul motioned for Siwon to stop his ministrations as he noted signs of Hyukjae waking up.

“Hi Hyukjae” Heechul purred as Hyukjae woke up. For a moment Hyukjae couldn’t breathe as waking up to see 2 huge eyes looking back and a smirk that forms after receiving greeting from his hyung meant a brewing storm. He didn’t know what to do so he put on a smile, a pretty unintelligent one, and pray that he could get away, alive. “Don’t show me that gummy smile of yours, I’m sure you know you’re digging your own grave when you had decided to sneak in and use the massage chair without my permission. But, I’m in a good mood today so…”

Hyukjae couldn’t quite understand the situation when he finally noticed that his hyung was naked all this while. He saw his hyung snapped his fingers together and immediately he tensed up as he felt hot breaths on his cock. It was only then did he realise that Siwon was there, naked as well, and… WHAT!? Giving him a blowjob!? His mind couldn’t focus as a moan had soon elicited from his mouth when he felt a long lick on his length. Siwon taking Hyukjae’s member into his mouth had almost shut Hyukjae’s mind down.

Heechul smirked before bending down to nibble on Hyukjae’s lower lips. “Punishment, a sweet one” he told him, before ghosting his lips down Hyukjae’s jaw line, onto his neck and then settling on his collarbone. Licking and sucking hard on that spot, Heechul brought his fingers to the younger man’s nipple and tugged playfully at it. Another hand of his brought Hyukjae’s hand to stroke his own cock while he continued rubbing the nub that’s almost turning painfully red. Deciding that he might as well enjoy his sweet punishment, Hyukjae’s hand began to work such wonders on Heechul’s cock that Heechul couldn’t help but moan over the younger man’s neck.

The sight of Heechul half-lid eyes looking back at him, moaning while Hyukjae strokes Heechul hard had caused blood gushing towards Siwon’s groin. His mouth left Hyukjae’s throbbing cock with a slick wet pop before he stood up and kissed his lover passionately. Hyukjae had managed to sit up slightly, rubbing his erection on Heechul’s thighs as he witnessed their hot kiss.

Heechul broke their kiss and stopped the hand on his cock before climbing fully on top of Hyukjae with knees on each side of his torso. Placing one of his hands at the back of Hyukjae’s head, he brought his needy member into his mouth. At the same time, Siwon had covered his finger with lube that was always in the drawer next to the bed. Pulling one of Hyukjae’s legs over the armrest, Siwon stuck one finger up Hyukjae’s entrance. The groan from Hyukjae onto Heechul’s cock lead to more moans from the older man, and even more when Siwon had 3 digits up Hyukjae’s ass.

Almost whimpering from the lost of fingers, he felt a hand holding onto his hips before Siwon’s cock entered him fully. Heechul had started to thrust into Hyukjae’s mouth while Siwon started to set his pace. Hyukjae’s fingers were causing red marks on Heechul’s butt as he felt his stomach tensed at every thrust Siwon made and the almost similar pace Heechul was thrusting into his mouth. He finally released onto Siwon’s toned abs and his own stomach, causing Siwon to ram faster into him. Heechul groaned as he comes into Hyukjae’s mouth when he heard his lover moaned loudly before releasing into Hyukjae.

He tasted himself from Hyukjae’s mouth before turning around to kiss Siwon. Arms draping over his lover’s shoulders as he got carried off Hyukjae, onto the bed. Hyukjae was still trying to catch his breaths, as his mind finally beginning to work again. Turning over to see his Hyung nuzzling his head into Siwon’s neck, he smiled, thinking that maybe he should try sneaking in again… “Don’t you ever think of sneaking in again, I’m not always in such a generous mood” Ok, maybe not.

Tags: pairing: heechul/siwon, subject: eunhyuk

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