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[Fiction] All the Right Words - YeWook (bffimagine)

Title: All the Right Words
Author: Sabrina, bffimagine
Type: Standalone
Rating: PG
Pairing: Yesung/Ryeowook, background Eunhyuk/Donghae
Genre: Fluffy-cute
Summary: It's never been easy for Yesung to say what he felt, and now he wants to tell Ryeowook exactly what he's feeling. How do you tell someone something you don't feel like you can say? In a different language, of course!
A/N: Just for you, Tiff (hyuukie), because I wouldn't be writing this otherwise <3 FIRST SUJU FIC EVAR! ;)
Also found at: My Journal (F-locked) or lt_library
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior, or any of its members therein. The boys are also NOT GAY. Or so they say, officially.

Yesung inhaled deeply, clenching his shaking hands into fists to steady himself. He tried to stroll nonchalantly into the kitchen, but evidently failed when Donghae and Hyukjae looked up at him with concern.

"You alright, hyung?" both of them asked at the same time.

Yesung nodded and waved them off, and they resumed whatever the hell they were doing before, which seemed to be some sort of kinky game they were playing with carrot sticks while Donghae perched rather comfortably on Eunhyuk's lap.

Clearing his throat nervously, Yesung gathered up his courage and asked, "Have either of you seen Wookie today?"

Donghae didn't look away from the carrot stick he was shoving into his lover's mouth.

"I think he was at the piano last time we passed by."

Yesung nodded his thanks, a gesture entirely wasted on the two lovers that were completely immersed in each other and orange vegetables.

He walked very slowly, trying to calm his nerves.

'Today is the day,' he thought, 'I'm going to tell Wookie how I feel about him.'

But, when he arrived in the doorway of the living room, he heard more than one voice inside along with the piano's melody.

Very quietly, he poked his head in to see Kyuhyun sitting beside Ryeowook at the piano, both of their fingers flying across the keys. Every so often, Kyuhyun would stumble just slightly over a note and Wookie would giggle through the next few words, then Kyuhyun would make a face at him but keep singing.

Yesung pulled his head out of the entryway and pressed his back against the adjacent wall. Sighing softly, he made his way back to his room.

'I can't tell him with someone else there!'

"Oi! Yesung-ah!" Teukie-hyung exclaimed in surprise (not very quietly, to Yesung's dismay) as he looked up at the other boy from where he landed--uncomfortably--on the floor after colliding extremely ungracefully with Yesung's shoulder.

There was some clambering around heard before the two "magnae"s of the group poked their heads rather comically out from behind the doorway. Somehow both of their heads managed to be completely horizontal, Kyuhyun's an inch or two above Ryeowook's, their fingers curled around the edge of the wall underneath (actually, beside) their faces. Each of them wore his own expression--a mix of concern and curiosity (Kyuhyun's was about 3 parts concern and 1 part curiosity while Ryeowook's was half a part concern and 3 1/2 parts curiosity)--as they surveyed the situation going on outside.

Yesung felt the heat in his face rise exponentially when all eyes were trained on him.

"What happened, hyung?" inquired Ryeowook.

"Nothing to worry about," Leeteuk responded quickly, cheerful as ever, "I was just being a klutz."

"UMMA!!!" two hyper voices chorused before Leeteuk ended up back on the floor covered in one bubbly Lee Donghae and one enthusiastic Lee Eunhyuk.

Yesung quickly ducked out of the hallway, carefully avoiding being noticed as Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were temporarily distracted by the fishy and monkey's antics. He slipped into his room like a ninja, closing the door behind him without a sound.

A soft sigh escaped his lips. When would he ever get the chance to tell Wookie what was just dying to be said? Shaking his bangs out of his eyes, Yesung flopped back onto his bed.

Suddenly, an idea struck him and a plan was rapidly taking form in his mind.


"Aiyuh... Rah-bu... yew..."


Yesung nearly jumped out of his skin before he quickly clicked the little "x" at the top of the screen. His heart hammered in his throat as he silently prayed that Ryeowook hadn't seen.

"Whatcha up to?" Ryeowook asked in a sing-song way, perching his chin atop Yesung's left shoulder. His sharp chin was cradled just right against Yesung's neck, his hair tickling the back of the older boy's ear. A barely noticeable shiver rippled electrically down Yesung's spine.

"Nothing, I was just surfing before SOMEONE popped up and nearly gave me a heart attack," the taller of the two replied, the satire of his words nearly imperceptible underneath his gentle, affectionate tone.

Ryeowook was sometimes naive, innocent(-ish), childlike... but of course, the working word in that statement was "sometimes".

"Then why'd you close it so fast?" Pretty eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Yesung stuck his tongue out at the object of his emotions, reaching out a hand and messing up Wookie's hair.

"You nearly made me jump out of my skin, Wook-ah. I was more than a little surprised. It was kind of a natural reaction."

Ryeowook pouted, but didn't press any further. He knew he had power over his hyungs and that he could expend it whenever he saw fit. So... he decided to spare his Sungie-hyung for the time being.

Changing the subject abruptly, Yesung smiled.

"How'd you like to go to the park?"

Ryeowook's questioning look immediately vanished to be replaced with pure excitement.

"Let's go!"

Ryeowook was almost out the door as Yesung began to shut down the computer--the "eternal magnae" turned back when Yesung was just about to let out a sigh of relief, but the elder held it in at the last moment.

'Close call!'

"By the way, Sungie-hyung, I want to visit the pet store on the way. There's this one really cute dog that I think you'll like, too!"

Yesung closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and prayed to Siwon's God that he wasn't getting himself into anything he'd regret in the near future.


By the time Ryeowook and Yesung returned to the dorms it was nearly seven o'clock in the evening. As soon as they entered through the front door they were treated to an interesting scene unfolding before they even had a chance take their jackets off.

"I don't know what you mean!" Shindong yelled, shielding his head with his arms. He sped off in another direction, expertly manouevring through the Suju household.

"Dammit, Shin Donghee!" Heechul yelled, chasing after the dancer with some sort of heavy blunt object in his hand. Yesung calmly plucked said item out of Heechul's grasp, making the resident pretty boy round his anger on him.

"Stay out of this, Yesung," hissed Heechul. His voice was low and very intimidating.

Yesung shook his head, grip firm on whatever weapon Heechul had had in his possession, "I can't do that if you're running around with something so dangerous, hyung."

Heechul glared, not even trying to get his (what the hell was it?!) back. He stomped off, stormclouds raging over his head and making Hankyung step around him as he tore his way through the narrow hallway.

"Jeez, he's in a mood again," Hankyung muttered, rolling his eyes. He gave a short salute-ish greeting to Ryeowook and Yesung, who stood by the door still clad in their outdoor garments, then disappeared into another room.

"Aish! What's his problem this time?" Ryeowook exclaimed. His exasperation was clear in his voice and his movements as he pulled off his shoes and tossed his coat over the railing of the stairs.

Shindong cautiously poked his head out from the corner, surveyed the area, then exhaled in relief. He stepped back into the room, his entire body visibly more relaxed and at ease.

"He thinks I was the one who wasted his special powder blue paper printing those," explained the dancer, his eyes flicking purposefully at a short stack of neatly piled sheets. They were indeed an appealing pastel blue.

Ryeowook raised an eyebrow, "Well, did you?"

"NO!" Shindong snorted dirisively, "Why the hell would I be printing stuff like, 'I love y--'"

Yesung paled and quickly smacked Shindong's elbow, making the other jump and effectively cutting off the rest of his sentence.

"Eh, sorry Shindong, I just remembered something I forgot to do!" Yesung apologized quickly, trying to cover his panic and make an escape.

"I'll take these to recycle and buy Heechul some new paper so he won't be upset anymore."

With that, Yesung grabbed the large document and scurried out of the room. Ryeowook and Shindong exchanged confused glances.

"WHOA!" Kangin just barely avoided running headfirst into the flustered-looking Yesung. He took a steadying breath before continuing to his destination--find out what the hell crawled up Heechul's butt and fix it before the roof came down.

"Don't tell me HE'S got a problem, too," Kangin commented darkly. Ryeowook's face was blank and Shindong only shrugged.


"Stupidstupidstupidstupid!!" Yesung murmured angrily to himself. When had he clicked the print button?!

The singer stared with malice at the several copies of the same thing. His last escape was much too close--chances are that next time he wouldn't be anywhere near as lucky. How would he get himself out of a potential disaster then?

There was a tentative knock on the door and Yesung was very close to losing his mind. He frantically searched for a place to stash the paper... somewhere... anywhere... under his pillow? It would have to do.

"Come in," he called out after the brief lapse, hoping he sounded less shaky than he felt.

Kibum poked his head in the door, his face betraying nothing. He took a second to push his glasses further up the bridge of his nose before saying anything.

"Appa sent me to find you to make sure you weren't going to have a Heechul episode," Kibum said, eyes scanning Yesung's face for some reason.

Yesung stuck out his tongue in momentary childishness.

"I'm kind of insulted."

Kibum chuckled.

"Don't be. He just wanted to make sure there would be no nuclear warfare anytime soon."

"Okay. Just tell him I'm fine, will you? Yeesh, sometimes he worries more than Teukie-umma."

"Hahaha. I know, I know. Fine."

Kibum ducked out, closing the door behind him. Yesung was finally left alone with his thoughts.



Yesung blinked his eyes open. He would've liked to get more--oh cripes, did the clock actually say 3:32? Who the hell was batshit crazy enough to wake him up at this unholy hour? What could possibly be SO IMPORTANT that--

"I can't sleep, Yesung-sshi."


"C'mere, Wookie," Yesung whispered, voice scratchy. He pulled up his covers and shifted over, looking up at the small crack of light seeping through his partly-open door.

The sliver of soft glow lit a backdrop for Ryeowook's worried face as he walked up to the side of the bed. Yesung reached out, wanting to touch the younger's angelic features, but settling on running his fingers through cropped black hair instead.

Ryeowook dove under the blankets and curled up into Yesung's side immediately, hugging his pillow to his chest. He kept stroking Ryeowook's head soothingly until he could hear the telltale signs that the shorter boy was asleep.

Snuggling deeper into the warm covers, he wrapped a protective arm around his dongsaeng and closed his eyes, head filling with the smell of his Wookie.


"Yesung-ah? Yesung-ah?"

Yesung blinked his eyes open again, but his eyes felt heavy and gritty as if the surfaces of his eyeballs were made of sandpaper.


Leeteuk beamed at Yesung, throwing open the blinds and unleashing the sun's violent light upon the singer who was still mostly asleep. The harsh illumination filtered unforgivingly into the room, splashing across the bedspread and effectively burning Yesung's retinas.


"Get up, Yesung-ah! We have a schedule for today, remember?"

Leeteuk sounded WAY too cheerful for---wait a second! Seven-thirty in the morning?

"Go away, Teukie-hyung! I can sleep for another hour or so--"

"Maybe," Leeteuk interrupted, grabbing Yesung's shoulder before the other boy could roll over and resume his slumber, "But Wookie has got places to go!"

Yesung froze, having pretty much forgotten that Ryeowook was still snuggled under the covers, head completely invisible beneath the blankets. As if to only further Leeteuk's point, Ryeowook chose that exact moment to cuddle closer to Yesung's warm stomach.

Leeteuk-umma gave Yesung a knowing look and a wink, leaving the boys to their devices.

'He knows way too much,' Yesung grumbled internally, shifting to attempt to wake Ryeowook up, 'I guess that comes with his other umma responsibilities.'

"Wookie..." murmured the singer gently as he ran his hand up and down the younger boy's forearm, "Wake up. It's time to go do stuff, Wookie. Come on..."

Ryeowook rolled over, groaning a bit.

Yesung exhaled then tried again, "Ryeowook imnidaaaaaaa~"

Ryeowook batted away Yesung's hands, trying to sink deeper into the mattress and keep sleeping. Yesung chanced a glance at the his clock, wondering if it would be worth it to just let the "eternal magnae" sleep for five more minutes or so...


Yesung winced. Ryeowook giggled but tried to conceal it in his pillow--Yesung was not fooled.

"Wook-ah, get up. Umma's going to have an ulcer if you don't."

Ryeowook's rebellious cheeky side reared its... well, rebellious and cheeky head when the boy pulled his pillow over his head.

Huffing, Yesung got off the bed and pulled on some jeans and a random T-shirt out of his closet. Ryeowook took a careful peek out from underneath the pillow, curious as to why his hyung had seemingly given up--

Right before he was unceremoniously scooped off the mattress and carried through the door, pillow still clutched in his hands.

"HYUNG!!!! What are you doing?!"

"Teukie-umma said you needed to be downstairs NOW," Yesung answered matter-of-factly.


Ryeowook didn't put up much of a fight in Yesung's arms, knowing that if he struggled too much he might've ended up hurting either Yesung, himself, or both. So he settled for simply being annoying instead.


"Quiet, Wookie."

"Put me down!!"

"I will. When we get into the kitchen."

"B-but I haven't even changed yet!"

"And whose fault is that?!"

"Suuuuuuuuuungie-hyuuuuuuuung! Stop being so mean!"

"I'm not being mean."

Yesung very calmly plopped Ryeowook into a kitchen chair. Ryeowook pouted adorably and Leeteuk only giggled slightly as he finished setting the table. Yesung yawned and began to make his way back up the stairs for maybe another hour or so of sleep, but Ryeowook grabbed his sleeve and looked up at him with begging eyes.

"Eat breakfast with me, hyung?"

Sighing in defeat, and knowing Wookie had him completely at his mercy, Yesung flopped into the chair adjacent to the now-cheerful boy and put his head on the table.

Hankyung began to dish out something that smelled absolutely heavenly and Yesung lifted his head, giving Ryeowook a lighthearted glare and pinching the other's cheeks. Ryeowook squealed in protest but was too concentrated on his food to really pay any attention to his hyung.

Kyuhyun, who was sitting very quietly at the table and went unnoticed by his hyungs, continued reading whatever he was reading, shaking his head every so often. After a few minutes, he leaned over to Henry and whispered into the boy's ear, "When do you think Yesung-hyung will clue in and just tell Wookie he loves him already?"

Henry stopped his methodical shoveling of food into his mouth and snickered.

"Probably not for a while, knowing him," Henry sort-of whispered back, his words muffled by his full mouth, "He still hasn't said anything and he's been head over heels for years."

"What are you two gossiping about?" Leeteuk asked the youngest boys of the household, his voice holding all the adoring affection yet stern reprimanding of the umma he fit so well into the mold of, "I hope you're not being mean..."

"No, Teukie-umma," remedied Kyuhyun, and it was true--he wasn't being mean, he was just stating the obvious.

Yesung and Ryeowook looked up from feeding each other breakfast to see Leeteuk giving Henry and Kyuhyun a rather hard umma-stare, but Kyuhyun looked as innocent as ever and Henry had resumed eating.

Giving his boys one last look, Leeteuk finished up his own breakfast, thanked Hankyung, and left the kitchen. Donghae strolled in just as Leeteuk took his leave, chirping out a bright, "GOOD MORNING, UMMA!" in passing. Leeteuk smiled and shook his head.

"Morning, Suju-M!" sang the ever-cheerful fishy. Hankyung chuckled and handed Donghae his bowl which the latter wasted no time in demolishing.

"One would think you've never seen food before, hyung," Kyuhyun commented lightly. Donghae swallowed and made a face at him.

"Eh, I'm gonna go, Wookie," Yesung announced once he'd finished his food. He still needed to finish his research for--

"NO! Hyung, come with us today, please?"

"Ryeowook-ah! Yesung-ah can't go with you for your Super Junior-M promotions!"

How the HELL did Leeteuk hear everything from wherever he was?!

Ryeowook pouted. Yesung raised an eyebrow to Kyuhyun at Teukie-umma's antics. Kyuhyun returned the look. Donghae continued eating. Henry and Hankyung laughed.

"Sorry Wookie," Yesung said softly, patting Ryeowook's head, "But what umma says, goes. Besides, you guys have to go pick up Siwon-sshi from his parents' and Mimi from... actually, I don't know where from, but yeah."

Ryeowook stuck out his tongue and Yesung poked him in the arm. Somehow that evolved into a bit of a tickle fight and Yesung had retreated up the stairs, leaving a very irritated Ryeowook in the kitchen.

"Okay, let's go."

No one dared defy the "eternal magnae".

They trickled through the door in single-file, piled into the car, and Leeteuk drove off.


"T-Tay... ah... mo... Tayahmo?! Te a-mo... Te amo..."

'Okay, that's not too hard...'

"Zhe? What the hell? French people must have demented mouths to say this like that! Zhe teh-meh. Zhe... JUH... Je... teh-meh. T'aime. Je... t'aime..."

Sighing, Yesung repeatedly clicked on the "pronunciation" button on the online dictionary, the recorded voice speaking to him through his head phones.

"How did SuJu-M even learn Mandarin? YEEESH. This languages stuff is so confusing... I respect Hankyung-hyung even MORE now..."

He clicked around a bit more, opening some new windows and closing some other ones.

"Okay... ah-ee-shi-teh-ru? Dah-ee-soo-kee-nah? ...Why on Earth would there be more than one way to say 'I love you' in Japanese? What a complicated language... Okay then... which one sounds better? Hmm..."

"Ne, Yesung-ah, what in Siwon's God's name are you doing?!"

Yesung's head nearly hit the ceiling, he jumped so high.

"AHHH! Hyung, please, don't do that. Never. Ever. Don't. Please."

Heechul giggled and nodded, but Yesung knew his hyung had a tendency to NOT REMEMBER THINGS LIKE WARNINGS OR REQUESTS.

"Ye-suuuuuuuung~! You didn't answer my question. What are you doing?"

"Er, nothing. I'm just doing some... research."


"Uh... stuff."

"Stuff liiiiiiike?"

"AISH! Can't I be left to my own devices without being interrogated every other second?!"

Heechul shook his head cheerfully and trotted in a little circle around Yesung.

"Nope! Because generally, when a SuJu boy wants to be left to his own devices, it's because he's planning something EVIL!"

"You're the only one who really makes diabolical plans, hyung."

Heechul chuckled and shook his head, patting Yesung's head fondly.

"No, no, Yesung-ah. You really don't know your dongsaengs very well, do you? And me? How could you even accuse me of doing something even the teensiest bit evil?! That's just cold."

Yesung shook his head at Heechul's antics.

"Anyway," Heechul continued, his mood seeming very mellow, "What ARE you doing?"

"Why are you asking so many questions? I can't even keep track of what you're asking!"

"Stop avoiding it, Yesung."

"I'm just doing stuff."

"I can see that. Now, what kind of stuff you're doing--"

"It's really none of your business!"

"Don't disrespect me, my lovely dongsaeng," warned the more feminine of the two, his voice very light and sweet--like poisoned honey.


"I'm going to tell Teukie-umma that you're downloading a massive amount of yadong if you don't--"


A wide grin spread across Heechul's pretty lips, his expression screaming, "Try me."

Yesung facepalmed, sighing.

"Okay, fine. I'm just researching some song lyrics, trying to find some inspiration."

Heechul gave Yesung a calculating stare, eyes fixed upon his face.

"Inspiration for what?"

"I've been in a songwriting slump for a few days now," Yesung continued with his lie smoothly, "I'm sick of it. I just decided to find something to give me a little push."

Heechul nodded, still looking unconvinced, but he must've decided to let his dongsaeng be since he poked Yesung's cheek once and left, throwing, "Have fun with that, Sung-ah," over his shoulder.

Yesung stuck his tongue out at his reflection in the computer screen.

'That was close.'


That night, after everyone had returned from their various schedules, Yesung was a little bit distracted. He kept going over what he learned in his head, repeating it to himself again and again.

"Yesung-sshi, you seem out of it," Kibum, usually very quiet and reserved, noticed aloud.

"It's nothing," responded Yesung, mindful of the other members' ears pricking up at Kibum's comment. "I'm just working on some song lyrics. They don't quite fit right, you know?"

Kibum nodded in sympathy.

"Must be difficult."

Ryeowook walked through the door at that very moment, carrying a mysterious bundle in his arms. Donghae, ever the bubbly fish that he was, wasted no time in bounding up to him and asking thousands of questions.

"Wookie, where were you? What's that? Why did you disappear after dinner?"

Ryeowook giggled at his hyper hyung, putting a finger to his lips. It worked, and Donghae quieted.

"It's a surprise for Sungie," the "eternal magnae" answered, his voice quiet enough that no one else heard him.

Donghae nodded, eyes shining with excitement.

"Will you tell me what it is?"

"Nope!" Ryeowook laughed mischievously, making a beeline for his room and shutting the door.

Yesung watched the soft exchange, puzzled. What was it that Wookie had that made Donghae look like he was just invited to go on a space expedition? Curious, he followed Ryeowook into his room.

"Sungie!" Ryeowook exclaimed as soon as he got through the door, "I have a surprise for you!"

"I have something to tell you," said Yesung, fighting to keep his voice steady.

Ryeowook nodded.

"Okay, Sungie, you first then."

"Te amo."

Ryeowook's eyebrows drew together.


"Je t'aime."

"Sungie, I don't--"

"Daisuki na, aishiteru."


"I luvuh yooh."

Ryeowook started to look almost hurt, so Yesung finally gave up. The other boy wasn't getting it.

"Saranghae, Wookie!"

Realization dawned on Ryeowook's face, his eyes lighting up and a smile spreading on his lips.

"Is that what all that meant?" asked the cute one intently, "Why didn't you just say so?"

Yesung looked down at his sock-clad feet before replying, "I was scared."

"I love you too, Yesungie." Ryeowook twined his arms around Yesung's neck, standing on tip-toe to press his lips against the singer's. Yesung felt his head go fuzzy and pulled Ryeowook tighter to himself.

Ryeowook pulled away and looked up at Yesung thoughtfully for a moment before they both heard a loud noise...

"Is that what I think it is?"

A devilish smirk changed Ryeowook's expression. He ran over to his bundle and untucked the puppy they played with a few days prior.

"Meet Yewook!" Ryeowook lifted the puppy's paw and waved it enthusiastically.

Yesung chuckled and petted Yewook's head as the puppy yipped in happiness. Pressing a kiss to Ryeowook's cheek, they sat on the floor and played with the new addition to the SuJu family.

"Sungie-hyung," Ryeowook said sometime later. Yesung looked up from Yewook, smiling.


"Wo ai ni."
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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