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One-shot; Because, I Love You…

Title; Because, I Love you…
Author; hunni23
Pairing; Broken!EunHae, KiHae, friendship HaeChul, HanBum and TeukBum
Rating; PG – NC-17
Word count; 4,031
Warning; angst, ninja!smut
Summary; Sequel to ‘The Scientist’ ‘All I Ever Wanted’ ‘To Hyukkie, Love From your Fishy’ and ‘I Never Wanted Memories.

The KiHae in this is for jennchii  and penipenpen . <i>Special</i> thanks to baby_buggs  for your help, you’re the reason this is so long, so this whole thing should most probably be dedicated to you XD</lj></lj></lj>

You could never replace him... )

oh, this is the last part in my lil series~~~
Tags: pairing: donghae/kibum

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