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Title: Eternity
Characters: Eeteuk, Kangin, Heechul, Hankyung, Shiwon
Genre: AU, Drama
Rating: Rated for cussing
Summary: In this world, objects of power exists. Among these many objects, there is a legend of one capable of giving eternal life. This object is supposedly so rare, and so powerful that it had been hidden away, meant to never be seen or used. But a thing can't be created and never be used. Everything has its purpose. And anything can be found.

In a world already brimming with supernatural forces, there are few men capable of doing just that. Gathering three men, with three different abilities, a Triune is formed. The first - is one who leads The Way. The next - a Sword, the tactician, tasked with protecting his Triune. The last - the Key, one who possess the ability to open almost anything within his power.

With the passing of time, many Triunes have been formed. Most, not quite strong or capable, but there were the rare few who had been quite exceptional, those whose names are still being revered by the new generation, a generation of new Triunes, some still hoping and seeking for that Eternity.

At present, rumors have been circulating that a Triune had finally done the impossible and managed to unearth a clue. A clue that could possibly lead to that elusive Eternity.

Chapter 1
Tags: pairing: unspecified

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