1jet2unknown (1jet2unknown) wrote in miracle______,

[fanart] SORRY SORRY

So as I announced, I felt like drawing something after seeing the MV for "Sorry Sorry" and well.... I tried to do ALL sujus .___.;;
... but *ahahaha* gosh i failed so hard *sigh*

if you wanna see the fail of doom ... follow the cut XD

(click image to enlarge)

so here's the list of ppl I think I failed the most XD:
Kibum, Hukkie, Donghae, Hannie (GOSH i'm so sorry ;A; ), Heechul, Sungmin

..... I think the only one I'm kinda satisfied with are Kyuhun and Shiwon XD cause they at least... KINDA look like the original *sigh*
but well... I only took one evening to do this so... can't expect too much I guess .___.

(and haha please dun mind the color of Kibums suit and Hannies missing hands XD i... kinda lost interest in working on the pic ^^;;;)

some data:
size: approx. 25 x 70cm
tools: liner & marker, photoshop
Tags: fanart, subject: super junior

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