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Sing a Song ch. 8

Title-Sing a Song
Chapter Title-You are the one
Summary-Zhoumi is the one.
Disclaimer-Not mine!
A/N: Okay...so before sorry sorry came out (OMG, I dropped dead watching the music video! It was soooo sexy) this was my favorite suju song. It's really such a cute song. Enjoy!

            Kyuhyun sighed as he looked out from the window of his new house. His manager had had him moved, like he’d promised, to a room with a fountain in it. The room echoed with the sounds of water, the sounds of tears, and he closed his eyes, trying to escape it. It had only been a day. Zhoumi had not called, and he had not called Zhoumi. He wondered if Zhoumi would, not knowing that Zhoumi was rereading the note he’d left for the hundredth time himself. Tears rolling down his perfect, beautiful face, and Zhoumi never cried. Kyuhyun sighed. The sounds of the water were washing away all his memories of the lovely times he had spent with Zhoumi. It was hard to hold on to them. It was hard to concentrate, and he found himself drifting off to sleep.

            Then, he was on a beach, the sound of waves everywhere. It was a little cold, but it was beautiful too. For some reason, he was crying. He was all alone on the shore, looking around, seeking out something, someone. Then, there was a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Zhoumi. Zhoumi shone like the sun, glittering and lighting up Kyuhyun’s dream. He was the only other person on the beach, he was the only other person in the world. He smiled, a small apologetic smile, and it crashed over Kyuhyun like one of the waves, threatening to drown him in so much love. His loneliness vanished. All he wanted to do was be loved. He only wanted to be by Zhoumi’s side.

            He woke up the next morning to tears on his face. Zhoumi had just been a dream, and he realized, he was clutching his chest. The pain was terrible and strong. The love was terrible and strong. He knew this was his first real heart break, his one true love, so he walked over to the small table he had left his phone on and opened it. Zhoumi was still the picture set as his background, and he stared at the screen, new tears coming to his eyes. He had cried enough to form a river. His fingers began to move, dialing the numbers he knew without thinking were Zhoumi’s. Before he pressed send, he hesitated, but he decided to follow his heart, back to the person he loved.

            “Kyu,” the voice on the other line was pained.

            “Mimi, it’s…been a while.” He walked over and sat back down on his bed.

            “Kyu, I’m sorry for what I did. I won’t make any excuses, I was wrong. Come back.” Kyuhyun sighed. The words relieved him.

            “Mimi, I-,”

            “Kyu,” said Zhoumi, and Kyuhyun thought it sounded like he was crying, “Kyu, I need you. You are the one for me. The only one. You are my sun.” Kyuhyun smiled for real for the first time in days.

            “Mimi, I feel the same way. I’m sorry I had to leave. I’ll come back. I’ve always been yours. I wouldn’t ever change that. I was just…afraid that…maybe I wasn’t really what you wanted, like…you didn’t need me.”

            “Come home Kyu,” said Zhoumi, and Kyuhyun nodded to himself.

            “I’ll see you soon.” Kyuhyun hung up a little bit later and then called his manager. He was going home, back to Zhoumi. As soon as he walked through the door, he was in Zhoumi’s arms, and tears of joy were running down his cheeks. Even with those tears, Zhoumi still kissed him passionately. Then, separating, Kyuhyun smiled and looked towards the kitchen. Zhoumi had made all his favorite food.

            “Please, love me forever,” he said, and Zhoumi nodded.

            “I’ll never let you go again.” Kyuhyun smiled. As soon as he had walked through the door, he knew he was home, he knew this was where he belonged. Zhoumi was the only person he could ever love. He wondered how stupid he was that he had actually believed otherwise. The two of them ate together at the table and then walked over to the couch, snuggling up close to each other and just enjoying the other’s company. Kyuhyun looked up at Zhoumi. He had a little, content smile on his face. It washed over Kyuhyun like it had in the dream, and bathed him in the warmth of the love he could feel now. Zhoumi was the sun, warming up his life with the love only he could give, and he would be Kyuhyun’s love forever.

            “I’ll always be by your side,” Kyuhyun whispered, and fell asleep to Zhoumi stroking his hair.

Tags: pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun

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