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No Heart

Title: No Heart
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: Yehwook
Summary: Yehsung has always been a cold person; people even say he has no heart. But with no heart, how can you love?
A/N: I tried updating, sorry if it's bad :/
Disclaimer: I don't own Super Junior but I wish I owned Yehwook :/

Oh my god, oh my god... This guy is staring at me... Do I have something on my face? But I washed it this morning, and checked my hair quite thoroughly in the mirror and I didn't have breakfast so I shouldn't have any--

"Hey! I asked if you had a pencil I could borrow before I go to class. I lent my pencil to my friend, so I don't really have one..." Yehsung scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

Ryeowook sighed and reached into his bag. God, this is how it always starts... First they want a pencil, and then they never give it back!! Then I'm known as the pencil holder and then-- "Here." Ryeowook handed the older boy a wooden pencil and stood up from his seat. "Bye," he didn't expect for Yehsung to grab his wrist.

"You're new... and cute," the last part was muttered before Yehsung actually realized what he said, "uh... I mean... So I was wondering... Would you like me to show you around campus?"

Ryeowook gulped, his eyes glued to the warm hand grasping his wrist. "Thank you, that would be nice..." the younger boy smiled and quickly ran off, already missing Yehsung's warm touch.

"Hi! You're new aren't you? I can tell! I love new kids they're always so cute! And I guess I'm right because you're soooooo cute! My name is Lee Sungmin, and as you can see, I love the colour pink! Do you like pink? What's your favourite colour? What grade are you in? I'm in grade ten! I think we could be great friends!" an overly hyper boy pinched Ryeowook's cheeks as he spoke really fast. It took Ryeowook quite a while to register what he said.

"Hey! I am new and I guess I'm cute... enough... My name is Kim Ryeowook, and as you cannot see, my favourite colour is purple! I'm sorry, but pink is not a colour that I adore! I'm in grade nine, so I don't feel so old now that I know you're even older! I don't even know you, so how are we supposed to be friends?" Ryeowook said as fast as Sungmin. If someone is going to freak you out, then why not surprise them with equal freakiness?

Sungmin stood there, processing Ryeowook's words in his head. He then smiled, "yeah, I think I'm going to like you. So, do you want me to show you around campus?"

"Someone already offered. But thanks anyway."

"Someone asked already? Who?"

Ryeowook tried to remember the name, "Kim Jongwoon."

Sungmin's smile turned into a frown. "Kim Jongwoon? You mean Yehsung? That dude? Oh god what have you gotten yourself into..."

"What's wrong with him? He seemed really nice..."

"Nice? I'm sorry, did I hear correctly? Did I just hear Yehsung and nice in the same sentence?"

Ryeowook raised an eyebrow, "um... yes?"

"No!! Stay away from him!! He's bad news!! He such a--" Sungmin was cut off when another boy hit his shoulder slightly.

"Hey, Sungmin."

"Hi, Eunhyuk. This is Ryeowook, freshman. Ryeowook, this is Eunhyuk, same grade as me."

"Hello, nice to meet you." Ryeowook bowed and smiled slightly.

"Cute boy, this one."

Sungmin huffed, "I know... But guess who offered to show him around campus?"

Eunhyuk chuckled, "let me guess... I don't know, not you?"


Eunhyuk's mouth hung open, "Yehsung? That assh--"

Ryeowook felt it was the time to jump in, "I'm sorry, but what's wrong Jongwoon? He was really nice to me..."

"It always starts out nice, and then you start falling for him, and then once he knows, he throws you aside like a dead animal! That boy has no consideration for people's feelings because he doesn't have a frikkin heart! Don't hang around him. Please." Eunhyuk looked at Ryeowook seriously.

"Okay..." the younger boy clutched the strap of his bag tightly. But he seemed like a really nice person... I don't understand... No heart? No feelings? Everybody has that... Oh god, this reminds me of that time when Kangin stuffed that turtle in a sock and then Hankyung burned it by accident, then Kyuhyun decided to throw it in the lake because it was--

"We have to get to class... See ya later, Ryeowook," Sungmin winked and the teen, then he and Eunhyuk went off to class.

"Stay away from Jongwoon? What would happen if I don't?" Ryeowook pondered as he walked down the hall. He didn't even notice where he was until he bumped into someone.

"Watch where you're going, punk!"

Ryeowook slowly averted his gaze upwards, and mentally slapped himself when he saw who it was.

Yehsung stopped breathing, but his friends' laughs echoed through the halls. It was Ryeowook, the really cute kid he offered to show campus to. Oooh shit...

heh, tried to update :/
Wookie and his train of thoughts still kill me xD
for faster updates (if I update...), take a look at my journal :D
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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