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Title: kisses
Author: Ally
Length- one-shot
Rating: pg
Summary: sequel to fan service
Pairing: HanHae,EunHae
Disclaimer: do not own them.

All Hankyung knew was, that he really need to get away. He still couldn't believe it, that

Donghae would cheated on him. And in the worst possible way, he could. That Donghae would

actually kiss someone else. Since to him, a kiss was so very important. Since to him, a kiss

was the true way to show love. To received a kiss on the lips, it was a sight of true love.

Since when he was a young child in China. His mother would always tell him. That when she

would kiss him, that was her way. To show him, how much she really love him. That kiss is

very important thing. So you never give away your kisses easily. That whoever you kiss,

should be someone you love. So after he started to date Donghae. Just to show Donghae, how

important he was to him. Hankyung stopped kiss the other members. He would let them kiss him.

However he would never kiss them back. He would just hug them, and then tell them. That his

kisses were only for his special little Fishie. So that is why he freaked out, when he saw

Donghae and Eunhyuk kissing.

But now, he was unsure of what to do. He knew that he didn't want to go home. Since there

would probably, still be Eunhyuk and Donghae making out. Or even worst, they could be making

love. When that idea popped into his mind. He couldn't get the picture out of his mind. All

now, he could think of was. There would be Donghae and Eunhyuk in his bedroom. They would

just be laying there on his bed. Donghae would be on the bottom, with his shirt opened. While

Eunhyuk would be kissing Donghae's neck. Then Eunhyuk would slowly started to kiss his way

down to Donghae's chest. Donghae would be moaning in pleasures, while he would working on

Eunhyuk's pants. Aaahh, he was just going crazy at the moment. He just knew, that he need to

stopped it. All this thinking of Donghae and Eunhyuk being together. it was way too, much for


He just didn't want to go home, however the weather was starting to turn bad. When he looked

up, at the clouds. They were turning a dark ugly midnight black. And in the distance, there

was some claps of thunder. With each minute pasting by, the thunder was getting louder. He

was still debating if to go home. Or just waited until, it started to rain. Well at least

until, it really started to pouring. So that in seconds, he would be soaked to the bone. He

looked up to the sky, to see that lighting was flashing. Every few seconds, there would be a

flash of lighting. To him, a huge storm was actually beautiful sight to see. Also it was,

like mother nature was angry. Or maybe Mother nature, she was showing the world. How he was

feeling at the moment.

Well a few minutes later, while he thinking over everything. The rain started to pour down.

It was a very heavy rain, so in second he was drench. After a few minutes, of sitting in the

rain. He was soaked entirely to the bone. He was started to feel so cold. So even knowing,

that he didn't wanted to go home. However he was feeling so cold, that he started to walk

home. He was still, making sure that he took the long route home. it took him about a hour,

instead of the normal twenty minutes. when he arrived at the apartment. He saw, that almost

everyone was home now. He decided that he would quietly go to his room. And hopeful, no one

would notices him. Since he wasn't in the mood to talk. Of course, he was praying to himself,

that he wouldn't run into Eunhyuk or Donghae.

Luckily for Hankyung, he was able to make to his room. However when he entered his room.

There was Donghae sitting on his bed. He really wanted to races, out of the room. However he

was soaked to bone, and freeze cold. And all he wanted, was his warm pjs and bed. So he

decided to walked to his bed. So that he could change, and gets some rest. Before he could

move a inch, to his bed. Donghae grabbed his arm.

"Please Hannie, just listen to me ?" asked Donghae

"Please just leave Donghae " asked Hankyung

"Pretty please Hannie, just let me talk ?. I'm begging of you, Hannie" asked Donghae

"Why Donghae, we have nothing" answered Hankyung

"Please Hannie, don't say things like that" begged Donghae

"Well, what should I say ?" asked Hankyung

"That you'll give me a chance, to talk to you. So please Hannie, let me talk" begged Donghae

"Fine, I'll give you a chance. Just remember that we are over" replied Hankyung

"I wish that you wouldn't say that. However Hannie, I'm so sorry Hannie" said Donghae

"Why did you do it, Donghae ?" asked Hankyung

"Easy, I'm a asshole who doesn't think. I'm so sorry about everything, Hannie. All our problems started, when we did the fan service. Well you were fine when I did the fan service with Eunhyuk. Why were you okay with the fan service, that I did with Eunhyuk" asked Donghae

"Since I did trust you, with all my heart. However I got, that trust throw back in my face" said Hankyung

"I'm sorry, that I disrespect your trust. But when I saw, all the fan service with Siwon and Heechul. It just drove me, up the fucking wall. All I could see was green, when the fan service happened. It just kill me, to see Siwon, Heechul and you acting so close. it just was, way too much for me to deal with. I know that, this isn't a good reason. However I was just not thinking at all. Except for the fact, that in past weeks. We haven't kisses at all and it was hard. So I just did the first stupid thing, that came to my mind. I made the mistake of kissing my best friend. I have no romantic feeling for Eunhyuk at all" said Donghae

"Then, why did you continued to kiss Eunhyuk ?" asked Hankyung

"This is going to sound really stupid. However after the first kiss, It felt like I was kissing you. So I kept on kissing Eunhyuk.Since I thought that Eunhyuk was you" said Donghae

"Are you saying, that I kiss like Eunhyuk" said Hankyung

"Of course not, you are million times better kisser than Eunhyuk. Actually to be truthful, he kinda a crappy kisser" said Donghae

"So you thought I was Eunhyuk?" asked Hankyung

"Mainly since we started to date. I haven't kiss anyone beside you. Well not counting, what happened tonight. Since I know that kiss, are so special to you. Also technically happy anniversary Hannie" said Donghae

"So really, you haven't kiss anyone. Since we started to date?" asked Hankyung

"Yes, I know that kiss is so important to you. Since a kiss, this the one true way. To show someone, that you really love someone. Also here this is for you" said Donghae as he handed a small present to Hankyung

"It's a thimble" said Hankyung as he opened the present.

"In Peter Pan, a thimble is a kiss. So this way, no matter where you are. Then you'll always have a kiss from me" said Donghae

"Kiss someone else again, then I'll never forgive you" said Hankyung

"Am I forgive? " asked Donghae

"It's way too hard to be, mad at you" answered Hankyung

"Can I kiss you, then Hannie ?" asked Donghae

"You never have to ask for a kiss. All my kisses belong to you" replied Hankyung

"I'll make this dumb mistake up to you. I'll spend the rest of my life, making it up to you" said Donghae

"Well a good way to start, would to be. If I was to received that kiss" replied Hankyung

"Of course, Hannie" answered Donghae as he leaned closer to gently kiss Hankyung.

The End

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: hangeng/donghae

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