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[FANFIC]: IPod Shuffle Drabbles # 2

Decided to do the IPod shuffle drabbles again because I had so much fun with the last one.  These drabbles are to compensate for the wait in my chaptered stories, in which I deeply apologize for their delay. Brain block which will hopefully clear up when Spring Break gets started. 

Most range from G to PG-13, so they're pretty safe. 

For Good - Super Junior + M Friendship )
Morning Call - DBSK Friendship )

Holding Back the Tears - DBSK )

Phantom - Yunry (Yunho/Henry) )

Jai Ho - Jaejoong and Changmin Friendship )
White Lie - Broken Donghae/Junsu )

Out There - Zhoumi & Henry )
Kiss Goodbye - Henwook (Henry/Ryeowook) )
Okaeri - Changmin/Ofc )

Perfect Match - Jaeho (Yunho/Jaejoong) )
SHINE - Changry (Changmin/Henry) )

Cockney Girl - Zhoumi/Ofc (Kinda) )

Cang Zai Wei Xiao Li De Mi Mi - Kyuru (Kyuhyun/Henry) )

Colors of the Wind - Junnosuke/Junsu )
I'll Be There - Henry & TK friendship )

Breakdown - Ryo/Changmin )
ON&ON - Zhoumi & Henry )

가버려 너 - Changry (Changmin/Henry) )
Tags: pairing: ryeowook/henry, pairing: zhoumi/henry

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