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Title: fan service
Author: Ally
Length- one-shot
Rating: pg
Genre: Angst/ Drama
Pairing: HanHae, SiHanChul, EunHae
Disclaimer: do not own them.

These days, it's just seem like. Hankyung and Donghae were always just fighting. The once

happy couple, was no more. They couldn't be together for longer than five minutes. Until they

would started to argued over something stupid. The rest of the group, they have no clue. What

was wrong, with the couple. It just seem like weeks ago. Hankyung and Donghae were always

together and so much in love. But now, things were just terrible. It was like there was a

storm in the house at all the time.

Well actually Eeteuk did have a idea, of what was wrong. There was all the fan service lately

for the fans. However it was not the pairing of HanHae. But there was SiHanChul and EunHae.

First there was EunHae appearing everywhere. Everyl time, that there was a photo shoot,

Eunhyuk and Donghae were always paired together. Hankyung was okay with his boyfriend acting

close to Eunhyuk. Hankyung was even teasing both Eunhyuk and Donghae about it. And eunhyuk

and Donghae were acting very close.

However when Hankyung was told. That he needing to added some more fan service. That was,

when things really started to go downhill. It happened during one of the concerts. when the

mangers told Hankyung, there better be some major fan service. Or Hankyung was going to be in

major trouble. So during the concert, Hankyung made sure. That there was a lot of fan service

with Siwon and Heechul. There was a lot hand holding and kissing on the cheek.

However the thing, that probably pissed Donghae off. It was when the group was singing Marry

U. And Siwon got down on one knee to Hankyung. While he was singing his part of the song.

Then while Siwon was singing to Hankyung. Heechul decided to make it a threesome. So he went

and jumped into Hankyung's arms. After that concert was done, Donghae pulled Hankyung aside.

And that is when the fighting began.

So after that moment, things were just horrible. Eeteuk was trying everything to help the

couple. But things were just not working out. It only seem like each day, that past. Things

were getting worse with the couple. And the mangers weren't helped things at all. Since all

fans were absolutely loving the pairings going on lately. The fangirls were going wild, with

all the EunHae and SiHanChul moments happening. So the mangers were always tell them. That

they wanted to keep the fans happy, so keep up all the fan service.

So with each thing that happened, things just got worse. Things were even so bad, that when

the group have time off. Donghae and Hankyung would just avoided one another. Well exactly to

be fair to Hankyung. He was still try to make things right. However Donghae would just yelled

at him all the time. And there was nothing, that Hankyung could do to make things right.

Everyone was scared, that the happy couple would just called it quits soon.

While the whole group was worry about the couple. Hankyung decided that he would try one last

time. Especially still tomorrow, it was their two year anniversary. So Hankyung decided to

plan a nice romantic supper for Donghae. He even picked out the perfect present, weeks ago.

It's was a beautiful silver necklace, that have a charm of a little fish. Hankyung was sure,

that his little Fishie would love it. So he was going to make sure, that supper was perfect

for Donghae. Also even if Donghae wants to watched Finding Nemo again, then they would. So

that they could spend the rest of evening cuddling together.

So the next day, Hankyung went around the apartment. So that he could asks all the members.

If they could let Donghae and him have the apartment tonight. Hankyung was sure, if they have

some alone time. Then everything was going to be fine. Lucky for Hankyung, all the members

told him. That they would make sure, not to be home until really late. Even some members told

Hankyung, that they would spend the night somewhere else. Some of the members were planning

some special things.

Well Hankyung was able to talk with everyone. Well everyone excepted for Eunhyuk. Hankyung

just couldn't find Eunhyuk at all. But it was getting close to supper time. So Hankyung

decided that he needing to started working on supper. So he races to the kitchen, so that he

could make the perfect supper. It was about two hours later, when Hankyung went to find


Hankyung went to Donghae's room, he was fairly sure. That Donghae was in his room, probably

taking a nap. However when Hankyung opened the door. There on the bed, was Donghae and

Eunhyuk kissing. The two boys on the bed, were so busy. That they didn't notices that

Hankyung was rushing out of the room.

Hankyung just races out of the apartment. While Donghae and Eunhyuk just continued to kiss.

It was only when the smoke alarm went off. So both Donghae and Eunhyuk broke apart quickly.

They rushed to the kitchen, to see what was happening. There was just one wrecked supper and

no one else there. Donghae walked towards the table where there was cake.

"What does the cake say?" asked Eunhyuk

"It's say Hannie loves Donghae" answered Donghae as he started to cry

"It's going to be okay" said Eunhyuk as he try to calm Donghae down.

"How can things be okay, Eunhyuk?" asked Donghae

"Well things are always going to get better" said Eunhyuk

"Eunhyuk, I just wrecked my relationship with Hannie" said Donghae

"Nah, just talk with Hannie. Then everything will be just fine" answered Eunhyuk

"Eunhyuk, Hannie probably saw us kissing. And that is why the smoke alarm went off. He probably rushed off somewhere" said Donghae

"That would make things really messy" said Eunhyuk

"Why did I let the fan service get to me?. Why did let me jealously get to me?. That I need to try kissing you" said Donghae

"Easy because you were jealous" answered Eunhyuk

"Now because of something stupid. I just lost my boyfriend" said Donghae

"Donghae, I still can't believe, that you kiss me" said Eunhyuk

'I just wanted to kiss someone" answered Donghae

"Just tell Hankyung, that it was a mistake" said Eunhyuk

"To Hannie, a kiss is very important thing. I just wrecked everything" said Donghae

The End
Tags: ot3: heechul/hangeng/siwon, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: hangeng/donghae

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