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final part and a one-shot~

yey, first time posting two fics at a time. LOL xD hope you like this both! 8D
*currently drawing kyuwook request*

title:see you again... in our dream [final part]
pairing:kyumin, hint of HanChul and KangTeuk? [OMG :D my top3 suju OTPs!]
genre:this is supposed to be drama... but... D; *read to find out*
rating:safe :D
warning:weird. O.o
summary:after Kyuhyun's death, Sungmin totally changed... that's why Super Junior decided to think of an idea to stop Sungmin's behavior.
past chapter:01 [inspired by this photo~]

They tried to kiss but they just passed each other's body as if they are not in the same world.

theme:099.apples, 3/100, 100 suju fics challenge
word count:962
summary:Kyuhyun thought Zhoumi will be the one who will change his life.
writer's note:just click the link to see. LMAO :D

::my 100 suju fics archive::

I saw the guy that made me fall in love at first sight.
Tags: pairing: sungmin/kyuhyun, pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun
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