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Sing a song ch. 6

Title-Sing a song
Chapter Title-Endless Moment
Summary-Kyuhyun wants to go back to the endless moments of love.
Disclaimer-Not mine.
A/N: I'm sorry...I just found out some sad news so...it turned out a bit sad...

            Kyuhyun sighed as he leaned against a pillar outside the agency. The sun was setting and it was nostalgic, being out on the streets when the sun set. He remembered back to when he’d been kicked out of companies daily. That was no life, he thought to himself. He sighed contentedly. Ever since he’d met Zhoumi, his life was so much different. He could almost cry to think of how much different his life was now. He’d been waiting a long time for a chance, a break, and whether he knew it or not, a love, everything he’d found once he’d found Zhoumi. He felt like all the loneliness, all the empty ambition he’d had, disappeared. Zhoumi had taken it all and left him with nothing but happiness. He stared up at the sky again and wondered just what his life would be like without Zhoumi. It brought a thought to his mind, where was Zhoumi now, exactly? He’d promised to pick Kyuhyun up for dinner half an hour ago.

            He decided to give Zhoumi a call, just to see where he was, to make sure he was okay. Zhoumi felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and pulled it out to check who it was. He frowned when he saw that it was Kyuhyun. The picture of Kyuhyun and his smile tore at Zhoumi’s heart. He really didn’t want to be doing this right now, partying with the model he’d had a shoot with that day, but his manager had dragged him over, threatening to fire him. He knew he had no choice.

            “Put that thing away,” said the other model, sauntering over to him. The model took the phone from him and threw it somewhere.

            “And pay more attention to me.” The model pouted at him and Zhoumi sighed. He really liked that cell phone too, and now he was going to have to get a new one. He gritted his teeth and ordered a drink. He was going to need it. Male models were so demanding.

            Kyuhyun frowned, feeling the anxiety clutching at him. Zhoumi wasn’t answering his phone. He tried to breathe in and calm himself.

            “His shoot probably just ran late,” he said to himself, “that’s all.” But in the back of his mind, he wondered, could they really run two whole hours late on something so expensive? He shook his head. There was a good reason, there had to be. Zhoumi would never just forget him like that. Kyuhyun remembered all the days they’d spent cuddling on the couch in the condo, all the time they’d spent talking over breakfast, the hand that seemed to hold his in just the right way. He has a reason, he told himself again, and sighed. Just then, his manager walked by.

            “Hey,” he called, “do you think you can give me a ride home?” His manager nodded, bewildered, but drove him home without a question. Once Kyuhyun got back to the condo, he took a shower and then sat down on the couch, hugging his knees to his chest. He’d tried calling Zhoumi again, but no answer. He was really starting to wonder what had happened to him.

            “I miss you,” he whispered to the empty air, and sighed. Where was Zhoumi now? Where was the only person who could take away his loneliness when he needed him? Why wasn’t Zhoumi answering his phone? How come he’d forgotten about his promise to meet with Kyuhyun? All the questions ran through his mind, but he didn’t know the answers to any of them. He was close to tears. Laying down and closing his eyes, he fell into a restless sleep, waiting for Zhoumi to come home.

            Zhoumi drank more and more and more as the other model got more and more annoying. It seemed like centuries were passing, but it had only been hours.

            “Come on, flirt with me,” the model pouted at him, and Zhoumi frowned.

            “I have a boyfriend,” he said, but his voice sounded strange, dreamlike, not at all the solid tone he had been aiming for.

            “Well, that’s not a good reason,” the other model said, leaning in close to him. Zhoumi pushed him away, but he could tell, he wouldn’t be able to for long.

            “I’m so sorry Kyu,” he whispered, and the alcohol took over from there. He didn’t really remember what happened after that.

            Kyuhyun woke up to the door opening, and he raced to it. Zhoumi was home, Zhoumi was back, he could see Zhoumi again. The sight at the door stopped his heart though. He’d just been shot by a non-existent gun. He could’ve died in an instant, but it felt like an eternity. Zhoumi was home, but draped all over another male model.

            “Ooh…,” the model said, sneering a bit, “I didn’t know anyone else was here. I’ll just leave Mimi for today then. Bye bye.” He set Zhoumi down on the couch and sauntered out. Kyuhyun’s blood went cold and his heart died. Zhoumi had been out all night with another guy, a male model, and had completely forgotten about him. The shimmer their love had faded, and all of a sudden, the world blurred. The tears that fell from Kyuhyun’s eyes were hot against his cheeks. They burned. He wanted to go back to the endless moments of love.

Tags: pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun

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