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game over

game over, jaejoong/heechul

647 w., flirty, a bit of making-out. :)

heechul and jaejoong like to play games with each other. but one day, jaejoong is going to win and then it'll be game over.

a/n: lyrics from 'sorry sorry' by super junior. also inspired entirely by said darn song! i have listened to it way too much now! :(( ps. this is my first jaechul! comments/feedback would be highly appreciated! :)))

“This is why its fun,” Heechul says softly. Jaejoong is caught, captured, utterly ensnared in those knowing eyes-

“You come out to find me. I like it very much, dongsaeng.”

Tags: pairing: heechul/jaejoong
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