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Presenting the Mafia Verse

This is black_seoul , a mafia AU Kpop role-playing community centered around a fictional mafia world based in Seoul, Korea (South). The community is relatively new and many Super Junior members are still out for the claiming :DD
We're open to all artists/people from the Kpop fandom as well, male and female.

our community revolves around two main rival gangs, There are two rival gangs, the Kim and the Lee, who are the two most powerful groups in the Korean underground. Both their headquarters are located in Seoul, Korea (South) and the Kim and the Lee have been fighting for control over the city's underworld for years.

Come join S.Korea's Underground.
You know you want to :D

black_seoul  black_seoul  black_seoul  black_seoul black_seoul 

*posted with permission from hoyah *


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