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fanarts I made since last Xmas but couldn't post since the camera in our house disappeared; also, I think most of them don't look that much alike since I jsut drew them from my mind in starbucks~ :p hehehe

Henry Knows we love him
dedicated to: </a></b></a>klovesyou (no this isn't the gift for男用2 this is actually somethnig I made for part 1
henwookhae )

Just Because
dedicated to: </a></b></a>leunah23 and</a></b></a>merashun 
kihae )

For the sake of all things pink and fluffy
dedicated to: </a></b></a>jishu 
kangmin )

The basics
dedicated to all the awesome hanchul writers out there (and Happy Birthday to </a></b></a>everkitsune )

hanchul )

dedicated to: </a></b></a>2thechangmin 
heemi )

also, finally, my two fics has ended >.<

Title: One step at a time >> Step 15/∞ (part A): Mutters; (part B): Taking that step

Genre: angst/romance/drama/some (lame attempts at) comedy

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Henhae, henwook, side: Onkey, shihanchul, slight!kangteuk

Characters: Super Junior, SJM, Shinee

Disclaimer: they're obviously not mine >.<

Warning: Lots of fail T.T and RUSHED~ I don’t like how I qrote the ending but I need to finish this one way or another right??

A/N:  I needed to put Shinee to get the mood to a lighter tone… and I also had to finish my onkey side-story somehow right? ^^ This is round the time Heenim got the rod out of his leg btw.


Other Chapters: In the first post here

Part A Read more... )
Part B Read more... )

Fangirl Diaries: Our Trip to the SMTown (last chapter)

Genre: fail!crack

Rating: PG13 (for language and implicit!smex)

Pairing:  kihae, henhae, kihaery

Disclaimer: If this happened, I’m fine with going to hell for all eternity @_@

Warning:  some grammar/spelling errors

~Chapter 7~ words Read more... )

Tags: fanart, ot3: donghae/ryeowook/henry, pairing: donghae/henry, pairing: donghae/kibum, pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/zhoumi, pairing: kangin/sungmin

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