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Kochujang Part 9

Pairing: Yehsung/Ryeowook

AU: Ryeowook has a rose nursery and lives with his brothers who are napa cabbage farmers. Everything was fine until his brother who has been living in Seoul comes back….

Disclaimer: I don’t know own Super Junior, have nothing to do with them. I’m just a fan….


he delivery men only came with Yehsung’s new furniture after lunch. As a result, Yehsung and Ryeowook didn’t finish sorting out the new furniture and the clean up that followed until much later in the day.

Ryeowook threw himself on the brand new plush sofa that he painstakingly chosen him. He was DEAD tired! All the lifting, rearranging of the stuff in the house was truly exhausting.

Yehsung grinned when he saw the form plastered on the sofa. Gingerly he poked the magnae’s leg. “Are you still alive, still breathing?” All he got was a groan for a reply. “Ryeowook?” Concern immediately engulfed his voice.

Tiredly Ryeowook lifted his hand to show he was okay. “I’m okay, just tired. Don’t think I can move!”

The grin returned to Yehsung lips. He took a deep breath before opening his mouth. He wanted to make sure he sounded nonchalant, cool, and indifferent. “If you’re too tired, stay then. “

“What?” Ryeowook eyes fluttered open. “I can’t….”

“You said you were too tired to move.” Yehsung reasoned.

“Yeah but…. I… need to…umm check on my roses before I leave… Tomorrow is the Autumn Festival. I’ll be at the festival site the whole day, so I need to check on my roses in the morning, then fetch some of the committee members….  ”Ryeowook was rambling on.

“The vinyl house is just down the road from here. You can check your…” Yehsung omitted the word damn. “…roses in the morning and then swing by the committee members’ houses. It’s much nearer from here then from the other house. You’ll save some time too.”

As he sat listening to what Yehsung was saying, it dawned upon him what his hyung was saying made sense. Still….”

Yehsung sighed. “What now?”

Flapping his arms about him, Ryeowook said, “Clothes, sleep….”

“Like you’ve never borrowed my clothes or slept with me?” Yehsung ran his fingers through his hair. “Whatever you decide, lock the door. I’m going to have a shower and then to bed.” Yehsung got up and headed upstairs.

Yehsung’s room.

Yehsung stood under the shower head, letting the sharp pins of water prick his skin. After a long day, the warm pricks of water were soothing and therapeutic. He hoped he didn’t make Ryeowook leave with his final words but the magnae was so indecisive and it has been a long day for them both. Sighing again, Yehsung turned off the shower and dried himself. Will I find him here or has he gone? Only one way to find out. With an unsteady hand, Yehsung pushed the bathroom’s sliding door. He’s here!

“Hyung, ….”Wookie turned away from the TV and waved the remote control at Yehsung. “You took forever to shower! You’re worse than a girl!”

Yehsung couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Ryeowook perched at the edge of his bed watching TV, in his room, in his house! It took a while for Yehsung to register what Wookie said and when it did, he swatted the boy with the towel he was using to dry his hair. “Yah! Get off! The bed is clean and you’re all sweaty!”

Ryeowook laughed and got off the bed. He wasn’t sure how to say he was staying the night. Hyung sounded a bit peeved just now but judging from his reaction, everything’s okay.

“Just choose anything you want from the cupboard and there are some towels there too.” Everything was still all over the place, so Yehsung just stuffed his towels and clothes together for the time being.

 “Thanks hyung….” Ryeowook made his way to the cupboard.

Yehsung just nodded, still not believing Ryeowook is here. He watched the magnae enter the bathroom before settling in for the night.

Ryeowook hurried through his shower. There were so many things to do tomorrow! This year his group is going sell black bean pancakes with bubble tea. Last year they just sold rice cakes, so this year they wanted to do something different during the festival but… Ryeowook stood by the bed, contemplating where to sleep. On the bed with hyung or that plush but as comfortable sofa downstairs?

“Stop hopping about like an idiot and come to bed.” Yehsung muttered with his eyes closed from the other end of the bed.

“Oh, how…” Doesn’t matter how he knew! Ryeowook quickly climbed in and pulled the comforter up to his neck.  He turned to the side and studied his hyung’s profile. He has changed a lot and yet at the same time, hasn’t changed. Tomorrow! Tomorrow hyung is going to sing at the festival! Hyung used to sing all the time before he left. And hyung was the best! Just give him any song, he could sing it and sing it well too! Ryeowook grinned to himself before he drifted off to sleep. He always loved listening to his hyung sing and he bet tomorrow his hyung will be great, just like before!

The next morning – the day of Autumn Festival.

What? Who…. Where? Ryeowook blinked a few times to adjust to his surroundings. He was at his hyung’s house! He pushed the comforter aside. Why didn’t hyung wake me up and that sounds like his voice! Is he on the phone? With the girl from Seoul?!

Yehsung laughed as he listened to whoever it was on the line. “Sure! Guess I’ll see you in a few hours then. Hmmm…. drive carefully.”  Yehsung hung up and poked his head into the bedroom. “Wake up sleepyhead!”

Ryeowook had this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. Someone’s coming in a few hours! Who? The girl from Seoul?!

“Ryeowook?” Yehsung stood in front of his dongsaeng, waving his hand in front  of his face.

Startled Ryeowook jumped. “What?!”

“Wake up! You’ve a busy day ahead of you! Your roses,  committee members, Autumn Festival….”

“Yeah….I’m up, I’m up!” Ryeowook scrambled off the bed.

Shaking his head, Yehsung called out to Wookie. “I made us some breakfast…..”

“Okay!” Ryeowook replied from the bathroom. The conversation he overheard was playing for the umpteenth time in his head. Who was coming?! Who?! What should I do? No, what CAN I do?!

Downstairs, kitchen….

Yehsung sipped his coffee as he read the papers. He could hear Ryeowook running down the stairs and would have probably flown out the door and into his van if he (Yehsung) didn’t call him to have breakfast.

“But I’m already late….” Ryeowook began as he stood in front of Yehsung.

“Nonsense….” Yehsung put down the papers and pulled Ryeowook onto his lap. Ryeowook’s widen in surprise and almost gasped when Yehsung put his arm around his waist, as if to anchor Ryeowook to his lap. “Eat!”

Obediently Ryeowook took the toast that was offered to him. Yehsung bit his lip to keep himself from smiling. Ryeowook looked so cute sitting on his lap. Yehsung studied Ryeowook for a moment.  His dongsaeng was wearing his clothes. It was a bit big but he chose well. Jeans and one of his weekend shirts. Like having Ryeowook on his lap was an everyday thing, Yehsung turned slightly and continued reading the newspaper.

“Hyung….” Ryeowook put down the coffee cup.

“Hmmm….” Yehsung may look like he’s reading but if you asked him what he was reading, he would look at you blankly and say crap! Being all alone with Ryeowook like this was something he never thought would ever happen and now it has!

“Hyung, I got to go….”

“Okay, ...”

“Okay but….”Ryeowook indicated to Yehsung ‘s arm which was still securely around his waist.

“Ahh…just wanted to make sure you don’t fall of….” Just then Ryeowook’s phone rang. “Must be the committee members.” Yehsung teased as he reluctantly removed his hand from Ryeowook’s waist.

Glancing at the phone screen, Ryeowook replied. “Yeah… I better go. See you later.” Ryeowook ignored his phone and looked hopefully at Yehsung. He was rewarded with a smile that left him breathless.

At the Autumn Festival site…..

Nothing he did was right. Everything was wrong! Ryeowook managed to find fault with everything that came within his sight! He just couldn’t shake off the conversation he heard this morning. Just who the hell was coming?! Hyung said he will see whoever it was in a few hours and it has already been a few hours…. Maybe whoever it was is ALREADY here! What excuse can he give to leave for a while?

“Oh Ryeowook!”  It was Park sii. “Now I know what’s missing from this booth of ours!” She exclaimed excitedly.

“What’s that Park sii?” Ryeowook dug his hands into Yehsung’s jeans pocket.

“Fresh flowers! It would certainly brighten up the booth, don’t you think so?”

Ryeowook grinned. He just found his answer !

I’m so sorry it’s short and  that I took sooooo long to update! Next chapter will be the final chapter!


Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook
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