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Aladdin? - Part 4

Title: ‘Aladdin?

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Characters: Super Junior

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Super Junior has a night off and decides to watch the movie ‘Aladdin’. But something suddenly goes horribly, horribly wrong…


Another P.O.V. is added during this part. This is the last P.O.V. to be added for this story. So from here on out the P.O.V. will switch between the people on the 'outside' to the people on the 'inside' to ... Muahaha!!! 'Mystery place'. *smirk* Read further to quench your curiosity. (What? Lol.)


Part 4


‘What the fucking Hell?! US TOO?!’

Lee Teuk stood frozen, mouth gaping openly at the screen as he tried to process what he was hearing. That wasn’t… He reached out with his left hand and passed it through the air beside him, where Kangin had just stood. … Crap. “Kangin,” Lee Teuk squeaked softly.

“He’s been cartoonified,” Heechul said dully as he and the others stared wide eyed at the screen.

 “Kangin, calm down.”

“I will not calm down Hangeng! I do not want to be trapped in a fucking TV!”

“… At least we don’t have to jump like Siwon just did.”

“Shut up Shindong.”

“Hey! Stop arguing and let’s make the best of this!”

“Sungmin’s right.”

Henry, who had been blinking at the empty space behind him where Sungmin had just been, turned back around to face the screen just as Heechul began speaking again.

“Wait… I can’t believe Kangin is Razoul!”

“I can’t believe you know the name of the guard in Aladdin,” Kibum deadpanned.

Heechul scoffed. “Of course I do; that’s not the point.”

“What is the point?” Ryeowook asked. He couldn’t really see anything wrong with Kangin being Ra… whatever his name was. All he saw wrong was the fact that four more members just got ‘cartoonified’, as Heechul had said earlier.

“I’m just saying… Who in their right mind would put Kangin in a position of power?! … I mean, besides Lee Teuk of course.”


“Okay, now is not the time for this!” Henry interrupted. “I think you guys are missing the bigger picture here. Kangin, Sungmin, Shindong, and Hangeng all became televisionified!”

Everyone turned back to the TV. The four newest members to be sucked into this nightmare they seemed to be living were still arguing.

‘I don’t care if Yesung is a parrot! How is that supposed to make me feel better?!’

‘I’m just saying… at least you’re not a parrot.’

‘Hey look… We get swords!’

‘Shindong, put that away before you hurt yourself.’

“Yeah… Now probably isn’t the best time to be arguing,” Lee Teuk conceded.

“Right…” Heechul agreed. “HEY!” He then proceeded to shout towards the TV. The four guards covered their ears.



‘What the fuck?!’            

‘I think I’m deaf. Can you hear me?’

“Now that I have your attention… Follow my orders and you will get out of this scene alive!”

Why do I still feel scared?’

“Shut up Kangin!”

Henry, Kibum, and Lee Teuk were engrossed with watching Heechul talk Kangin, Sungmin, Hangeng, Shindong, Siwon, and Eunhyuk through the musical number. None of them were paying attention to the two extra nervous men behind them; one biting his nails, the other his bottom lip. If any of the others had been paying close attention to the two, they may have noticed a while ago that Zhou Mi had been far too fidgety and that Ryeowook was way paler than he should be.

“This shouldn’t be happening,” Ryeowook whispered.

“Maybe it’s a dream,” Zhou Mi replied faintly.

Both men turned their heads towards each other and blinked when they noticed that the other one looked slightly guilty. They narrowed their eyes in suspicion, each thinking the same thing: ‘what exactly does he feel guilty about?’






Sungmin couldn’t see anything. Everything was shrouded in darkness so black he began to doubt he was awake. He blinked. Then he blinked again. He was about to hold his hand up in front of his face to see if he could at least make out the outline when he realized that he couldn’t move his arm. Or maybe he could move it but he just couldn’t feel it? That couldn’t be good. Could it?

He was beginning to panic slightly. Not being able to feel his arm did not sound good. Come to think of it, he couldn’t feel any of his body. Wait. No. This wasn’t true; he could feel his eyes. He just couldn’t see anything with them.

Maybe if he moved he’d step into a more lit place? Then again: how was he supposed to move when he couldn’t feel his legs? Not to mention the fact that he also couldn’t feel the ground beneath his feet. What if he took a step forward and fell off a cliff’s edge? He wanted to shiver at the very thought. Okay, so then he was staying put. …Not that he really had a choice… But if he did, he decided, he would still stay put.

Where was he anyhow? When exactly had this sudden oddness descended? Hadn’t he been in some weird desert city a second ago? Yeah… He had been chasing after Siwon with a large curved sword. The others had been with him then. Were they with him now? It was quiet so he couldn’t tell. He wondered if he would be able to speak. “Hello?” Oh, apparently so. Well, at least that was one thing.

“Sungmin?” A voice reached him from the inky black darkness.


“You got sucked into the TV too?”

“Yeah… Are you okay? Is Kyuhyun here too?”

“Yeah, he’s-”

“Extremely grateful to hear another voice besides Yesung’s,” Kyuhyun answered.

“Hey!” Yesung sounded slightly indignant.

“… Seriously though,” Kyuhyun continued, completely ignoring Yesung’s protest. “You have no idea what it is like being in here with nothing but the darkness and Yesung for company.”

“It’s better than you just being in here by yourself,” Yesung argued.

“… I don’t think so.”

“Does anyone else think this weird?” A new voice asked.


“Hey Yesung,” Shindong greeted.

“I think this is weird,” another voice from seemingly nowhere spoke. Hangeng. Sungmin could hear the man’s Chinese accent getting more pronounced as he continued; he must be nervous. “What happened anyhow? Where are we?”

“I knew we shouldn’t have trusted Heechul,” Kangin grumbled.

“Wait,” Yesung shouted. “Exactly who else is here?”


“I think it’s just us,” Hangeng said.

“Oh, okay then.”

“Can any of you feel… anything?”

“No,” five voices answered at once.

“Just making sure that it wasn’t only me,” Kangin sighed.

“I can’t feel the ground,” Hangeng stated.

“Maybe there isn’t one?” Yesung suggested.

“That’s creepy,” Sungmin whispered. That urge to shiver was back.

“I can’t even feel my lips,” Shindong said. “How are we even sure that we’re speaking?”

“Maybe we’re not.”

“What do you mean Kyuhyun?” Sungmin was intrigued in spite of himself.

“I mean,” Kyuhyun explained. “What if we’re just communicating with our thoughts? Telepathically.”

“That’s insane,” Kangin barked.

“Well so is being sucked into a TV!” Kyuhyun shouted back.


“I believe the word you are looking for is ‘touché’.”

“Shut up Yesung,” Kyuhyun snapped. “Now is not the time for your jokes.”

“Hey! If being sucked into a cartoon isn’t a time for jokes, then when is?!”


“Again: I believe the word you are all searching for is ‘touché’.”

Sungmin would have smiled if he could feel his mouth. He was actually glad Yesung was there.

“Where the Hell am I?”



“And another one bites the dust…”




“I wonder what the others are up to right now.”







Lee Teuk looked around himself in complete amazement. He… wasn’t in the dorm; that much he knew. But… He wasn’t in the TV either. Or was he? He wasn’t in a cartoon anyhow. Everything was so real. The marble columns, the elaborate architecture; everything around him screamed ‘rich’ and ‘luxurious’. And ‘large’. Like the dark double door he was standing in front of. Who needed a door fifteen feet tall? Was he in a house for giants?

He started panicking. Did he somehow find his way into the wrong movie?! Great. That was just great. He knew something like this would happen! He just knew it! He looked down at the ground and sighed. How were the others supposed to get him out if he wasn’t even in the same movie?

… Wait. Were his shoes pointed? … He looked at the rest of the soft creamy outfit he was adorned in. That’s when he realized there was a large hat on his head. He took the hat off and stared at it. Odd… One would think he would have noticed it sooner. He replaced the hat and looked at his hands; he still looked like himself… But, this all seemed kind of familiar. So then, he was in the same movie! Right?

But who was he? … He turned his back on the double doors to ponder this. In retrospect, this wasn’t a very good idea, as the two doors swung open swiftly just then and he barely managed to keep from getting squashed like a bug.

Lee Teuk blinked at the tall aristocratic stranger who stormed through the freshly thrown open doors. He stared at the man’s moustache a little at it quivered up and down in anger; it was sort of funny really.

“OH! I’ve never been so insulted?!” The man screeched.

Wait. He looked pissed. Not so funny. Was he pissed at Lee Teuk? Crap. Who was he supposed to be?! “Oh, um… where are you going?” Was Lee Teuk supposed to follow the man? Maybe he should just in case… Aish. Why couldn’t he remember the freaking movie?! Where was Heechul’s annoying voice when he needed it?!

“Good luck marrying her off!”

Lee Teuk froze. What exactly was that supposed to mean? Good luck marrying who off? And -?

Wait. Lee Teuk’s eyes widened as he realized who he was. “I’m the sultan?” He whispered. Then… that man was talking about ‘Jasmine’? Who is…?

Just then a loud aggravated scream reached Lee Teuk’s ears. Wait. He knew that scream… He turned around and quickly ran out the still open ‘giant’ doors to the back yard beyond them. He paused for a moment and blinked at the beautiful sight he was met with. It was good to be sultan…

He was drawn out of his admiration of the lush foliage when the frustrated yell repeated itself. Hurrying down the large marble steps, Lee Teuk reached the pond, and the person waiting there, in short time. Then he had to exert great control not to laugh hysterically at the sight before him.

“Why am I the fucking woman?!”

No, Lee Teuk told himself, he must not laugh; he must not. “Um…” Okay, he failed.

“Stop laughing!”

“Sorry,” he gasped. He so wasn’t sorry. In fact, he wished he had his cell phone so he could snap a picture of this. Because… “Heechul, you’re dressed like a slut!” A-ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

Heechul glowered at him. “This is not amusing,” he hissed.

Lee Teuk clearly thought it was, but he controlled his laughter nonetheless. This was a very, very hard feat to accomplish. Seeing Heechul dressed in what was little more than a powder blue bra and matching pants, was just priceless. Especially since Heechul was, in fact a man, though admittedly he was rather effeminate; and he really didn’t have the um… ‘womanly items’ to make the outfit work. Hell, he looked plain hilarious. Hence, the hard time Lee Teuk was having controlling his laughter. “Seriously though…”

“Watch what you are going to say,” Heechul warned darkly.

“Me? Say? I wasn’t going to say anything,” Lee Teuk denied with a dimpled grin.

Heechul frowned momentarily before an idea struck him. “At least I’m not the sultan. You do know that he’s unbelievably short and fat. Wait. … Come to think of it, the role really suits you.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Lee Teuk shot back. “I’m not short and fat.”

“Well,” Heechul smirked. “One out of two isn’t bad.”

Lee Teuk’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Are you saying I’m short?”

“If the shoe lifts fit.”

“Yah! When we get out of here you are so-”


Heechul and Lee Teuk both jumped about a foot in the air before turning slowly to see a large tiger watching them. And the tiger, just like everything else they could see right then, looked very real indeed. They gulped.


“Uh… nice kitty?”

“Yeah, like that will work,” Heechul scoffed silently.

“Shut up,” Lee Teuk hissed out of the corner of his mouth. “At least I’m trying something.”

“Crap, it’s moving.”

“What do we do?”

“You mean besides panic?”

The large cat roared again as it stepped closer. It paused when it was a hairs breath away from them. Then it sat down and cocked its head to the side, starring at them with wide confused eyes.

“Wait…” Lee Teuk frowned as he starred into the animals eyes. Something wasn’t quite right. It was almost as if… “I know those eyes.”

“Yeah,” Heechul whispered sarcastically. “They’re the eyes of the tiger that is about to eat you.”

“No, I mean… I know those eyes.” Lee Teuk kneeled down and starred deeper into the large brown eyes before him. “. . . Ryeowook?”

The tiger huffed before slowly nodding its head once.

Heechul blinked. “How did you know…?” He couldn’t even finish the question.

Lee Teuk turned his head and smiled. “I’d recognize any of my members.”

Okay… Heechul will never tell Lee Teuk this, but he was in a slight state of awe right then. It wasn’t like Heechul didn’t respect his leader. Despite what other people might thing, Heechul actually liked Lee Teuk a lot; he even got along with the man. Well… most of the time... He just enjoyed teasing the man every chance he got; but that doesn’t mean he didn’t respect the guy and all of the work the man did for their group. But really, he had never felt awed by the man; that is, until right then.

Heechul knew that there must have been numerous good reasons as to why the older man was the leader of Super Junior. And this… was apparently one of them. How the Hell did Lee Teuk know the tiger was Ryeowook?! All Heechul saw was a fucking tiger for crying out loud! And that right there was where the ‘awe’ came in. No one must ever know this though… Because he was Kim Heechul, and this could ruin his reputation.

So what did he do? He rolled his eyes and scoffed. “You sound like such a mother hen. Why aren’t you the woman?”

“Because that outfit so would not go with this hat,” Lee Teuk smirked.

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