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Sing a song ch. 5

Title-Sing a Song
Chapter Title-Lovely Day
Summary-Kyuhyun is angsty that he's missing out on a nice day outside.
Disclaimer-Not mine.
A/N: So...my sickness...it's apparently a mild strain of the flu. XD

            Kyuhyun woke up the next morning on the couch, with a blanket over him. Already, he could smell breakfast and he smiled.

            “Morning sunshine,” called Zhoumi as he sat up. Kyuhyun smiled and walked over to the kitchen. Zhoumi’s back was to him, using the stove to cook something, so Kyuhyun decided to take a chance. He wrapped his arms around Zhoumi’s back and nuzzled into his neck. Zhoumi smiled.

            “Your love is showing,” he teased, and Kyuhyun smiled.

            “That’s okay,” he said, “I’ll let the whole world see it if they want to.” Zhoumi laughed and took the pan of fried rice off the stove, setting it down on the counter and scooping some into bowls for him and Kyuhyun.

            “Eat up,” he said, “handing Kyuhyun the bowl.” Kyuhyun took it and sat down at the table across from Zhoumi. They finished breakfast too quickly in Kyuhyun’s opinion. As soon as they were done, Zhoumi got up, washed their dishes, and headed off.

            “Gotta go to work,” he said simply, and Kyuhyun stared after him.

            “I’ll miss you,” the words slipped off his tongue, and Zhoumi looked back with a nod at him.

            “I’ll see you later.”

            Kyuhyun himself had to go to work not ten minutes later, his manager coming to get him. The whole time they were driving to the company though, he stared out the window and sighed. It really was a lovely day. He just wished he could spend it with Zhoumi. They hadn’t really gone out on a date as a real couple. No holding hands, or kissing in public, or any of that. ‘Maybe I’m taking this all too lightly?’ he wondered to himself. ‘Can I really already say I love Zhoumi?’ He sighed. He didn’t want it to be some trivial thing. As he stepped out of the car, he sighed again. He wanted to fall in love with Zhoumi the right way. But what was the right way?

            Inside the studio, he was antsy all day. They didn’t have any recording for him to do. The whole day all they did was give him schedules for this upcoming event, and that upcoming interview, and this upcoming TV show, and it bored him to death. He wanted to be outside, giving a concert, but he couldn’t.

            “Well,” he said quietly to himself when he finally got a moment alone, “I’m sure living the dream now.” He wondered where Zhoumi was shooting now. It was starting to get warmer as spring neared, but there was still a slight chill edge to the air. He sighed. The snow had all melted already, but it was okay. He was anxious for spring. Kyuhyun decided to go get some fresh air. Finding a big tree in a small patch of grass, he sat under it and stared out at the sky. Zhoumi’s face came back to him again, and it made him happy. He liked to think about Zhoumi.

            He had a daydream of Zhoumi appearing from behind the tree, all of a sudden it was spring, and they were on a small hill, looking over a big field, and sitting under a huge shady tree, holding hands together. The wind blowing only made him smile. Zhoumi was with him.

            And then, the daydream ended and he was back to reality, an angry manager staring down at him. Another breeze blew and he sent his feelings along with it. ‘Take them to Zhoumi’ he asked in his heart and then was escorted back into the building. No matter where Zhoumi was, Kyuhyun imagined it was somewhere cool and breezy, out in the open. Everyone there was experiencing spring through Zhoumi’s smile. Kyuhyun took one last look at the day outside.

            It really was a lovely day, one that was going to waste, and one, that he’d have liked to have spent with Zhoumi.

Tags: pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun
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