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Two Days With The Domestically Challenged

Title:Two Days With The Domestically Challenged
Pairing:Hanchul, plus ninja yehyuk(couldn't resist it...)
Warning:Ummm...Heechul fending for himself...?
Summary:Even the most patient of people has a limit...
Disclaimer:...if I did, I would TOTALLY charge admission to Heechul doing half the things he does in this fic...

This is my birthday present for my yedongsaeng Kit Kat(everkitsune )...or my Dongsaeng Henry...hehehehe...depending on whether or not I'm rping at the moment...hehehehe...I hope you enjoy this, since it's my first ever hanchul, as well as my first time writing Heechul as a main...hehehehe

Happy Birthday Kittie Kat!!
Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng

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