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[Series]Betrayal -- A Prequel

Title : Betrayal – A Prequel, chapter 3-end
Author : freedomthisway
Rating : R for the usage of bad languages and mention of porn.
Character/Pairing : Eunhyuk, Yehsung, Junsu and other made up characters/YeHyuk, friendship HyukSu.
Word Count : 2524 words for this chapter
Warning : Bad, bad Yehsungie.
Genre : angst, maybe a bit of crack, and then angst again/Office AU
Summary : It’s the story about Hyukjae in the past, and there’s Yehsung, there’s a self-recorded porn, there’s betrayal, there’s a glorious career suddenly hit the bottom, and it’s all united to create the character of Hyukjae I need to build the story in the oncoming sequel the way I want it.
Oh, and there’s Junsu as Hyukjae’s knight in shining armor, platonically. :DD

Author’s note:

Last chapter for a prequel dedicated to runawayxxlovee, and also for all SuJu fans out there (hello again~ kiirohana16 and renichifreak…:D) who have YeHyuk as their kink.

And yes, I've gotten several murderous attempt on me due to the direction this fic is going. xDD

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry?. :DD

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3-end

You can also find my other Super Junior fanfictions here in archive post in my writing journal.
Tags: pairing: yesung/eunhyuk

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