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Title: Shower Curtains
Author: Hyuukie
Pairing: none really, hint of ShiHan
Genre: humour
Summary: Henry is depressed...
Disclaimer: dont own Henli :)

Every night I would cry at the emptiness I was feeling. Every night.

Every night I would shout, scream, complain, or even throw stuff at my wall. Every night.

Every night I would stare at the blank spot. Every night.

Every night I would think over where I went wrong, but Donghae hyung said, "it already happened and what's done is done." Every night.

Every night I made notes on how I felt, but Kyuhyun hyung told me it was pointless, and that I should just get over it. Every night.

Every night I would sob into my pillow, my loss just didn't seem to affect the other Super Junior M members like it did to me. I thought about it every night. Every night.

Every night, Ryeowook hyung would slip into my room at night, trying to stop my tears, rubbing circles on my back and whispering words of comfort into my ear. He would also try to wash away the pain by rubbing the stain that ruined my life, my nights, but it never worked, it remained there. He would smile at me and pinch my cheeks reassuringly, saying things like, "it's okay," or "everything's going to be alright, Henli." Every night.

And every single night, even in the morning, I would run my fingers over the "replacement", my tears mixing with the cold water showering down on me.
The stain couldn't be erased, and you would think it could be...

But Zhou Mi hyung just kept telling me, "Henry, it's not your fault. It's the ShiHan sex, you can't prevent it," then shrugged and left.

I didn't even say goodbye to my favourite shower curtains...


poor Henry -_____-"

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