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Sing a song ch. 4

Title-Sing a Song
Chapter Title-Sapphire Blue
Summary-Kyuhyun's debut...+more!
Disclaimer-not mine
A/N: I'm sorry if it doesn't seem really good...I don't feel so good today so...

            For the next few weeks, Kyuhyun made sure to work especially hard. Nothing particularly special had happened since he and Zhoumi had gone out to dinner together, but he attributed that to the amount of work they were both doing. Zhoumi had been getting a lot of jobs lately, as it was almost time for a lot of winter lines to come out, and Kyuhyun was scheduled to make his debut by Christmas, so they were both working long hours, barely seeing each other for more than five minutes a day. But, after what seemed like forever, they finally caught a break. All of Zhoumi’s shoots were finished, Kyuhyun had finished recording for his album, and the company had decided to let them have a break for a day or two. Christmas was in less than a month, and Kyuhyun’s debut was coming up.

            “This is where you make it or break it,” said Zhoumi with a smile, as they were eating dinner in the condo. It was already so cold outside that Zhoumi had made kimchi soup. Kyuhyun nodded, staring at his soup and stirring it with his spoon. He wasn’t nervous about debuting, but after wards, he was going to tell Zhoumi how he felt. That was the unnerving part. He could never really tell how the other felt. It daunted him. Zhoumi smiled at Kyuhyun’s face. He looked deep in thought.

            Finally, Kyuhyun’s debut arrived. The noise of the people waiting to see a new artist, the flurry of people running here and there and everywhere, and all of the bright lights blurred Kyuhyun’s vision. It was another dream.

            “Alright,” called someone, “we’re ready.” He realized it was show time. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath. This was what he’d always wanted to do, and afterwards, he could tell Zhoumi exactly how he felt. He breathed out and dashed on stage. The music started and he let his voice take over, making sure to be as cool and charismatic as possible. The people in the audience cheered and his smile grew a little. It was a rush. The concert ended in a flash, and suddenly, he had come down from the high. It was the most exhilarating feeling in the world.

            Suddenly, there was a hand patting his head.

            “You did good,” said Zhoumi and Kyuhyun smiled.

            “Thanks,” he said. They headed out to Zhoumi’s car.

            “Hey, Zhoumi, can I tell you something?” Kyuhyun asked. Zhoumi nodded. “I think…I think I like you.” Zhoumi smirked.        

            “Oh, I knew that.” Kyuhyun’s eyes widened.

            “You did?” Zhoumi nodded.

            “And you know,” he said, “since I’ve already claimed you as my property and all, it would be fitting if you did.”

            “Property?” asked Kyuhyun.

            “Yup,” said Zhoumi, “why do you think you live in my house?” Kyuhyun blushed. He hadn’t thought of it that way at all. He frowned a bit, thinking that for all this time he’d been worried for nothing. Still keeping his eyes on the road, Zhoumi patted the pouting boy on the head with one hand. Kyuhyun looked over at him and smiled. It was okay. He could be with Zhoumi now anyway.

            When they got back to the condo, Zhoumi cooked dinner and they at together. After that, they snuggled together on the couch and watched some TV.

            “Hey Mimi,” Kyuhyun asked, as the other stroked his hair, “do you have a wish?”

            “A wish?” asked Zhoumi and Kyuhyun nodded looking up at him. “Well,” said Zhoumi, “I suppose if I had to…I’d wish for more time to spend with you.” Kyuhyun smiled. “And you?” asked Zhoumi.

            “I just wish fate had let me meet you sooner. I feel like we were supposed to meet, you know?” Kyuhyun leaned back a little more against Zhoumi and Zhoumi smiled.

            “Destiny, huh?” he said softly and smiled. “That’s a nice thought.”

Tags: pairing: zhoumi/kyuhyun

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