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Title: think before you speak
Length: Epilogue
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Pairing: Siwon/Hankyung and others
Disclaimer: do not own them
Summary- Siwon is not treating Hankyung that great
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

Six months later

The group was laying around, just enjoying the day off. It's been about a week since, their

last day off. So the whole group, was just enjoy spending sometime together. They were

debating, if they want to watched a movie. Everyone was laughing and joking around. It was

just a wonderful time for everyone. The couples were all, cuddling together. With each

couple, one was quiet and happy. While the other was fighting with the other members. On what

movie, that group should watched.

"I think that we should watched Cinderella" demanded Heechul

"No, we should watched Beauty and the Beast. It's a more romantic movie" said Sungmin

"No, I want to watched Sleeping Beauty. Now that is very sweet and romantic movie. How romantic is, it that she was woke up. With true loves first kiss" argued Ryeowook

"Well, what about Mulan, that is world best movie ever" added Siwon

"You're saying that because it's about Chinese Princess. But we should watched the Little Mermaid" said Eunhyuk

"Well I still think, that Mulan is best choice for a movie. And If I want to watched Mulan because it's about a Chinese Princess. You only wanted to watched the Little Mermaid. Because your boyfriend is in love with fishs. So that is why you want to watched it" teased Siwon

"Well I think, that we should watched a horror flick" said Shindong

"No, we aren't watching a horror flick. We want a romantic movie" said Sungmin

"What is more romantic than a horror flick. During all the scary parts, you can cuddled with your love one" said Shindong

"I would love to watched Mulan. However while you guys are fighting about this. I'll go to the kitchen, to make some popcorn" said Hankyung

"We are going to watched Mulan then. Since that is what my Hannie wants. Then he is going to get it. Since my Hannie deserved anything he wants. Also Hannie,

you just get comfortable for the movie. I'll go make the snacks for everyone" said Siwon as he got up, to go to the kitchen.

"I agree with Siwon, we are going to watched Mulan. However after that, we are watching Cinderella" said Heechul

"Now, before everyone started to fight about it. Just let my Princess get his way, it's make things easier" said Kibum

"Yay, everyone listen to my amazing boyfriend" said Heechul before he kiss Kibum on the cheek.

"For once in my life, I agree with Heechul. As the Father, we are watching Mulan" replied Kangin

"Fine, but I want a pink cupcake" whined Sungmin

"Then it's brilliant thing, that I bought a packet of pink cupcakes for you. I'll go get them for you. I'm going to grabbed some blankets too. Does anyone want a blanket or pillow?" asked Kyuhyun

Sungmin smiled at Kyuhyun, for the sweetness of the whole matter. While the rest of group,

yell out what they wanted. So Kyuhyun rushed to grabbed enough blankets and pillows for rest

of the group. While in the kitchen, Siwon was making popcorn and drinks for everyone. Siwon

was still trying to make up, for all his wrong doing against Hannie. Siwon spend every waking

minutes, trying to make it up to Hannie. He was so lost in his thought, that he didn't

notices Kangin entered the kitchen.

"Hey Siwon, we need to have a chat" said Kangin

"Yes Kangin, what would you like to talk about?" asked Siwon

"It's about Hankyung and you" answered Kangin

"Kangin, I'm doing everything in my power. So that I'll show him, how much I really love him. I'll spend the rest of my life making it, up to him. One day,

I'll proved to him. That I actually really do deserved his love" said Siwon

" Siwon, I want to tell you. That the rest of group, they forgave you a while ago. It's just you, who is still punishes yourself. I'm even fairly sure, that

Hannie forgave you too. So you need to stopped punished yourself" said Kangin

"However, I haven't done enough, do earned everyone forgiveness. But I'll earned everyone forgiveness soon, I hope" answered Siwon

"You have our forgiveness, however now it's time for the talk" said Kangin

"Umm, Kangin I know what sex is" said Siwon

"Oh no, not that talk Siwon. I have hear Hannie and you together. What the hell are you doing to him. That will make him screamed in such pleasure. But it's

time for the father talk" said Kangin

"The father talk?" asked Siwon

"Yes, I have total forgave you. But if, you ever hurt Hannie, in anyway. I'll have to kill you" said Kangin

"Yes, I'll be the first in line to make myself feel pain. I promised to never hurt him" said Siwon

"That is great to hear Siwon. I'll help you bring in the snacks" said Kangin

So Kangin and Siwon entered the room, hands filled with drinks and snacks. The rest of

groups was getting comfortable. With the blankets, that Kyuhyun grabbed for everyone.

Sungmin was enjoying one of the pink cupcakes. While Heechul and Hankyung were teasing one

another. Kibum was smiling at his boyfriend. While on the couch, Ryeowook and Yesung were

making out. Donghae and Eunhyuk were just making a fort with the pillows. Shindong and Eeteuk

were just enjoying the whole sight in front of them.

"Are we ready for the movie' asked Kangin as he handed out the drinks and snacks

"Where the goldfish crackers" asked Donghae

"Oops I forgot to grabbed them" said Siwon

"Don't worry about a thing, Donghae. I'll grabbed them for you" said Eunhyuk before giving Donghae a quick kiss.

"He is the bestest boyfriend in the world" said Donghae as he watched Eunhyuk go to the kitchen.

"Now before everyone starts to argued about. Who haves a better boyfriend, lets just say. That everyone boyfriend is just amazing" said Eeteuk

"Everyone, just shut up and get comfortable" yell Kangin.

"Yes, it's movie time" yell Heechul as he pulled a blanket over Kibum and him.

So the whole group just lay back. So that they could enjoyed the movie together. Everyone was

cuddling with the one they loved. Well everyone excepted for Shindong. However he was okay

with that, since he just fond out. That his lover was finally coming back from two month trip

in Japan. Shindong was just happy, that everything in the group was good. Everything was as

it should be. There was no more darkness in the Super Junior's apartment at all. Well

actually there was just a speck of darkness.

Well after the group watched Mulan together. They did turned on Cinderella next to watch.

However Hankyung stood up, saying that he wasn't feeling well. So he was going to take a

short nap. But everyone was to stay, and enjoy the movie. Heechul was really worry about

Hankyung. But Hankyung told Heechul just stay, and cuddled with Kibum. So Hankyung went to

his room, while the rest watched the movie. It was about two minutes, when Siwon decided that

he need to make sure, that Hankyung was okay. So Siwon quietly went to see, how Hannie was

doing. When he entered their shared bedroom, Hannie was laying on his bed.

"Wow, that was quick Siwon" teased Hankyung

"Well I was worry about you" answered Siwon as he joined Hankyung on the bed.

"Everything is just peachy with me. However we need to talk about you. Siwon, it's been six months since that talk" said Hankyung

"Yes, I'm still working hard, at earning your forgiveness" said Siwon

"Siwon, you have my forgiveness. I forgave you, a month ago" said Hankyung

'But Hannie, I don't deserved it yet" said Siwon

'well too bad Siwon because I forgave you. Also I want you to stop acting like my slave. I wanted a boyfriend, not a slave" said Hankyung

"But Hannie, I want to make up. For all those horrible things, I did to you" replied Siwon

"Siwon, I just need you to love me. And also please try to think before you speak" said Hankyung

"I do love you Hannie" answered Siwon

"Then stop punishing yourself and enjoyed our love" said Hankyung

'Just know this Hannie, I love you forever and ever" said Siwon

"I love you, too Siwon" said Hankyung

The End

Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon

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