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Title: Look who’s talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 5]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP (for this chapter)  

Fandom: Super Junior(main), DBSK, Big Bang… still debating on SHINee…

Rating: Pg for parenting ideas that should never be conducted on actual live children!

Warning: Kid Super Junior AU, Fake parenting tips! Seriously I must stress that any kid in most of these circumstances… would probably be taken away or dead…

Genre: Comedy, a bit of angst, and a lot more sap then I had originally intended.

Disclaimer: Still don’t own them…

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N: If you’ve ever seen the movie Look Who’s Talking or any of it’s sequels you know that you can hear the babies thoughts. Words in italics and ‘…’ marks are what the babies are thinking/ telling other babies… so yeah…

A/N II: If you haven’t read the prologue or chapter one through four,  they can be found on my profile. (I should probably work on making an archive, any tips on how to do it?)


Kangin waited, it was all he could do at this point in time. He had feed the children after Leeteuk’s call and gotten them down for a nap. Under normal circumstances he would be undergoing more research for his case; but Leeteuk had totally blown any concentration he had that day. They were already a family of four, now going to a family of five and all the information he had one their fifth member was a name.


Han Geng… Of course the only thing the name told him was that the child was not Korean. He searched the Chinese data base for any child born in the last five years with that name. His results while daunting at first, seemed to be of little help. There were about 10,000 children with this name all of whom had no information on moving to Korea whatsoever. The child’s actual age might have helped too, but Leeteuk hadn’t given him that information.  


So he sat in the living room waiting for Leeteuk to arrive. He opened one of the parenting books he and Leeteuk had purchased not to long ago when they were only a family of three. How short a time ago that was.


He didn’t have to wait the entire time he had expect to either. The kids had been down for all of about fifteen minutes when the keys could be heard in the door.  He set Parenting For Dummies aside and stood up to go open the door but Leeteuk was able to get it ajar before Kangin could cross the living room scattered with toys, books, and, crayons.


Leeteuk had the child in his arms, a seemingly difficult task as this child was larger than either Kyuhyun or Eunhyuk. He was taller than them, but after the first initial glance Kangin noticed that the child in Leeteuk’s arms was also considerably skinnier than either Eunhyuk or Kyuhyun. Leeteuk noticed Kangin and shuffled the boy in his arms. “Han Geng, this is Kangin. I think I told you about him.” the child in Leeteuk’s arms looked up at him with wider brown eyes. His face was thin and he looked a little scared but the child tried to smile none the less.


“Hi…” Kangin offered awkwardly. The small child blinked.


“I don’t think he speaks Korean.” Leeteuk told him looking down at the confused boy.


“Ni hao?” Kangin attempted.


The child in Leeteuk’s arms straightened up and smiled.


Kangin smiled as well before turning to look at Leeteuk. “Uhm… Babe, isn’t that a slight problem.”


Leeteuk frowned. “Well under normal circumstances, but he’s only three Kangin and there was no one else.”     Leeteuk’s frown turned into a pout. “We can teach him Korean, it’ll be just like teaching a normal child to talk.”


“And do you know how to teach a normal child how to talk?”


“It cant be that hard, we’ll just ask Seunghyun how they did it.” Leeteuk beamed at the child in his arms who was looking back and forth from the adults.


“Why not me? I practically fed Seungri the dictionary!”


Leeteuk whipped around and Kangin blinked. “Yah! How’d you get in here?”


“Professional stalker come to mind? He’s cute!” Ji Yong said walking over a few lose crayons and coming towards Leeteuk and Kangin.


“That doesn’t explain how you got in my house, and get away from my husband and child.” He stepped in front of Leeteuk and the Chinese boy.


Ji Yong looked hurt. “I brought him a gift too.”


“Not more fireworks please.” Leeteuk begged poking his head around his husbands bulky shoulders.


“Nope, TOP’s only got the big stuff left and well hey that’d be totally irresponsible. I brought this little bugger something every kid should have, well not really. I was going to buy him a pony and then I realized you guys could never fit it in the apartment. But it’s something else every kid should have.” He held out a haphazardly wrapped package in newspaper.


Kangin reluctantly grabbed it handing the bundle over to his husband before turning back to Ji Yong. “ How’d you know we had a new kid.”




“Well I didn’t… not until I just came in five minutes ago, but it was inevitable really. I was just keeping prepared.” He smiled disarmingly.


The sound of paper tearing caused them to turn around. Han Geng merely blinked as Leeteuk unwrapped the gift for him. He held up a black tee-shirt with lime green writing on it for Kangin to read. Ji Yong beamed as Kangin read ‘I get it from my uncle GD!’


“Actually, all kids and adults should have one.”


“I’m not putting that on my child.”


“Oh don’t worry I have one for Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun too!” he said producing two more of the tee-shirts from behind his back smiling. “And I can make two more so you and Leeteuk can have some… although I might have to reword it…”


“They’re cute Ji Yong thank you.” Leeteuk said taking the other two from his hand. He stepped on Kangin’s foot as he stepped in front of him. “Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go put Hankyung down for a nap in our bedroom.”


Kangin and Ji Yong both nodded as Leeteuk left with the child in his arms.


“They won’t be caught dead in those shirts.” Kangin commented once Leeteuk was out of earshot.


“You want to bet?” Ji Yong asked smiling. “They’re very attractive shirts, Seunghyun is getting one too.” Kangin rolled his eyes and went to go pick up the book he had laid open on the chair. “Parenting for dummies good choice. It fits you.” Ji Yong smirked as Kangin turned around preparing to launch the book at his partner’s head. Ji Yong, having anticipated this, Left out the front door before the book even left the burly man’s fingertips. Leeteuk however entered the living room at that exact moment.


“Kangin! What kind of example is that for our children?”


“B-But they’re all asleep.”


“Kids wake up easily.” Leeteuk scolded. “And you left a big mess, while I was at work.” Kangin sighed it wasn’t exactly his mess, and technically he was working as well. But again arguing with Leeteuk was pointless. He resigned himself to picking up the items scattered about the living room, and working more on his case later.




Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk woke up about an hour or so later, both surprised to see Leeteuk home. He tried, without much success, to explain that they had a new member of the family but he was only meet with blank stares. He decided to simply wait until Han Geng was awake. He had even attempted numerous times to go check on the boy, but Kangin had advised him against it. He cast glances at the door every so often only to hear Kangin assure him that Han Geng was fine.


Leeteuk put away the shirts from Ji Yong and even helped Kangin in the living room a bit to try and keep his mind from worrying. Kangin was rifling through the fridge in attempts of finding something suitable for dinner when Leeteuk came in. “Kangin, I just want to go check on him he’s been asleep for an hour or so now.”


“Leeteuk, you checking is only going to wake him up.”


“But I’ll be really quiet.”


“Kid’s aren’t heavy sleepers like someone I know.”


“Fine then I’ll just help you make dinner, Kimchi stew?” Leeteuk asked eyeballing the ingredients in Kangin’s hand. Kangin smiled at his husband.


“There’s no need, Leeteuk I have it covered.” He placed the vegetables on the counter. “Go play with Eunhyuk.”


 “I’m not going to color Kangin I’m twenty three.” The husky man sighed in defeat.


“Just be extremely quiet when you open the door and warn Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk.” He told the other man in defeat.


Leeteuk nodded vigorously and went off to go check on his new child. Kangin sighed; Leeteuk had a right to be worried. The boy had been found in the same park he and Leeteuk had taken Eunhyuk and Kibum too, only yesterday. He was wandering around, unable to talk to anyone, very much confused, and even more so alone. When they received the call from a worried mother they immediately went to pick him up. It appeared that the child had been without a meal for a while, although how long they were unsure of and there was no clue as to whether he had parents or not. They contacted the Chinese division of social services but they hadn’t heard of any lost children by Han Gen’s description. The only option left was to find him a temporary home. Leeteuk had offered of course, but he had also shared with Kangin his feeling that this child would be with them for a long time; and Leeteuk’s intuitions were correct nine times out of ten.


Kangin mindlessly began preparing the dinner whistling something to himself. It had only been Leeteuk’s first day back and they had gained another child, pretty soon Kangin had a feeling he was going to have to keep Leeteuk from going to work or they were going to end up with a small orphanage, but no children would be leaving.


When Leeteuk returned to the kitchen he was not happy. “Han Geng was lying awake for who knows how long!”


Kangin looked over at him and shrugged. “How do you know he hadn’t just woken up?”


“He was wide awake just sitting there.”


Kangin smiled semi-guiltily. “How was I suppose to know?”


Leeteuk shook his head at his husband before walking out into the living room. “Kyuhyun Eunhyuk, this is Han Geng, he’s going to be staying with us for quite a while. Be nice to him.” And with that he set Han Geng down and went back to verbally abusing his husband.


‘Hey you’re that boy from the park.’ Eunhyuk smiled at him.


‘He doesn’t understand us remember?’ Kyuhyun rolled his eyes but looked at the boy with some interest.


‘Then how’s he going to talk to us?’


‘He isn’t.’ Kyuhyun shook his head. ‘Unless of Course you know some Chinese, which I highly doubt as we barely know Korean.’


Han Geng merely watched back an forth as the two bantered. ‘Why does he only speak Chinese?’


‘Because he probably came from China. Different places speak different languages.’


‘Why, that seems stupid.’


Kyuhyun sighed. ‘If I knew why I would have told you.’  The two-year-old returned to his puzzle paying no more attention to the other boys in the room.


Eunhyuk pouted at the other boy but gave up when it didn’t get the same effect it raised from Junsu, Kangin, Tablo, or any of the other adults.


‘Wanna  play?’ He turned to the boy who didn’t understand him. Eunhyuk sighed and held out the coloring book and a big blue crayon to him. The boy blinked and took the objects from Eunhyuk who retrieved another book from the bottom of the nice pile Kangin had made, along with several other crayons. He rejoined Han Geng and demonstrated how to color, which the taller boy imitated. Kyuhyun glanced over his puzzle book and rolled his eyes never having understood the point of coloring.


About thirty minutes later when Leeteuk came back to retrieve them for dinner he stopped in the doorway and ushered Kangin in to see all three boys working amongst a new mess.


“They’re so cute!” Leeteuk squealed. “We have to get a camera soon!”


Kangin grumbled. “I’m going to be responsible for cleaning that up… again.”



(One week later, and the biggest time skip yet this story! If I kept going at the rate I was, this fic would be around 100 or so chapters filled with meaningless scenes)


It had been a week since they had gotten Han Geng. Life as a family was settling down, apart from G-Dragons ‘surprise visits’ and finally getting Tablo that key Kangin had been meaning to. Leeteuk had made it almost five days without coming home with another child (a big relief for Kangin), and he had managed to complete almost two entire cases all without a trip to his office. But he would inevitably have to return, and from the looks of it he would be accompanied by a small army, both literally and figuratively. Han Geng still had not spoken a single word, to anyone and Leeteuk was persistently trying to get his first word to be his own name. Overall it seemed like they would be a happy family of five.


It was a Friday, somewhere around mid day, the kids had eaten, and Kangin was finishing up some lose ends on his assignment. The project would then be sent to Ji Yong via instant messaging. He was diligently working on this when a blipping sound interrupted him.


Leeteuk: You have children… Hahaha that’s something so cheesy and so something you would say. On a more serious note, We’re getting another kid.

Kangin: … You’re not even going to ask me any more?

Leeteuk: Would you really say no? He needs us Kangin! L

Kangin: You wouldn’t allow me to say no, and every neglected child needs us.

Leeteuk: Donghae is special Kangin, don’t be so mean.

Kangin: You already filled out the papers?

Leeteuk: As a matter of fact I have.

Kangin: Then you really are telling me rather than asking me.

Leeteuk: Kind of.

Ji Yong: You guys are getting another? I told you it was inevitable Kangin. Congrats.

Kangin: Ji Yong! How’d you get in this conversation.

Ji Yong: Twenty first century Kangin, It’s called a chat room.

Kangin: How the hell did you get in this chat room.

Ji Yong: I’m not letting you know my secretes, then I’ll have to do the spying the hard        way.

Leeteuk: I’m just going to finish up some paperwork on this end Kangin, and then I’ll be home.

Ji Yong: Oh I think I should stop by too.

Kangin: NO!

Ji Yong: You’re no fun Kangin.

Leeteuk: Good bye you two.

Once  Leeteuk signed out Kangin closed the chat room on Ji Yong. “Almost a week.” He muttered to himself looking at the three other boys playing quietly. He wondered vaguely what this one would be like.

 A/N III: hahaha, and this was done while I was suppose to be studying. Who needs high scores on the ACT any way right? Well I think I mentioned this within but time skips might be getting a tad bit larger, but I’ll try to avoid them best I can… Donghae however needs to be here to get this story rolling, I mean Eunhyuk is lonely with out his trouble making best buddy.

A/N IV: I’ll shut up in just a moment, two babies in one chapter is an extremely rare occurrence and this will hopefully be the only one.


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