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Title : Smile Shine Sucess
Pairing : Yewook
Rate  :  I don't know how to rate.... but definetly no BoyxBoy sex in it....
Disclaimership : I don't own any one of Super Junior
Summary : Yesung asks Ryeowook for some tips on life.
Author's Note : My first fanfic posted on Miracle, please read!

Life...Life....How do I suceed in life? How do I surpass them all without getting a single white hair?

Jongwoon toyed with the pencil he was holding between his index finger and middle finger.He was studying for his Physics test. As he stared down at the textbooks and Notebooks that covered the table, he was caught off guard and a fellow High school student covered his eyes.

"Guess who and you win 5000 Yen!"

The voice was not quite low and sounded obvoius.

"Donghae...I have no time to play with ya. I got a Physics test coming up."Jongwoon grabbed the pair of hands and threw them back to the owner, quite pissed and squinted his eyes hard so that he wouldn't see anyone from the corner of his eyes.

"But Heechul-hyung, Eunhyukkie and Sungmin-hyung doesn't want to play also! And Eunhyukkie suggested to play with you because he has been seeing some white hair on you! I mean, dozens of them! Are you really that stress???"

Donghae pouted as cutely as possible and tugs on Jongwoon's shoulder lightly.

"Look. I know somebody who is stress and is free. It's not me but... you can find Kyuhyun to play with. He may even buy you some chocolate!"Jongwoon lead Donghae out of his classroom where he was studying and slammed the door behind Donghae's departure.He rushed back into his seat and continued.


3PM...I haven't eaten lunch yet but I still can bear it.

Jongwoon grabbed his bottle of cold tea and replenished himself. He threw it away in the wastebin along with the other bottles of cold tea. Upon the return to his seat, the classroom back door slammed open.



"Cho Kyuhyun, how nice to hear you. I'm busy studying, come back tommorow when I'm done studying here."

"How dare you sabotage me back using Donghae!!!"

"Well, you expected an unusual sobatage, so I gave you Donghae. Simple."

"But, I had to get Ryeowook to keep Donghae busy with his cookie baking. I bet Donghae is setting a fire there....OH SHIT! Be right back!"

Kyuhyun rushed to the Home Economics room making sure nobody was hurt whether there was any fire,even if there was no fire... he still had to check on them, Donghae might have been playing with the knife from the teacher's station.

Jongwoon smirked for awhile as he saw Kyuhyun making a mad dash towards the Home Economic room.

A junior shouldn't mess with his senior

He turned back to his notebooks and calculator, smashing his pencil hard on the buttons while facing the most difficult question. He was satisfied with his answer and when he referred to the solutions at the back of the book, he was surprised. He got it all wrong! How was he suppose to pass the test now? All the effort put in and he got it wrong? He crumpled up the paper he worked on and threw it away to his back.


He looked at the back, making sure he wasn't hearing things and saw....

"Ryeowook...why are you here..."

He murmered under his breathe as he returned to his studies. Ryeowook is here for a reason... I just know it.

"Don't take the physics test seriously. He have dozens of white hair that I can hardly see any black!" Ryeowook can't help but tease.

"See for your self!"

Ryeowook pulled out two mirrors and asked Jongwoon for his. He angled all three at their postions so that Jongwoon could see his hair. One whole streak of hair was white he hardly see and black hair under those layers of hair of white. It's like snow on his hair.

"I could always color it back to it's natural color.It was raven black right?"

"Yep, but your attitude will stay and you will end up having your whole hair being colored black."

"Well, I just have to be in the smartest class. Hangkyung and I hardly have time to sleep. He is currently at home studying with our Leeteuk. I turned their offer to study together. I need to have high scores and that's only achievable if you study alone."

"Donghae told me you were talking to yourself again..."

"So what about it? I needed to focus and YOU always pop up into my mind when I get bored. I wanted to bake cookies with you but I had this stupid Physics test tomorrow!"

"How to suceed in life? Just smile, think of good things that won't stress you out. And with that smile of yours, you will shine in life. Therefore, that's how you suceed!"

"But that sounds like advise for a singer."

"Because you are a singer."


"SM Entertainment wanted you and when you sang during the Valentine's Day Celebration, the Microphone Kangin gave you was a recording machine. I handed the recording to SM Entertainment and they already made you a permanent contract for you. You just have to drop by in their office by next week and you will suceed in life."

"You sound totally like my mother."

"Because I am the second mother in our band!"

"But I thought I told you I didn't want to join the band even though I made friends with all the members!"

'"Oh, but you were the bonus member. Remember the New Year Eve Party, Leeteuk planned a solo singing competition and Kyuhyun, Kibum and I pushed you in the competition and You won? Leeteuk actually got the cameraman from 'Loaded Pre-Singers' and also announced that we were going to debut and you were a bonus member! We already debuted a week ago and soon we got famous after the one song we sang. We lied to our fans just for you! We changed the bonus member to Kyuhyun because Kyuhyun was sick and you filled in for him. AH! Just please.... debut and start your career with me...."


Ryeowook voice trembled, Yesung knew that he dongsaeng wasn't as strong as he was. He pulled Ryeowook into a hug and the tears seemed to stop at this unexpected move of Ryeowook's hyung.

"I'll be a singer. I'll sign the contract. Just don't cry. It pains me to see anybody cry especially my friends."

"Thanks Jongwoon."

"Don't call me Jongwoon anymore. Call me Yesung it will be my debut name from now onwards."

Ryeowook, the only reason I'm doing this is because I liked you since we met. Now, I'll be the one caring for you when I debut.
Smile, Shine and Suceed Ryeowook, You and I will make it.


Quite weird...I'm feeling totally weird....Please don't throw bad comments at me! I'm quite sensitive! I also apologize if there is any spelling mistakes or and grammer errors. I'll take a look at it if there is any, in the meanwhile just comment whether I'm good or not. I'm totally new to fanfic writing and I'm just doing this to improve on my english. So please tell me how good I was
Tags: pairing: yesung/ryeowook

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