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Sing a song ch. 3

Title-Sing a song
Chapter Title-Miracle
Summary-Kyu's first day at work
Disclaimer-NOOOT mine.
A/N: Chapter 3 is here! Enjoy!!!

            The next day, Kyuhyun woke up to the smell of coffee. Walking out to the kitchen, he looked around. There was Zhoumi, in the kitchen, making breakfast. He sat down at the counter.

            “Finally awake, huh?” asked Zhoumi with a smirk. “You’re just in time. Not only do you get to taste my delicious cooking, but, today’s the day you get to work like a dog so that your album will be successful.” Kyuhyun raised an eyebrow, wondering how it was possible to say something like that with a smile on your face, but Zhoumi did it. He set down a plate of eggs in front of Kyuhyun.

            “Eat up.” Picking up his coffee and walking away, Zhoumi turned back to Kyuhyun for a moment. “By the way,” he said, “we’re going out to dinner tonight, you and me. I’ll pick you up from the company after work, so don’t be late.” Kyuhyun almost chocked on his eggs. Had he really just heard that? He could’ve sworn it was a dream, too good to be true. It seemed like, to him, Zhoumi had just asked him out on a date, but surely, he was imagining it, right? He devoured the rest of his eggs and ran up to his room, making sure to put on the coolest outfit he had. Then, he went to work.

            It turned out that Zhoumi was kidding about working like a dog. In fact, work was easy. All he had to do was stand in the recording booth and sing. And he loved singing. Sure, he had to do a couple of redo’s, but overall, it seemed like his life couldn’t get any better. After all, he was doing something he absolutely loved and getting paid for it. It couldn’t get any better than that. Everyone at the company was nice to him too. It seemed that in this industry, once you were in, you were golden, everyone loved you. All day, Kyuhyun could do nothing but smile.

            “You look happy,” a voice said as Kyuhyun sat listening to some of the tracks he had recorded that day. He turned around to see Zhoumi. “I take it you like working here?” Kyuhyun smiled.

            “If I didn’t,” he said, “I wouldn’t be here right now.”

            “Ooh,” said Zhoumi, “cocky, aren’t we.” He glided over and pulled Kyuhyun up.

            “Come on,” he said, “I already made dinner reservations.” Kyuhyun nodded and followed him, blushing slightly at the fact that Zhoumi was still holding his hand. He had no idea that it was intentional, very intentional, and that Zhoumi had been planning this since they had talked that morning in the kitchen. They walked out of the building and to Zhoumi’s sports car.

            “I know you won’t mind if I keep the sunroof down,” said Zhoumi, as they hopped in.

            “And why’s that?” asked Kyuhyun.

            “Because you know as well as I do that you want the whole world to see how sexy we are.” Kyuhyun laughed. The rest of the drive was filled with the sound of the wind whipping past them, and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but to stare at the city lights zooming by with a sense of wonder. Not long ago it seemed like those lights were taunting him, now they seemed to be smiling at him, and he smiled back. He was sure of it, ever since he’d met Zhoumi, his ordinary life was far behind him. Now, it had been changed into something incredible. Zhoumi noticed his smile from the driver’s seat and felt his heart warm. Kyuhyun really was cute, he thought to himself.

            Dinner at the restaurant was everything Kyuhyun had hoped it would be. The food was good, the service was great, and the whole time, nobody could take their eyes off of him and Zhoumi.

            “You like that?” asked Zhoumi with a smirk, and Kyuhyun nodded.

            “That’s what you get when you’re a star.” They finished their meal and headed back out to Zhoumi’s car. Almost flying back to their condo, Kyuhyun sighed. He hoped this was all real, and prayed that it wasn’t just some dream he’d soon wake up from. He loved this life more than anything he’d ever loved before. Except, maybe one thing. As Zhoumi opened the door to the condo, Kyuhyun yawned. He was really tired, it had been a great, but long day. All of a sudden, he tripped over the doorstep, and cringed. But, instead of falling, Zhoumi caught him and righted him carefully.

            “Get some sleep,” he said to Kyuhyun, gazing at him with what Kyuhyun thought might be concern. Then, he walked off to his own room. Kyuhyun stared after him. It seemed too good to be true, a miracle, and he smiled as he headed for the shower. He should tell Zhoumi how he felt one day. When he was famous.

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