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Title: Look who’s talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 4]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP, Jaeho, with guest appearance from Yoosu(think that’s the name…)

Fandom: Super Junior(main), DBSK, Big Bang… still debating on SHINee…

Rating: Pg-13 for Yoochun… and parenting ideas that should never be conducted on actual live children!

Warning: Kid Super Junior AU(I have no idea why I didn’t think to put this until now…) Fake parenting tips! Seriously I must stress that any kid in most of these circumstances… would probably be taken away or dead…

Genre: Comedy, angst, and sap.

Disclaimer: Still don’t own them…

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N: If you’ve ever seen the movie Look Who’s Talking or any of it’s sequels you know that you can hear the babies thoughts. Words in italics and ‘…’ marks are what the babies are thinking/ telling other babies… so yeah…

A/N II: If you haven’t read the prologue or chapter one through three,  they can be found on my profile.
A/N III: Long chapter this time to make up for the slight delay, and the one that may come as a result of the ACT.


“You do realize that there are such things as child labor laws.”


“Uhm, yeah… I do.” Yunho said looking confused at the lady who was accusing him “Why do you see any child labor around here?”


“There are two toddlers in aprons running about your store, one of them greeting people and one of them carrying a clip board, care to explain?”


“They’re playing. The one with the clip board has to be here because his brother can’t leave him home alone. And the one greeting people, well he’s mine, and I’m not the irresponsible type to just let my child wander about the town while I work.”


“But it’s illegal to put them to work.”


“That’s not work, can’t you understand playing when you see it. You must have had a very sad childhood.”


“Then why are they wearing the uniforms?”


“The aprons make them feel important, it’s all part of the pretend game.”


“I think I should just report you to child services.”


“I know child services, speaking of which, hello Leeteuk.” Yunho yelled as said man walked through the door.


The lady turned around and looked at Leeteuk “Sir are you with child services.”


Leeteuk blinked and then nodded. “I’m a social worker yes.”


“Then you must know that this man is in fact using these children for employees in his store.”


“Which children?” Leeteuk asked looking shocked. 


“Changmin and Eunhyuk.” Yunho shrugged.


“You’re putting my child to work?!” Leeteuk grabbed Kyuhyun from the ground and was about to go off looking for his poor overworked child when Kangin halted him with a hand on his shoulder.


“I thought you said his brother couldn’t leave him home.” She asked.


“Technically it’s not a good idea to leave a two year old with two very tired and sleeping parents, but hey if that’s what you do lady who am I to stop you?” Yunho said.


The lady huffed and promptly marched out of the store.


“You put my child to work?!” Leeteuk repeated.


“He likes helping Xiah, he always has, I’m not going to tell him he can’t.”


“Helping?” Kangin asked.


“Yeah he copies everything Junsu does, carries an identical clip board, follows him around the store. He’s done this ever since Tablo brought him here, him and Xiah are close.”


Leeteuk smiled as he saw Junsu and Eunhyuk rounding a shelf. He put Kyuhyun down and called out to him.


Eunhyuk looked over from his clipboard and smiled waving, which only caused his clip board to fall to the ground. Junsu looked up and smiled at them too, before he picked up both Eunhyuk and the clipboard. Junsu carried the boy over to them and handed him to Leeteuk.


“Alright now that every one is here. Tablo! Mickey! Xiah! Changmin! Jaejoong! Time to close up shop!” Yunho screamed across the store.


Eunhyuk squirmed out of Leeteuk’s arms and ran around with all the others as they cleaned, turned off lights, locked things, and swept floors. All of this being done as Yunho rushed the other shoppers out of the store.


All in all it only took three minutes to close shop completely, which according to Yunho was rather slow. They packed up put their aprons away and were headed out the door when Tablo realized something.


“Uhm, where’s Changmin?” Everyone glanced around not able to see the child anywhere.


“Jaejoong how could you?” Yunho scolded. They began to search the store high and low.


“This kind of tops the time you almost left Eunhyuk on top of the car Leeteuk.”




“Kangin told me how you almost left Eunhyuk on the roof of the car yesterday.”


“That little, no he almost left Eunhyuk on the roof, I realized it.” Leeteuk took a detour in his searching to go find his husband and give him a good slap on the back of the head.


Jaejoong who had been searching near the back heard a crunching of sorts coming from the store closet and saw a light from the crack in the door.  


He opened the door to see his son in the middle of a pile of destroyed choco-pie wrappers and boxes with the evidence all over his face. When he noticed his father he hurriedly tried to push the wrappers and such behind his back smiling cutely.


“Who closed up the store room?”


“I did!” came the loud reply of none other than Yunho. “Did you check inside before you shut the door?”


“No why would I have to do that?”


“Well maybe because your son might decided to sneak in behind your back, and I don’t know, eat a couple packages of choco-pies or something?”


Yunho blinked an looked into the storage room to see Changmin smiling guiltily at him “Hi appa!” Yunho smiled the same accountable smile Changmin was trying to get away with.


Jaejoong rolled his eyes and picked his son out of the wrappers. “You’ll just have to clean that up tomorrow.” He told his husband as he carried the crumb covered boy from the store room shutting the light off as he went.


“That’s so unfair!” Yunho whined closing the door behind Jaejoong.


“It’s your fault.”


The rest of the evening was spent similar to the events in the store. They had gone to a family restaurant and sacred the wait staff by the sheer size of their party. Their noise level, accredited to Changmin and Yunho, did nothing to ease the staff’s trepidation.


 During the meal Eunhyuk fell asleep in Junsu’s lap instead of his food, and Kyuhyun pretty much kept quiet throughout the entire thing. Changmin babbled about anything and everything, to anyone who would listen, and was talked over by every adult.


By the end of the boisterous meal, Kangin had a headache and both children were tired again. The drive home seemed unnaturally silent due to the noise they had just left, but it was welcomed by all four family members.


Kangin ended up carrying a dead asleep Eunhyuk to their apartment and Leeteuk carried Kyuhyun, who was for the time being still conscious. They opened the door to reveal Kyuhyun’s furniture, just where they had left it.


“It’s a good thing I got Eunhyuk the trundle bed.” Leeteuk commented stepping through the path Kangin and Tablo had been smart enough to leave. In the boys bedroom Kangin set Eunhyuk down on the top of his bed and then pulled the trundle out for Kyuhyun.


Once both kids were tucked in and safe Leeteuk and Kangin retired to their own room collapsing immediately in bed. “I hope we don’t have to many days like today, or we will age prematurely.” Was all Kangin said as he let blissful unconsciousness steep over him.




Kangin was not awoken the next morning by Tablo’s knocking. He was roused instead by an extra presence in his bed.




He sighed and grabbed the small child bringing him to his chest. “Morning Eunhyuk.” He mumbled into the child’s brown mess of hair.


“Where Tabwo?”


Kangin hadn’t quite been prepared for that. He squeezed the child closer to him and exhaled causing the toddler to giggle as it tickled his neck.


“He’s probably still sleeping, Eunhyuk. It’s early, don’t worry.”


Eunhyuk snuggled closer to Kangin. “Sweeping?”


“Yeah Eunhyuk, he’s just sleeping. Let’s take a nap too.” Kangin tucked Eunhyuk under the covers and cradled him to his chest, surprised that he wasn’t wiggling. Kangin was able To get back to sleep for all of a second when he heard the phone ringing.


Tempted as he was to beg Leeteuk to answer it, he was to much of a gentleman to go through with it. So with a groan he pushed himself up from the bed with one arm, still supporting Eunhyuk in the other. He carried the child from the room and into the kitchen where he found Kyuhyun hard at work on yet another Sodoku puzzle at the table. He hobbled his way over to the phone and clumsily picked it up off of the base.




“Hi Kangin. Is Eunhyuk awake yet?” Tablo sounded almost panicked and Kangin had to quell his chuckle.


“Just woke up actually.”


“Can I talk to him?” Tablo asked to quickly for Kangin to ask that exact question.


“Sure he’s right here.” He smile and held the phone up to Eunhyuk’s ear.


“Eunhyuk?” Tablo was speaking loud enough for Kangin to hear him even with the phone away from his ear. The toddlers face lit up at the sound of his brothers voice.


“Tabwo!” The boy cheered loudly clapping his hands together. Kangin only smiled further as Tablo started talking to the child receiving unintelligible babble in return.


Kangin zoned out still holding the phone to Eunhyuk’s ear but took a glance at Kyuhyun. He had his tiny pink tongue sticking out between thin lips as he tried to work out the problem in his small head. Kangin glanced back at Eunhyuk who was happily babbling about something with his brother. Leeteuk even walked in at that moment rubbing sleep from his eyes and wish Kyuhyun a good morning.


This was his family, his life. He smiled when Leeteuk’s twinkling eyes meet his own. The past few days had been rough, but that would soon be over, and they would settle down and become a happy family of four.


He heard Tablo on the phone mention his name and next thing he knew was Eunhyuk nudging him with the receiver. He smiled at the child and took it from him.


“Hello, again.”


“Hey, I promised Eunhyuk to make up for not being there this morning, that I was going to come over after work. I figured I’d cook dinner seeing as it’s Leeteuk’s last day off of work and all.”


Kangin smiled “Alright, sounds like a deal. Do you need us to grab something?”


“I work at a mini-mart remember, I think I’m covered.”


“Alright see you tonight.”


“See you then.” He hung up the phone smiling at Eunhyuk. “What do you guys want to do today?” He had just asked the question when the phone rang once again. Sighing he set Eunhyuk down before answering this time.


“Ji Yong?”


“How’d you know it was me?”


“You’re the only one who ever calls the house. Well except for Yunho, but we saw him yesterday.”


“You’re no fun.”


“What do you want Ji Yong?”


“I’m come bearing gifts, for the kids. You know as a sort of welcome to the family thing.”


“You know there’s this old saying, never trust Greeks bearing gifts.”


“Well it’s a good thing for Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun that I’m Korean then isn’t it. And don’t they also say never look a gift horse in the mouth.”


“I don’t trust you.”


“Gee, Kangin that hurts. Why would you deny your children a visit from uncle GD and gift’s. Are you truly that heartless?”


“No more like sensible.” Kangin muttered hearing the door bell. “Ji Yong is that you?”


“I don’t know is it?”


“Fine, Ji Yong, you can give the kids their gifts, but just remember I have Seunghyun’s number on speed dial.”


“Your words hurt Kangin they really do I’m just being a good uncle.” Kangin hung up the phone shortly after he finished his sentence and he stalked off towards the door.


Sure enough Ji Yong’s face was staring at him through the peep hole his usual smirk in place.


Kangin groaned and opened the door. “Good morning Ji Yong, you didn’t bring the kids?”


“Nah, TOP’s getting them dressed and then bringing them to the park. We were going to invite you to join us for the day.”


“Why that would be nice, thank you Ji Yong.” Leeteuk said coming up behind Kangin with Eunhyuk in tow.


“No problem.” Ji Yong told Leeteuk casting him a winning smile before hunkering down to Eunhyuk’s height. “Hey little buddy, where’s Kyuhyun? I brought you guys gifts.” Eunhyuk’s face lit up at the mention of presents and he hurriedly pointed to the kitchen.


Kyuhyun, having heard his name being called, was coming out of the kitchen to see the congregation of people at the front door.


“Come on Kyuhyun, this is Ji Yong. He’s a family friend.” Leeteuk urged the child away from the kitchen. Kyuhyun walked around all the furniture in the room and came to stand next to his new adoptive parents.


“Just call me Uncle GD.” Ji Yong smiled. “Kangin what happened to your living room?” Kangin replied by glaring at him. Ji Yong just smiled at him before holding out the gift boxes toward the two boys.


“These are for you guys, from TOP, Dae, Tae, Ri, and me.”


The children accepted the gifts while Kangin muttered, “that’s a mouthful.”


“Go on open them!” Ji Yong urged the children who were merely looking at the gifts. Eunhyuk responded first ripping the shiny red wrapping paper that Ji Yong had so tastefully chosen. Shortly after Eunhyuk Kyuhyun followed in pursuit. They both revealed their findings at around the same time.


One glance and Kangin tried to make a grab for it but it was to late. Ji Yong had brought both boys the same two items. One a large bag full of sugar candies, that Kangin, was sure were a bad idea. The second was a bundle of what looked like fire works, well they were red tubes with the words ‘Big Bang’ written on the side.


“Are those…” Leeteuk asked paling as both he and Kyuhyun examined the red possibly dangerous, item.


“Fire works? Yep! Straight from TOP’s shop! Thought we could light em’ off at the park for a little spontaneity.”


“But they’re not safe.” Leeteuk said grabbing the parcel from Kyuhyun’s hand completely ignoring the other possible hazardous package of sweets.


“What part of TOP’s profession don’t you understand? He’ a trained pyrotechnic, those things are like matches in the hands of a fire fighter. No worries.” Leeteuk didn’t look convinced. “Okay look, we will take them back to TOP at the park, if he lights them of he lights them off, if not well he can keep them for the Chinese new year.”


Leeteuk frowned but handed over the bundle anyways and Kangin quickly collected Eunhyuk thanking, for the only time, that he was to preoccupied by the prospect of sugar.


“See, all good, now you guys get ready and we’ll go down to the park!” This was a bad idea, Kangin had a feeling, but Ji Yong was his partner.


“Alright come on boys let’s go to the park.”






‘Why is it so loud?!’ Eunhyuk looked over at Taeyang, and Daesung who ate their sandwiches seeming not to notice the loud explosions going on around them.


‘You must not know loud… These aren’t even dad’s loudest fireworks.’ Daesung looked at Eunhyuk who was currently covering his ears with his sandwich to try and block out the noise.


‘Did you know overexposure to loud noises like this will cause you to lose your hearing when your older?’ Kyuhyun looked at the twins.


They both shrugged, ‘Dad does it all the time and he still hears fine.’ Daesung looked for his father who was somewhere in the trees lighting off the explosives from a safe distance.


Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and ate his sandwich glancing at Eunhyuk who refused to remove his from the side of his head.


They were eating outside again, something Ji Yong and Seunghyun seemed to like a lot. Other children were there this time as well, including other families all of which were watching as loud explosions gave way overhead. A few of the kids came near to them trying to figure out just where that loud sound was coming from exactly.


None of them ever got to close to the blanket except for one very confused looking kid in odd clothing.


‘Hello what’s your name?’  Daesung was the first to notice this odd child.


The kid blinked as Eunhyuk and the rest of them turned to look at him. ‘I’m Eunhyuk.’ He smiled at the boy.


Again the child blinked, but this time he cocked his head to the side. ‘I don’t think he understands us…’  Eunhyuk looked to Kyuhyun.


‘You don’t look Korean are you Chinese?’  The boys perked up a little at the last word. ‘He doesn’t speak the same language we do.’ Kyuhyun turned back to Eunhyuk.


‘What do you mean?’


 Kibum shook his head. ‘He’s not from our country and he doesn’t talk the same way we do.’


‘oh…’ Kyuhyun could tell that Eunhyuk didn’t really understand but he wasn’t in the mood to explain so he just turned back to the other child, but he was gone.


‘He just left. I wonder what his name was… He dressed funny.’ Daesung looked off in the general direction of where the child must have run off to.


Soon both parcels of explosive had been used up and everyone had eaten their lunch. Except, of course, Eunhyuk who had used his to muffle noise.


Since Tablo got off of work soon they decided to go pick him up. Entering the store Leeteuk was quick to cover Kyuhyun’s eyes, urging Kangin to do the same to Eunhyuk. “Yunho!”


His head popped up from behind one of the shelves and he smiled. “Leeteuk! Kangin!” Yunho ran out from behind the shelves and towards them skidding to a halt just in time. “Back so soon?”


“We came to pick up,” Kangin tried to say but was cut off.


“What are your employees doing?” Leeteuk still had his hand clamped tightly over Kyuhyun’s eyes.


Yunho turned around and smiled. “Fan service! Good job guys!”


“B-But.” Leeteuk looked over at the two men who were sprawled out on the ground. Junsu had somehow been laid underneath Yoochun, who was strategically placed in an awkward position on the other mans hips. That wasn’t even the worst of it. Yoochun was more or less laying on Junsu chest and whispering something into his ear. An innocent enough act, if it wasn’t for the wild blush on the man’s face and his hands pinned suggestively above his head by one of Yoochun’s own. The absence of the dominate male’s other hand could only lead them to awkward questions and if Leeteuk wasn’t mistaking Yoochun was almost certainly rocking back and forth on the other mans hips.


“Leeteuk, what you see before you is the ticket to my success, look over in the next isle.” Yunho grinned at the wide eyed man.


Sure enough one isle over there were four women watching the scene occurring before them with rapt attention.


“But, the children…?”


“Changmin sees worse at home…”


“You do realize, I’m a child social worker… and I could have him taken away from you.”


“You wouldn’t do that.” Yunho smirked at Leeteuk. “Because you know that I’m not an unfit parent, and even if you tried, you could never do something like that to Jaejoong.”


“That’s not fair pulling him into this!”


“Did anyone ever tell you two that you sure know how to kill a mood?” Yoochun asked them glaring up from his spot atop Junsu before turning back to his captive. He whispered one last thing into his ear and pecked the man on the neck before standing up and walking off. The intake of breath from the other isle as his lips made contact with Junsu’s neck was audible even an isle over.


“Good job Yoochun, did I ever tell you that you were my favorite?” Yunho called taking off after the retreating man.


Junsu, still flushed red, pushed himself up and grabbed his clipboard that had been pushed away from him. He stood at full height dusting himself off.


“SU!” he looked up at Eunhyuk’s voice and smiled the red subsiding from his face for a second, until he realized that he had probably seen everything that had just transpired.


“His eyes were covered.” Kangin told him. Junsu smiled slightly.


“Thank you. Hi Eunhyuk.” The toddler smiled.


“Where Tabwo?”


“Right here Hyukie.” Tablo came out from the back. “Yoochun’s requesting your help in the baking isle.” Junsu blushed but said his goodbyes and disappeared down isle five.


“Well then, to home and dinner… Uhm Leeteuk, you can let go of Kyuhyun’s eyes now.”


The older man frowned. “I’ll wait until were out of the store. They could come back out.” Kangin and Tablo rolled their eyes in unison. They made it to the door when a surprisingly high pitched “Yoochun!” could be heard across the store. Leeteuk glanced at the other two with his ‘I told you so’ smile and pushed the door open with his elbow.




As promised Tablo cooked dinner and Leeteuk resigned himself to asking every five minutes if his help was needed. Luckily Tablo was an extremely patient person, and after about an hour of incessant questioning Kangin ushered Leeteuk into the living room. Eunhyuk stayed behind to help his brother; more of imitation than actually helping, but Tablo wasn’t one to complain. Leeteuk and Kangin meanwhile worked on getting Kyuhyun’s stuff into the room, under close surveillance of said two year old.


Other than the food actually being edible dinner wasn’t much of an event. Afterwards Leeteuk got Kangin to clean the kitchen while he drove Tablo home, something Kangin had expressly urged against, and lost.


He was only reassured when Leeteuk returned in one piece and announced that Tablo had been delivered safely to his friend’s home.


“What now?” Leeteuk asked the sudden inactivity in their normally hectic life confusing him. Kangin shrugged and looked over at Eunhyuk who was now drawing in a coloring book next to Kyuhyun in the middle of their now cleared living room.


“Bed time then?” Kangin asked. Leeteuk nodded and together they put the boys into their room tucking them in before heading off to bed themselves. Tomorrow Kangin worked from home, but it was Leeteuk’s first day back after a week off. Kangin had an odd notion the life was just going to get more interesting with Leeteuk’s return to his occupation.




Early that morning Kangin was awoken by the recognizable rapping at his door. He groaned and pushed himself up to allow Tablo in. He really had to remember to get that key made. This was merely the beginning of what Kangin believed to be his temporary routine.


Up early to let Tablo in, wake Leeteuk, start breakfast, wake Leeteuk, get the boy’s teeth brushed, wake Leeteuk, serve breakfast, wake Leeteuk, feed the boys and Tablo, wake Leeteuk, See Tablo out, And finally, tell Leeteuk that he now had ten minutes to get ready and off to work.


Like a good husband he prepared coffee and put it, and breakfast-to-go in his husband’s hand as he rushed from out the door leaving Kangin alone with the two year olds. After a few awkward moments in which Kangin stared at the children, he finally came to his senses and went to retrieve his laptop.


It went considerably easier than Kangin had imagined; then again Kangin was picture countless crying fits while he was trying to dig information up on his most recent assignment. He happened to have misjudged his children, what he hadn’t accounted for was Leeteuk’s numerous calls for the first four hours making sure he hadn’t blown them up yet.


Eventually though Leeteuk seemed to calm down and finally get his work done; around ten the calls pretty much stopped. He was able to get the bulk of his research done while Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun entertained themselves with the numerous toys Kangin now thanked Leeteuk for finding necessary.


He took a break around twelve thirty to prepare lunch for them all and was half way through it’s preparation when the phone rang yet again. Seeing Leeteuk’s number he was half tempted to answer and pretend like the apartment was in on fire, just to mess with him. But Kangin would never do something so mean, at least to his husband.




“Kangin, you love me right.” The question threw him off for a moment surely Leeteuk couldn’t be having faith issues after having adopted two children, and then it hit him.


He sighed and tentatively asked. “What’s their name this time?”

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