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[One-shot] Knowing You

Title: Knowing You
Pairing: Eunhae
Length: One shot
Rating: PG
Summary: Knowing him was a miracle for you..........

Hey there everyone! I'm Yoori ^^
Its my 1st time posting here and this is my very 1st Eunhae one-shot too!
Hope you guys like it,kamsahamnida.

"He left............."

That’s the only thing that’s repeating in your mind every now and then.

You stayed in your room for weeks, just crying your heart out. Not even bothering your dear brother’s pleadings for you to come out, even just for a few minutes.

But that’s all the past, you moved on. You still remember how you met this one particular guy, who helped you to move on. You met him at the cinema, where your friends took you out just to cheer you up. You were watching that movie, but suddenly you felt pain from your feet and you didn’t cover your mouth fast enough to stop your screaming, causing all the people in the cinema stare at you, confused.

Both of you were kicked out for causing so much trouble, leaving your friends behind. He apologize on what happened, asking if he could anything to make it up to you.

You just smiled that sad smile of yours and said you just wanted to go home. You were about to turn around and go back to your house for your crying session when he caught your wrist. Electricity runs through your entire body and you felt your heart beating faster and faster by the minutes.

You tried to pry your hands away from him to stop all the blood that’s rushing to your cheeks but he just grips harder, and trying to make you listen to him. You stopped struggling and asked him to say what he wanted to say quickly.

“I think I know what love at first sight means, now that you’re here.”

That one sentence, changed everything for you. After that, you guys met often and eventually became good friends, then lovers. Now you stayed in his embrace, under the willow tree in the park near your house. You forgot all about the past, and start a new page of life, with this man in it of course. Knowing him was a miracle for you…….

“It definitely is a miracle knowing you…..Donghae-ah”

Tags: pairing: eunhyuk/donghae

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