vainballerina (vainballerina) wrote in miracle______,

021. Park Benches, Yesung/Kyuhyun

Author: vainballerina
Title: Park Benches
Prompt: 021. Park Benches
Pairing: Yesung/Kyuhyun
Rating: PG. *this is SuJu AU. :D
Progress: 022/100
Word Count: 271
Disclaimer: The sequel to the vamp!SJ fic and maybe you guys have forgot about this already and I'm sorry XD life's been busy on me.

Sequel to Rotation.

And with that Yesung walked away – his heart shattered, his pride hang low – and didn’t looked back because he knew he faintly heard Kyuhyun say those words that could have exited Yesung’s lips too if he was the on the place to say so.
Tags: pairing: yesung/kyuhyun

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