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Aladdin? - Part 3

Title: ‘Aladdin?

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Characters: Super Junior

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Super Junior has a night off and decides to watch the movie ‘Aladdin’. But something suddenly goes horribly, horribly wrong…

Part 3


“This is a bad idea…” Siwon looked off the edge of the roof and gulped. He saw the clothes lines that Heechul had referred too, and it was, as Heechul kept telling him (Over and over and over again), what Aladdin does in the movie. But that didn’t make it any less idiotic or dangerous! He stepped back from the edge and took a deep breath. “Are we sure that once we get to the end of the film we’ll be out of the movie?” He was met with silence. He looked upwards and glared; no, not at God, but at the other men who were watching him at that moment. “Guys?” He asked tersely. “I am not about to put my life at risk just for you to tell me that you aren’t one hundred percent certain that this is the only way to get out of the film!”

More silence. Siwon sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Great. They didn’t even have an answer for him. Well he was so not jumping if he didn’t need to jump!!


Finally someone was speaking to him again. “Yeah Hangeng?”

‘The others are having a whispered conference right now… I just thought you’d like to know what was happening…’

“Thanks Hangeng,” Siwon sighed and looked down at Eunhyuk, who was still a monkey. The two stuck in this weird humid Hell that was a Disney film shared a look. Even though Eunhyuk couldn’t talk, Siwon understood what he was trying to say perfectly. It was the same thing he was thinking and trying to convey silently; that their fates were in the hands of ten men, all of whom, for some unknown reason, were listening to Heechul’s lead… Basically: They were doomed.


This time it was Sungmin’s voice that he heard. He supposed this meant that the ‘conference’ was over? “Yeah?”

‘Can you see Kyuhyun or Yesung?’

… That was a bit odd… “No. Just Eunhyuk and a bunch of houses… Why?”

‘Just a theory. We thought… Well, we can’t see them on the screen but we thought that maybe you could.’

“Oh. No, I can’t.”

‘If he can’t see them,’ Ryeowook asking quietly. ‘How can we be sure they’re okay?’ Ryeowook must have been standing very close to the TV; otherwise Siwon didn’t know if he would have been able to hear the whisper. He probably wasn’t supposed to.

But he had heard… And now all he could think of was the other two members who were trapped like him. Only they had no idea where those two had gone…

Siwon walked back up to the edge of the roof and looked at the drop. It wasn’t so bad… Okay, now he was lying to himself. “I’ll jump.”


“I said I’ll jump Heechul, you don’t have to shout!”

‘Don’t jump!’

Siwon rolled his eyes. “A few minutes ago you were shouting at me to jump!” He pointed out.

‘Yeah but that was before…’

Siwon sighed. “Look, it should be fine if I do exactly what Aladdin does right? The movie will probably just carry me through the actions once I get them started.” Okay, he didn’t believe that. And now he was lying to the others… not good. He’d have to go to confession after he got out of this thing. Still… A little lie was probably needed... he was sure God would forgive him for it.

‘I don’t know… Don’t jump just in case.’

Geez. “Heechul, if I jump and the movie continues then you guys can see if Kyuhyun and Yesung are all right in their next scene! If I don’t jump… We won’t know what happened to them.”


‘I think he’s right.’

‘It still doesn’t mean he should risk his own life Kangin!’

‘Hey, this isn’t Kangin’s fault,’

‘Shut up Shindong.’

‘Don’t tell Shindong to shut up!’

“Hey!!” Siwon shouted. “I’ve already decided to jump so you guys can either: keep arguing and wait for it to be over or you can stop acting like children and tell me just what the fuck I’m supposed to do after jumping for the clothes line so I don’t end up plummeting to my doom!!!”

Instant silence for a beat.

‘You’re really jumping?’ Zhou Mi squeaked. ‘With or without our help?’ He clarified.

“Well I’d prefer it if someone helped me,” Siwon smiled.

‘Okay,’ Heechul’s voice instant came in. ‘After you jump for the clothes line…’

Siwon smirked as he listened. Then he stopped. “Wait, wait, wait! I crash into the wall!!”

‘The window technically… And then you-‘

“I’m not crashing into the wall,” Siwon cut him off.

‘Fine, try to avoid that part then.’ Siwon could actually see Heechul’s eye roll in his mind’s eye. ‘Now as I was saying…’






‘Ready,’ Aladdin… er… Siwon answered.

The other members were crowded around the TV like it was the final play of the Super Bowl or something. They held their breath as they waited for him to jump. The figure on the screen closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Zhou Mi closed his eyes and said he couldn’t watch as Ryeowook dug his nails nervously into Henry’s arm; not that Henry noticed as he was far too worried about Siwon’s safety to feel the painful pricks slowly biting into his flesh.


Everyone jumped backwards, including Siwon, at Heechul’s shout. Lee Teuk had his hand over his heart. “What the fuck was that for?!”

“Siwon’s missing something.”

Siwon blinked. ‘I am?’

Heechul nodded; not that Siwon could see him do this… “Yes. Where is your bread?”

‘Bread?’ Siwon raised an eyebrow; it seemed to ask if that was some sort of joke. By the way: this was a very odd expression for the cartoon figure Aladdin to have.

“Yes, your bread! The loaf of bread that you hold onto when you jump!”

‘I have to do this with bread in my hand?! No way!’

“I didn’t make this up. You have bread in your hand, and you look back at the guards that are chasing you and then you jump!”

‘Well I’m not doing it! I don’t even see any bread! And did you just say guards? There aren’t any guards up here with me; just Eunhyuk!’

Heechul blinked. “There aren’t any guards up there? There’s supposed to be three…”

‘Well there aren’t.’

“Are you sure? I thought maybe we just couldn’t see them because they were out of the frame.”

‘I think I would know if there were other men up here with me!!’

“Okay, geez, no need to yell…” Heechul thought for a moment.

“Where did Eunhyuk go?” Hangeng asked.


Hangeng pointed at the screen; Eunhyuk was no longer on it. “He just walked out of the screen. Where did he go?”

“I don’t know,” Heechul waved Hangeng’s question away. “It doesn’t matter, he doesn’t need to jump.”

“He doesn’t?” Henry frowned.

“Nope,” Sungmin answered. “Abu doesn’t jump, he’s just… there.”

“Oh…” Henry’s frown deepened. That didn’t make sense. Then again, it was a cartoon; nothing had to make sense.

“Look, Siwon,” Heechul started again.

“Eunhyuk’s back!”

“For crying out loud- Hangeng!! I don’t care! I’m trying to-”

“He has bread.”

“What?” Heechul turned back to the screen. Sure enough, the little furry guy had a long loaf of bread in his hands. Where had he gotten that? … Not that it mattered.

Siwon was grumbling. ‘Fine, I have the bread now! Happy!’ He semi glared at Eunhyuk as the monkey stepped out of the screen for the second time.

Heechul smiled. Apparently, he was happy. “Okay,” he announced. “Now, you may jump.”






“Gee, thanks,” Siwon grumbled as he stepped up to the very edge again. He looked over the side at the long fall. He wondered briefly if being flattened like a pancake would hurt as much as it sounded like it would. He didn’t really like where that thought was leading though so he shook it out of his mind and instead concentrated on the web of clothing lines beneath him.

According to Heechul, what he was supposed to do, being Aladdin and all, was jump onto the top two clothes lines, landing on his feet for crying out loud. What did he look like a trapeze artist? He was then to glide a little ways before falling down to the next level of clothes lines, grabbing a garment and sailing into the window shutters of the building across the way. Then he had to fall through numerous awnings, one made out of large sticks, and crash to the ground in one piece.

. . .  

Yeah, he wasn’t going with Heechul’s idea; because he still wanted to live after this stunt, thank you very much. Instead, he was skipping the whole ‘super trapeze’ part and going right for the second clothes line; he was aiming for a large sturdy looking rug. Screw what he was supposed to grab; he was grabbing the sturdiest article on the line and that was that. Then he was going to glide over to the window shutter and not crash into it! This was a very important part of the plan in his opinion; not to crash. Instead of crashing he was going to use his feet to stablize himself against the side of the building. Where he would proceed to, hopefully, not plummet to his doom. He was sort of counting on that part… Aish, maybe he shouldn’t do this; a lot could go wrong and… but… how will they know what became of the others if he didn’t?

… Okay, he can do this! He gave himself a brief pep talk. But he hesitated a second time as he was about to jump. He could get seriously injured doing this… Maybe he should jump with a clear conscience? Just in case? God would probably want him to… Siwon cleared his throat and looked up at the bright afternoon sky. “Hangeng? Heechul?”

‘What?’ Two voices asked nervously at the same time.

“Uh… just in case, you know… I thought you two should know…” He took another deep breath and said the rest in a rush. “Hangeng, I accidentally cracked your new CD; you didn’t lose it. Heechul, I was the one that who switched your shampoo to generic; but it was only because you poured out all of my coke.”


And with a clear conscience… sort of, Siwon stepped off of the edge.






“WHAT?!” Hangeng was confused. Heechul was livid; though it was a very short lived lividity that turned into fear as soon as Siwon’s foot left the safety of the roof top.

The ten men crowded around the screen all tensed as they watched Aladdin, who was really Siwon, bypass the first clothes line and keep dropping. Zhou Mi closed his eyes again. Lee Teuk bit his lip. Ryeowook went back to making Henry’s arm his own personal pin cushion. Sungmin wrung his hands. The others simply forgot to breathe.

A collective sigh filled the air when Siwon caught onto a yellow rug below him and started to glide downwards. The sigh was followed by ten sharp intakes of breath as a woman on screen screamed and closed her shutters, making Siwon’s course head straight for a solid obstruction. Another sigh was released when Siwon used his feet to take in most of the impact and steadied himself against the building.

The movie froze again once Siwon had stopped moving. They waited. Zhou Mi reopened his eyes, wondering what had happened. What was Siwon doing? Why had he stopped? They watched as he looked downward. Then he slowly started sliding his feet down the wall until they were no longer supporting him and he was just hanging there, his only support being the grip he had on to the rug. Then he let go and ten grown men screamed.

Though a moment later, when Siwon landed on a large flat purple awning, they all visibly relaxed. Heechul asked why Siwon hadn’t fallen through; in the movie, Aladdin was supposed to fall through the awning and a few more before crashing to the ground. Kibum explained quietly that since Siwon used his head to think and dropped lightly onto the awning from a short distance, rather than plummeting into it quickly, he didn’t tear the material. Heechul told Kibum to shut up.

Siwon looked over the edge of the purple awning before getting onto his stomach and lowering himself onto the one below it. This one was poorly constructed, made up of large sticks with wide spaces between them. He slipped slightly when his feet hit the surface and almost fell the remaining two stories. Luckily though, he managed to fall backwards onto the awning rather than frontwards off of it. He continued on to the last awning. Then he lowered his body down one last time and dropped the remaining six or seven feet to the ground.

For a moment, nobody in the living room spoke. Then Henry suddenly shouted. “Hyung, you did it!!”

“And you didn’t die!” Zhou Mi added happily.

“I am so going to kill you when you get out of there!” Heechul yelled.

Siwon smiled at that while silently thanking God that he had managed to make it through that ordeal alive.






“What now?” Siwon asked. “Everything is still frozen.” Though, he will admit, everything looked a lot less deserted from down here. He could actually see a small group of women a little ways in front of him. … They were frozen mid-giggle, which slightly freaked him out honestly.

‘Now the guards are going to yell at you.’

“I don’t hear any yelling… Is there something I have to do first?”

‘Oh! Put on the sheet.’

“… What?”

Heechul sighed. ‘The sheet. The one by your feet.’

Siwon looked around him until he spotted the clump of clothing nearby and grabbed the sheet on top. “I just wrap this around?”


“Okay. Now what?”

‘Now the guards yell at you.’

“Are you sure…?”

‘Yes I’m sure!! How dare you question my Disney knowledge! You don’t have to do anything else until they yell at you!’

“Why aren’t they yelling?”

His question was quickly answered by a shout from above him. Only it didn’t sound like something guards in a Disney movie should be yelling. “What the fucking Hell?!! US TOO?!” And it sounded a bit too familiar to Siwon…

Siwon looked up eight floors to the top of the building he had been standing on minutes before. He could barely make out the four figures up there, but he definitely heard them. And he most certainly did not like the sound of what he was hearing.

“Kangin, calm down.”

“I will not calm down Hangeng! I do not want to be trapped in a fucking TV!”

“… At least we don’t have to jump like Siwon just did.”

“Shut up Shindong.”

“Hey! Stop arguing and let’s make the best of this!”

“Sungmin’s right.”

Siwon blinked. … Great. More members had been sucked into the movie.

It was not looking so good for them, was it?

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