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a YeHae Fic

TITLE: just friends
GENRE: ??????????
disclaimer: me no own no one!!!
part: 4/?
Beta proof by : ai_sumairu 

part 1: http://community.livejournal.com/miracle______/2904813.html
part 2: http://community.livejournal.com/miracle______/2918236.html
part 3: http://community.livejournal.com/miracle______/2940063.html


YeHyuk Date

“YeYe ah!!!”

“YeYe?” Yesung asked, looking shyly at his new boyfriend.

“Yea YeYe, your nick name from me.” Eunhyuk pouted as he saw the look Yesung was giving him. “You don’t like it?”

He looked like he was about to cry when Yesung being the nice guy he was smiled. “Ahni, it’s not that I don’t like it. It's just well… new, that’s all.”

Eunhyuk showed his gummy smile and slung his right arm protectively over Yesung’s shoulders.

“I know you'll like it! You can give me a nickname too!!! Hmmm…” Eunhyuk said and thought about what his YeYe should call him while they waited for the cross walk light to flash.

Yesung was confused. “Eunhyuk ah, don’t I already call you Hyukkie?”

“Oh, hahaha you do! But then I want you to call me something that only you can call me… Hmmm…”

As Eunhyuk thought about it, he scratched his head. It made Yesung laughed because he looked exactly like a monkey.


Eunhyuk stopped thinking and looked at his boyfriend who was laughing non-stop. “Wh-why are you laughing?”

Yesung smiled and pinched Eunhyuk’s nose “Aigoo... My monkey looks so cute thinking so hard like that.”

“M-my monkey? YAH!! I do not look like a monkey!”

“Hahaha! Monkey-ah, I’m hungry! Let's go eat, eh?”

“YAH!! YeYe!! Don’t call me that!!!”

Yesung was already half way across the street when the light signal had come on for walkers to cross, he then looked back and smiled at Eunhyuk extending his left hand for Eunhyuk who pouted but ran towards Yesung smiling as he grabbed a hold of Yesung’s extended hand. They laughed at each other and head on towards a restaurant.

YeHae Apartment

Donghae woke up and stretched his muscles, it had already been a week since YeHyuk had been an item. Donghae was working as much as he can, his reason was to give the new couple space for each other, but the truth, and even Eunhyuk knew this was because he felt a tad bit jealous when he saw the two together. Sure he doesn’t know it yet but it’s getting to him, that tingly feeling that he gets when Eunhyuk’s arms were wrapped around Yesung’s waist, and how he at times forgets to breath when he saw Yesung blush.

Donghae walks into the kitchen still stretching but stops midway when a little piece of yellow paper caught his eye.


Went out with Eunhyuk. Be back later, call if you need anything.


Donghae stared at the name Yesung for bit longer.

“Ugh!!! Why should I care that he went out with Hyukkie?!” He crumpled the note up and threw it at the trashcan only to missed it. The note landed on the floor.

*knocking at door*

“Who is it?” He yelled as he made his way over to the door hoping but not knowing why, that it’d be Yesung who forgot his keys. Donghae opened the door ready to ask why the other was back so soon when he saw the person in front of him. He dropped the pop-tart that was in his mouth.


The Hyung waved to Donghae “Annyeong!!”

“Hy-Hyung wae kudae? What are you doing here?”

“YAH!!! Are you gonna let me in or are you gonna let me stand here all day?!”

Donghae then stepped to the side to let his hyung in.

“How long are you gonna stay?” Donghae asked when he saw the huge suitcase being strolled in behind Heechul.

“For a month or two”

“Does umma and appa know your back?”

“Nope,” Heechul said as he flopped onto the very comfortable sofa that Yesung had just gotten for the living room. “and I plan to keep it that way.” he said as he turned to glare at Donghae. “If you don’t mind.”

Donghae sighed, he hated it when Heechul shows up out of the blue like this, frankly it irritates him that his twenty-seven year old Hyung was still scared of their umma and appa.

“So, where’s your lover?”

“Lover? Me and Jessica broke up a long time ago, hyung.” Donghae said as he closed the door and plopped himself right next to his hyung.

“Jessica? Who was talking about her!? I meant Yesung!”

“YESUNG!!! YESUNG-HYUNG IS A GUY!!!!! Why would he be my lover?!?!”
Donghae shouted as he inched away from his hyung, hoping the burning feeling on his face was not a blush.

Heechul proceeded to turn on the TV and flips through the channels. “So? Nothing wrong with being in a relationship with a guy. I mean look at me and Hannie, we’re perfectly in love!”

“Hannie? Who the heck is Hannie?”

“Ugh, you numnut!!! Hankyung!”

Donghae’s mouth was shaped in a “o” as he nodded his head but then quickly turned his head back to his hyung.


“Yea.” Heechul said as he stopped turning the channels and looked at his little brother. “So?”

“Well... Uh... I… I guess it’s fine. I mean Hyukkie and Yesung-hyung are together so I should have been use to it by now. BUT YOU AND HANKYUNG-HYUNG?!”

Heechul threw the remote control onto the coffee table. “WHAT?! YOU LET HIM SLIP AWAY?! YOU IDIOT!!!”

Heechul grab the nearest pillow and started to hit Donghae with it shouting, “You idiot!” and “You dumb asshole!” at him.

“OKAY OKAY OKAY!!!! GOSH!!!” Donghae grabbed the pillow from Heechul and threw it across the room.


Heechul breath in and out deeply calming himself down as he started to talk again.

“Do you know how good you had it? How great Yesung is and how in LOVE he is with you? Hmm? Do ya!? NO, YOU DON’T, YOU FUCKING TARD!!!!! ARG!!! WHY OH WHY WAS I CURSE WITH SUCH AN IDIOT FOR A DONGSAENG?!?!?!”

“Yah hyung?” Donghae tried to ask but Heechul was still rambling about his unluckiness and having a stupid dongsaeng like Donghae.

“Yah… Yah… YAH!!!!!”


“Wh-what do you mean Yesung loves me?”

“Ugh!” Heechul through his arms up in the air and sat back down on the same spot he was in earlier.

“I mean he loves you, it’s so obvious? He’s been in love with you for years dongsaeng-ah! How could you not notice?! I thought moving in together would make you notice but I guess not, huh?”

“Wh-what are you talking about hyung?! I don’t like GUYS!!!! I’m not GAY!!!!”

Heechul gave him a look, “Don’t YOU give me that look, hyung!!! I know I’m not!!!”

Heechul was getting tired of this so he opted for a nap, anything to get away from the annoying stupid little brother that he had.

“I’m back! Donghae-ah?!”

“Shhhhh!!!” Donghae came out from the kitchen with a finger on his lips.

“Heechul-hyung’s asleep.”

Yesung smiled and whispered, “He’s really here?”

Donghae looked at him confused, he could not hear the other. Yesung then moved closer to him and whispered in his ears. As Yesung’s warm breath touched Donghae’s ear, he shivered and stiffened. “Heechul-hyung’s really here?”

Donghae couldn’t move, all he could do was nod his head.

Yesung smiled. Heechul was one of his favorite person’s in the world though he can get a bit mean and cranky he was still someone who Yesung loves and had lots of things in common with.

Yesung walked towards Donghae’s bedroom where he knew he would find the other not noticing a very stiff Donghae still standing in the living room.

Yesung crept up to the bed and giggled then he huffed and jumped on top of the sleeping figure.

“HEECHUL-HYUNG!!!!!!” Yesung shouted as Heechul growled in pain and rolled over to the other side off the bed where he fell towards the floor.

“YAH!!!” Heechul shouted standing up with his hand rubbing his head. “KIM JONGWOON!!!!! HOW DARE YOU DISTURB MY BEAUTY SLEEP?!?!?!”

Yesung giggled and ran towards Heechul hugging him.

“I’ve missed you, hyung.” Yesung whispered as he held Heechul tightly. Heechul smiled and hugged back, he knew Yesung was in need of a good chat and of course so was he.

Donghae had then found the strength to move from the living room to his bedroom door where he saw Yesung and Heechul on his bed laughing. Donghae rubbed the back of his head. “Gay men.” he said shaking his head.

The door bused and Donghae power walked to get it, it was Eunhyuk. He had gone to his place to get Donghae’s CD that he had borrowed and was now back.

“Hey Hae, you look like you just woke up!”

“I did.” Donghae mumbled as he closed the door.

“Here’s your CD back! Thanks for letting me borrow it. Hey, where’s YeYe?”

Donghae’s face contorted. “YeYe? Who the heck is that?!”

“Hahaha!!! Oops! I wasn’t suppose to say that. Yesung would kill me... Hahaha!!! But since I said it already I might as well tell you. YeYe’s his nickname! Isn’t it cute? But only I get to call him that so don’t even think about calling him that!”

Donghae was disgusted, how could Eunhyuk call Yesung YeYe? It didn’t suit him! Why couldn’t he call him Sungie or Yesungie? It was cuter not awkward like YeYe. He knew Yesung probably didn’t like the nickname since Eunhyuk apparently wasn’t suppose to tell anyone about the nickname.

“Uh, he’s in my room with Heechul-hyung.”

Eunhyuk smiled and walked towards Donghae’s room, only to stop when he heard the word 'GAY'.

“Are you sure that’s the right thing to do?”

“I don’t know, hyung. Hae’s never going to realize that I love him…”

“Because you haven’t told him anything yet.”

“I know but wouldn’t he had at least felt something if he DID like guys?”

“Hmmm... You're right about that but it doesn’t mean anything. He could be gay but he just doesn't know it yet just like Hannie. He didn’t know he was gay till he met me.”

“Yea but I’ve known Donghae since forever! I think it’s about time I give up on him, plus Eunhyuk’s really nice I don’t want to break his heart.”

“You already did by accepting him.”

“What do you mean hyung?”

“You're with him to make him happy?” Yesung nods his head. “But you know Yesung-ah, you being with him while you're still in love with Donghae will only hurt him. I’m pretty sure he has a feeling about you liking Hae.”

“It’s no use, hyung. Donghae will never feel the way I do.”

Heechul only smiled and hugged Yesung. It truly hurts him that Yesung was hurting, and he had to wonder why in the world Donghae was his little brother instead of Yesung. Donghae was a Numb Nut who knew and felt nothing, where as Yesung was a great, nice sensitive guy Heechul didn’t have any problems talking with.

“I guess you are still in love with him.” Eunhyuk said as he smiled in a bittersweet way, as he walked towards the living room where Donghae has started snoring on a magazine.

‘Dumb ass, doesn’t even know how good he’s got it.’ Eunhyuk thought as he shook his head and head for the door.

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