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Title :♥ My valentine♥ 1/4
Author : HyukDim
Characters : Kim Youngwoon, Park Jung soo, Lee HyukJae, Lee Donghae, Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Sungmin, Kim Heechul, Hangeng, Kim Ryeo wook, Kim Jong woon.
Pairings : KangTeuk / EunHae / KyuMin / Gengchul / others??
Genre : Comedy Romance.. and Comedy again.. xDDDD
Rating : PG-13

my valentine 1/4

Author's note: I made this fic specially for meilhette :D
This is my valentine fic, though it's kinda late. AND owh, it has only four chapters. hope you'll like it. :D


"Did you hear? It's said that if you confess your feelings
to the person you love at the ferris wheel on Valentine's eve,
and kiss him or her, that person will definitely love you back..


[Feb 12 2009 -7am at Suju dorm] Kangin, Hyuk, Hae and Min sitting at the dinning table.

"Nahhhh!! Its one of those bunch of damn fake legends!" -kangin blurted out while looking at the magazine Hyukjae's been reading.

"Wae? have you tried it? hahah~" -Hyuk laughed.

"Why would I?! Nothing's real in there! And stop reading that magazine Hyukjae ah! It's such a waste of time!" -angin tried to defend himself.

"Hey! What do you think we're doing right now? We're all wasting our time here.. sitting and doing nothing!! arg.." -Hyuk said still looking at the magazine.

"Yea he's right.." -Sungmin looked dissapointed and they all sighed.

"And we dont have schedules too.." -Hyuk again said as he turn the magazine's page to another.

**All of them actually is disappointed. Not only because they don't have schedules,
BUT because they dont have dates too.

...and Valentine's day is fast approaching..


KRRRRIIIIING---- Hae's mobile is ringing.

Everyone stared at him as he answered the call.

"Ahh. yea, Ji Hyun." -Hae cheerfully said.

*Everyone is listening*

"oh! Today's clean, shall we meet then?"

*Everyone 'STILL' listening*

"Okay, see yah!" -Hae said as he smiled widely.

Kangin suddenly grabbed his shoulders and asked :

"Ji Hyun?!! It's a girl's name right?" -And Hae nodded. Everyone except Hyuk gave a big "WHAAAAATTTT??!!!" w/ their face as if they've lost every energy they have in their body.

"So, it's a date?" -Sungmin asked Hae.


And Sungmin gave Hyuk a glimpse coz he wanted to see how he would react, especially because we all know they're close.. (And not just close)
But he didn't see any tiny reactions from Hyukkie. He is still reading his magazine.

Hae stood up as Kangin released him.

"I'm going guys.. Enjoy the day.." -Hae said as if teasing them because he is the only one having a date.

"Yeah, we'll enjoy our day w/ this table.." -Kangin pouted.

"AHHHH!!! Why does he have a date, and i don't have???!!" -Kangin blurted out.

"Are you jealous, Hyung?" -Hyuk teased.

"Hey! Hey!" -Kangin pointing at Hyuk "the one who should be jealous here is YOU!! you know.."

"Wae? Why me?"

"Oh~ because it's DONGHAE we're talking about." -Kangin teased as he laughed.
And Hyuk closes his mouth as he again turned another page in his magazine.

"Ahh~ What are we going to do then? we don't have date.." -Sungmin suddenly asked.

"Date? who's talking about date?!!!" -A voice from the doorway near-screeches.

"Heechul-hyung!!!" -They all squeaked.

"Hahaha~ looks like you're all desperate to have dates.." -He teased as he pulled another chair next to Kangin.

"Why?! You got one?" -Kangin asked as if he's sure that Heechul doesn't really have one.

"Actually, that's my problem.." -Heechul suddenly said.

"Hahaha~ see!! ALL OF US HERE DOESN'T HAVE DATES.." -Kangin was about to celebrate BUT..

"NO! NO! NO! I mean, i have one, but there's a problem.."

"What?! You really have.." -Hyuk interrupted.


"So what's the problem?" -Sungmin asked curiously as Heechul pulled out an envelope. And everyone stared at it. Specially because it has something written on it. It says :

"Please be my valentine"
w/ the address of the theme park written at the bottom of the card.

"Woah!! Looks like she wanted you to date her.." -Sungmin amazingly said.

"Isn't she too much aggressive? haha~" - Hyuk blurted out.

And while Hyuk and Min are so much amazed, Kangin's just sitting there silently and felt like a loser. (He's jealous)

"So what's the problem then. Heechul-hyung?" -Hyukjae asked curiously.

"Ahhhhhh!! Look closely!!" -As he gave the card to them, and they're all choked to see who have written it.




[It's 12 Midnight. Kangin's mobile's ringing.]

"AHH!! answer it, Kangin-ah" -Teuk mumbles as he covered his ears w/ some pilows.

"okay! okay!!" -Kangin's annoyed as he grabbed his mobile and gave a loud "WHO THE HELL IS THIS?!!" that awakes everyone of them.

"Uhh-- Yes.. yes.. Manager.,. Yes!!" -Kangin suddenly changed his tone to polite words, and stood up.

Teuk looked at him

"Yea, sure.. o..okay.. bye.." -As Kangin hanged up.

"Who's that?" -Teuk worriedly asked because it's obvious that Kangin's also worried.

"It's manager.. And they wanted us to have a date tomorrow.."

"What do you mean us?" -Teuk asked as he sat on the bed.

"US! STUPID! You and me!!!" -Kangin finally groans, face in palm.

to be continued~

Well, hope this is okay. ^^ thank you!! ♥

continuation.. xDDD :

my valentine 2/4

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