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01 March 2009 @ 11:20 pm
[Fics] Smut (ShiChul) & (JayChul) [NC-17]  
Two fics that I wrote for sujukinkmeme & userdata

Title: I Just Wanted Some Workout Tips
Pairing: Heechul X Siwon
Rating: NC-17
Plot: Siwon gets horny while reading Men's Health Magazine and Heechul walks in on him jerking off.

( Leaning over, Heechul softly whispered, 'Do you feel dirty, Siwon?' )

Title: Now That I've Got Your Attention
Pairing: Heechul x Jay (TRAX)
Rating: NC-17
Plot: Jay gets revenge for Heechul's kiss with Jungmo

( 'What's wrong with me? Heechul, you just kissed Jungmo on stage! What the hell were you thinking?' )