Un Ange Descendu Du Ciel (gheethegoth) wrote in miracle______,
Un Ange Descendu Du Ciel

The Dancing Angel

Desclaimer : Still thinking a good plan to kidnap them –evil smirk-

Pairing : KangTeuk

Genre : Romance/Angst

Rate : PG, it’s safe in this chapter but maybe unsafe in next chap

Word Count : 1724 including summary for next chapter

Song : She’s All I Ever Had by Ricky Martin, and some christmas carols for warming your heart lmao

A/N : It’s alternative universe, there’s no Super Junior here. This is my first multichaptered fanfiction in english so please be gentle 8D. Also, I did this in the middle of the night because suddenly I got this idea and I couldn’t help but writing. Hope you can understand this—as usual it’s unbetaed DX

Summary : I’m not a praying man, and I will never be. It’s not because I don’t believe in Go, I can feel His existance, because He was the one who took my mother away. It means, I rarely go to the church because I think I don’t need to. I never hang the cross on my room wall or place tiny statue of Mother Mary on my working desk either. I already forget how to sing Ave Maria—even worse, I can’t memorize Kyrie Eleison pray. Oh, yes, I don’t pay much attention in my relationship with the Christ.

( But this angel was the one who could make me step my feet to the house of God. )
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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