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Title: Look who’s talking ~SJ style. [Chapter 1]

Pairing(s): Kangteuk, G-TOP… more to come ~teehee.

Rating: PG13, Due to G-Dragon’s mind.

Warning: Poor grammar!

Genre: Comedy, angst, and sap. Wow, and to think it started out as a comedy…

Disclaimer : In the process of digging a hole to China… It will work!

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N: If you’ve ever seen the movie Look Who’s Talking or any of it’s sequels you know that you can hear the babies thoughts. Words in italics and ‘…’ marks are what the babies are thinking/ telling other babies… so yeah…

A/N II: If you haven’t read the prologue, and you were totally confused by this whole thing, it can be found on my profile.


At Eunhyuk’s scream Kangin jumped backwards, and Tablo immediately hugged the child closer to himself out of instinct.


“Eunhyuk, what’s-” Tablo didn’t get the opportunity to ask his question as Leeteuk came running full speed into the kitchen. He slid on the wood flooring and managed to stop within inches of the wall.


“What happened?! I heard screaming?!” He asked looking around wildly for some form of distress. His eyes immediately landing on the shaking two year old. “Eunhyuk, what’s wrong?” Leeteuk asked the question Tablo was unable to finish.


Well for starters you have a gorilla in your house, and I hate them!’  Unfortunately Eunhyuk knew that the adults couldn’t hear his thoughts even if he tried voicing them so he merely pointed at the primate.


Leeteuk looked at Kangin. “What did you do to him?”


“Nothing I swear he just screamed, I was going to say hi, that’s it.” Leeteuk looked disbelieving.


“Rilla.” Eunhyuk mumbled into Tablo’s chest. All three men looked at the little two year old and Tablo laughed.


“No Eunhyuk this is Kangin. He’s going to be taking care of you; he’s not a monkey he’s a human, just like you, just like me.” Tablo told the two year old reassuringly prying him away from his shirt and turning him to face Kangin.


‘It sure looks like a gorilla to me.’ Kangin attempted a smile at the little two year old but he could see that it wasn’t helping his case. “Would you like some candy?” He asked reaching into his pocket.


Leeteuk hit him on the shoulder. “Now that we have a child doesn’t mean you can bribe him with candy every time you get in trouble.”


Kangin grinned sheepishly. “It’s a good ice breaker, that’s how I got you to like me wasn’t it?” He asked producing a safety sucker from his pocket magically and handing it to the still disapproving two year old.


‘This gorilla man has candy… maybe he’s not so bad…’ The two year old took the candy and attempted to put it in his mouth wrapper and all when Tablo took it and unwrapped it for him with a smile.


“No you used that cheesy pick up line on me, what was it again… do you have any gum…”


“So I can stick my words together, it’s a classic.” Kangin said proudly turning away from his husband and towards the two year old how was currently indulging in Kangin’s bribe.


Tablo shook his head and shifted Eunhyuk. “He’s going to love you now.” Kangin smiled his goal had been accomplished.


“Dinner then?” Leeteuk asked ruffling Eunhyuk’s hair. “I hope you like drunken noodles, it’s the only thing I can make.”


Tablo giggled behind his hand and Kangin rolled his eyes but neither said anything as they went to eat dinner quietly.




At some point during the meal Eunhyuk had ended up asleep face down in his noodles, which Leeteuk, Kangin, and Tablo all found to cute to disturb until after dinner. But the meal did eventually end and Tablo picked up Eunhyuk, ready to take him to their room to sleep.


“Kangin, I want to apologize for earlier. Eunhyuk is afraid of gorillas… well monkeys in general, and he mistook you for one.” With that said Tablo left to go put his brother to bed and get some sleep himself.


Leeteuk waited until he heard the door shut and burst out laughing. “He. He. He thought you were a gorilla!”


Kangin stuck his tongue out at his significant other but smiled after their new addition. Unfortunately he had the strange feeling that it wouldn’t stop at just one. As his good friend and partner Ji Yong had told him once: kids are like sex you can never have enough. An odd comparison, but hey it was G-Dragon after all, he’d just have to learn to accept it. Speaking of the devil.


“Leeteuk, shouldn’t we call Ji Yong, and Seunghyun, I think Eunhyuk would like to play with Taeyang, and Daesung.”


“That’s a great idea babe, tomorrow’s Saturday maybe we should go on a picnic I could make egg salad and-“


“Or we could just go buy some kimbap.” Kangin offered knowing it was most likely futile.


“You’re such a buzz killer you know we could just make the kimbab!” Leeteuk smiled. “Yes we’ll make kimbap, go call Ji Yong!”


Kangin groaned but got up to do what he was instructed none the less. There really was no arguing with Leeteuk, especially if the argument involved him cooking.


He went and grabbed his cell phone like a good little husband and dialed the familiar number of his business partner and fellow private investigator.


“Hello?” Ji Yong answered loudly, to loudly.


“Ji Yong, what are you doing? Why are you so loud?”


“Fire works!” he replied “I wanted to show my kids! Seunghyun is lighting them off!” Kangin heard a loud crack validating Ji Yong’s statement that he was in fact having fun with explosives.


“Isn’t that illegal, not to mention dangerous?” Kangin asked realizing he had sounded like Leeteuk in that moment. Not even three hours and he was already changing into a responsible dad.


“Nah, Top knows what he’s doing. What you call for?”


“I think you heard but I’m a dad now.”


“Oh that’s what Leeteuk was squealing about while he was in your office I saw him rush in and shut the door. It seemed like you two were trying to fit in a quickie, and then he came out happy but with tears in his eyes. I didn’t know what to think, either you were really bad, or it just hurt him to walk, either was possible.”


“You do realize your talking so loud and your kids can probably hear you.”


“Nah, they’re probably temporarily deaf from the explosives.”


Kangin had to wonder for a second what having Ji Yong for a father would be like but he was to scared to continue his thought.


“You two got a kid, kind of sudden, but congratz.”


“Yeah, well it’s one of the children Leeteuk was helping, his parents died and his brother can’t afford to take care of him. Leeteuk didn’t want Eunhyuk to go to just anybody. But that’s what I called about. Leeteuk wants to go on a picnic tomorrow, and he wants Eunhyuk to meet Daesung, Taeyang, and Seungri.”


“Sounds fun!” Ji Yong yelled over another loud crack. “What do you want us to bring?”


“Well Leeteuk insists we make the kimbap.”


“So in other words bring something edible.”


“If you feel like eating.”


Ji Yong laughed on the phone “Alright, what time?”


“Around one sound acceptable?”


“I’ll have to pull Seunghyun out of bed, but it should be manageable.”


“Kay see you then.”




Unfortunately Kangin’s farewell was drowned out by yet another ear shattering crack. Suddenly he was having second thoughts on introducing his son to this man.




They had gotten up at nine that morning to prepare the food for the picnic only to find several perfect rolls of kimbap already sliced and put into their containers. They had also found a sleeping teenager curled around a napping two year old on the couch.


Leeteuk smiled and brought one of the blankets over to cover them both and Kangin went to make the coffee. 


“They’re so cute!” Leeteuk whispered rather loudly coming into the kitchen.


“Tablo’s a good kid.” Kangin noted putting the coffee grind into the filter.


“He’s been through so much…” Leeteuk glanced in the direction of the living room. “He had to drop out of school to keep Eunhyuk safe, because his parents were drug addicts and never home. Then he took a job working at the ‘Food of the God’s mini market’ for Yunho, just to support them both. He came to social services for help about four months ago. That was the first time I meet him, he was scared. I helped as much as I could but… With his parents still the legal guardians, I couldn’t do much. They died two weeks ago… Tablo waited to come to me because He didn’t want them to take Eunhyuk away from him.” A tear feel down Leeteuk’s cheek.


“It so sad that people like that have children and don’t take care of them.” Kangin moved over to embrace Leeteuk wiping away the single tear.


“That’s why you were put her though Teukie, to help those kids who don’t get the care they need.” This brought a smile to Leeteuk’s face.


“Yeah, I guess so.” They heard a rustling in the living room.


“You think it’s Eunhyuk, or Tablo?” a small pitter patter could be heard and both Leeteuk and Kangin smiled as Eunhyuk peeked his head in the kitchen rubbing his eyes with a little fist.


“Good morning.” Leeteuk told him with a smile reaching out offering to pick the boy up. Eunhyuk smiled sleepily and walked over to Leeteuk who immediately collected him in his arms. “Are you hungry?” he asked hugging the warm body close to himself. Eunhyuk nodded and Leeteuk moved towards the fridge but was stopped by Kangin’s hand.


“I’ll take care of it babe you just go play with Eunhyuk.” Leeteuk smiled, he had chosen a good man to marry.




Tablo had awoken to the smell of food. He immediately noticed the absence of a little body. Getting up he made his way to the kitchen smelling breakfast and coffee. He walked in to see Leeteuk was playing patty cake Eunhyuk at the table, and Kangin busy cooking something at the stove.


Leeteuk looked up when he came in and smile. “Good morning sleepy head!”


“Good morning.” Tablo replied seeing Eunhyuk smile at him as well. He walked over to the table and sat next to his brother.


“Breakfast is almost ready, do you drink coffee?” Kangin asked never turning away from what he was doing.


“Yes please.” Tablo said about to get up and serve himself when Leeteuk signaled for him to sit down, and got up.

“Thanks for the kimbap.” Leeteuk commented as he pulled three cups from the cupboard.


“I heard you talk about it last night, and it was the least I could do…”


Leeteuk smiled. “Thank you, it was very nice.” He said filling the cups.


Leeteuk had just finished filling the cups when Kangin had announced that breakfast was ready. Leeteuk brought the coffee to the table before filling a cup with apple juice for Eunhyuk.


They sat down to eat Kangin’s eggs uneventfully and without Eunhyuk’s face in his food, although there was plenty of food on his face. They were just about to clean up when Tablo jumped up. “What time is it?!” he asked frantically scanning the wall for a clock.


“9:45 why?” Kangin asked looking around as if there was a fire or something.


“I have to get to work in an hour.” Tablo stated grabbing dishes from the table in attempts to quickly clean.


“Oh no you’re not!” Said Leeteuk grabbing the phone from on the wall “I’m calling Yunho.”


“But Leeteuk I-“


“You work hard every day you are going on this picnic with us.” Leeteuk said firmly. Kangin leaned in towards Tablo.


“Leeteuk’s a sweetheart, but when he’s like this it’s best just to do what he says.”


Leeteuk left the kitchen phone to ear and Tablo sighed. Eunhyuk put his tiny hand on Tablo’s shoulder and smiled, much like Tablo did whenever he was sad.




‘what’s so fun about eating outside anyways?’  Eunhyuk had been taken to this park by Leeteuk and the ‘gorilla man’, and he was confused.


‘ I don’t know, but our dads sure seem to like it.’ Eunhyuk turned to the boy that had been introduced to him as Daesung.




‘Yeah Ji Yong and Seunghyun are our dads aren’t Kangin and Leeteuk your parents?’


‘what are parents? I know Tablo is my brother, but I didn’t think I had parents.’


‘You don’t know what parents are?’ Eunhyuk had to turn to the other boy, Taeyang this time. Taeyang was looking at him sadly. ‘Parents are people who take care of you feed you, play with you, and love you.’


‘Tablo does all those things but he says he’s my brother.’


‘I think Teukie and Kangin are your parents.’ Daesung smiled.


‘But Kangin is a gorilla man, he can’t be a dad… What if I don’t want parents?... What if I just want to be with Tablo?’


The other two smiled at sadly at him ‘Teukie and Kangin are really nice you’d be lucky to have them for parents.’ Eunhyuk glared at Daesung.


‘then who’s Tablo’s dad?’


‘Leeteuk and Kangin silly, brothers have the same dads.’



‘So I’d still be able to play with Tablo?’


‘ I still play with Dae, and Ri.’ Taeyang smiled at him.


Eunhyuk smiled ‘Gorilla man might not be so bad; He has candy! And Teukie was fun to play with…’


‘Let’s go get dad to play with us!’ Daesung got up shortly followed by the other two. They walked clumsily over too the five adults who were on the blanket over.


Ji Yong looked up and smiled. “You guys want to play ultimate Frisbee?”


“No!” Leeteuk screamed. “That game is dangerous!”


“Alright fine, tag then.


“That’s not safe either.” Kangin interjected by placing a hand on his spouse’s shoulder.


 “You cant protect him all the time, tag is fine.”


Leeteuk frowned, “okay fine, but only on the grass.”


“But blacktop tag is so much more fun!” Ji Yong whined only to be silenced by Seunghyun placing a hand on his shoulder. “Fine, Tablo come on your it!” He said before grabbing the one year old baby Seungri from his perch on Seunghyun’s lap and taking off the other kids running after him away from Tablo as well.


Kangin grinned and took off as well the semi-reluctant Tablo last to leave the blanket. This left only Seunghyun and Leeteuk to watch the group run around.


“Kangin’s right you know.” Leeteuk looked over at the usually quiet father. “You can’t baby them or keep them from being hurt. It doesn’t help. I know I tried with the twins. Luckily Ji Yong was there to stop me.”


Leeteuk nodded meekly. “I just don’t want him to get hurt, how would that look to Tablo, to other people.”


Seunghyun smiled faintly. “You cant care, what do their opinions matter, anyways? And Tablo trusts you. Eunhyuk’s going to get hurt, all you can do is be there to fix him up when he does.” He stood up looking down at Leeteuk with a friendly smile. “Relax, this is the fun part.” And with those final words he left to join in the game.


Leeteuk mulled his friends words over in his head for a moment. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched Tablo chase Eunhyuk around a tree. He felt like he could do this.




The four of them lived like that for three days. As one happy central family unit. But Leeteuk could sense Tablo’s restlessness. It was the third day after they had gotten Eunhyuk that Tablo made his announcement to Leeteuk and Kangin while Eunhyuk was down for a nap.


“I’m going to be leaving tonight. My friends Mithra, and Tukutz offered to share their apartment with me for a while.”


“You know you’re more then welcome to stay here.” Leeteuk told him knowing that Tablo already new this and had already made his decision.


“I know. But you two are already doing so much for me. I know you don’t think it’s imposing, but I’d feel better this way.”


Kangin nodded silently not saying anything and Leeteuk smiled at him. “You’ll be welcome here whenever you like.”


Tablo nodded as well. “Thank you.”


The rest of the day was quiet. Even when Eunhyuk had woken up from his nap he played more quietly as if he could tell something was going to happen. They ate dinner normally after which Tablo helped clean up. Eunhyuk tried to help as well, always imitating whatever Tablo did.


After the dishes were cleared Tablo gathered Eunhyuk in his arms and went to their room. He emerged a few minutes later with half of the bag he had brought in one hand and Eunhyuk in the other.


The look on Eunhyuk’s face swam with confusion but he clung tightly to Tablo’s chest. Tablo walked over to Leeteuk and shuffled Eunhyuk so the older man could easily grab him, which Leeteuk did.


Eunhyuk behaved and went to Leeteuk looking at Tablo curiously, now a little scared.


“I’ve have to go for a while, but I’m going to come see you soon, alright?”


Eunhyuk just blinked not sure what to make of it.


“Leeteuk and Kangin are going to take care of you, but I’m going to come visit you a lot, I promise.” He extended his pinky to Eunhyuk, just like the day a year ago he had promised to take care of him. Eunhyuk extended his as well and linked his considerably smaller digit with his brothers.


“Bye, I love you Eunhyuk.” And he left, leaving Eunhyuk in Leeteuk’s arms.

Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin, subject: super junior, with: big bang, with: epik high

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