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Title: just lie to me
Author: Ally
Pairing: HanChul, Yunho/Heechul
Summary- Hankyung would rather not know the truth
Disclaimer: do not own them
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check.

Sungmin was really worried about Hankyung. Lately Hankyung have been acting really weird.

Sungmin have a few ideas, of what was going on. But Sungmin was so unsure of how to approach

Hankyung on the matter. Mainly since Hankyung was acting like scare little bunny.

So Sungmin didn't want to do something, that would fright Hankyung even more. Sungmin started

to wonder if maybe, he should let Hankyung borrow Mr.Snuggle. Because whenever he was feeling

sad, he would just hug Mr.Snuggle. And then everything would be okay.

Then it hit Sungmin, what the perfect plan would be. Sungmin would have a talk with Heechul.

Of course, Heechul would know what is wrong with Hankyung. Especially considering the fact,

that Hankyung and Heechul have been dating for over two years.

Those two were just the cutest couple in the world. Well actual the second cutest couple.

Because there was no one cuter than Kyuhyun and him. However that wasn't important at the

moment. What was important was that Sungmin needing to find Heechul right away.

So Sungmin started his search for Heechul. Lucky for Sungmin he was able to find Heechul

very quickly. Heechul was laying on the couch with Yunho. And if Sungmin didn't know that

Heechul was dating Hankyung. Sungmin would have to say that Heechul was dating Yunho. Since

they looked like a couple at the moment. Since they were cuddling on the couch together.

"Umm sorry to wreck the sweet moment. But I really need to talk to Heechul" said Sungmin

"Do you want me to leave?" asked Yunho

"No, anything that Sungmin needs to tell me. You can hear it too" said Heechul

"It's okay if Yunho stay here. Maybe he can help us with the problem" said Sungmin

"Well what is going on ?" asked Heechul

"It's Hankyung, he been acting really weird. So do you have any clue, what is bugging him ?" asked Sungmin

"There is something wrong with Hannie" said Yunho

"Yes, there is something really wrong with him. He is acting like scare bunny" said Sungmin

"What are you talking about Sungmin. Hannie is acting like himself. So what are you worry about ?" asked Heechul

"Heechul are you blind or something" said Sungmin

While Heechul and Sungmin were fighting over the fact. That Sungmin was sure that there was

something wrong with Hankyung. Yunho was trying not to joined a side. So things were not

going well at all. Since Heechul was sure, that there was nothing wrong with Hankyung. And

of course, Sungmin was sure that something was bugging Hankyung.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Henry was very worry about Hannie too. Since there was something

that Henry need to tell Hankyung. He really didn't want to tell Hankyung what he knew. Since

he was sure, that Hankyung wouldn't take his news well. Since Hankyung was so very important

to him. Henry hated the fact, that his news could cause Hankyung pain. Hankyung was a brother

to him, so that is why he need to tell Hankyung the news. So Henry was waiting for Hankyung

to come to the kitchen.

"Hey Henry, you want to talk about something" said Hankyung

"We need to talk about something, Hannie" said Henry

"Is there something wrong Henry. What is bugging you, and how can I help you?" asked Hankyung

"To be honest Hannie, there is nothing wrong with me. But I need to tell you something about Heechul" answered Henry

"Well, what is wrong with my Princess. Is my Rella okay?" asked Hankyung

"Well I guess that Heechul is okay. But there is something I need to talk to you about Heechul" said Henry

"But you are sure, that Rella is okay?" asked Hankyung

"Yes, Heechul is just doing peachy. But I think that Heechul is cheating on you" said Henry

"Henry, I don't what to hear about it" said Hankyung

"But Hannie, Heechul and Yunho are sneaking behind your back" said Henry

"Henry, I just don't want to hear anymore about it. The things going on between Yunho and Heechul is nothing to me" said Hankyung

"But even right now, Yunho and Heechul are cuddling on the couch" said Henry

"Henry please I don't want to hear one more word about them" said Hankyung

"But Hannie" said Henry

"Henry, I need to have a talk with Hannie alone" said Heechul

"How do I know that you will not hurt Hannie more" said Henry

"I just need to talk with Hannie. So could you please just leave us alone" said Heechul

"It's okay Henry, I'll be just fine. After the talk with my Princess, I'll come watch a movie with you" said Hankyung

"Okay Hannie, I'll be in my room" said Henry

"So Rella, what is on your mind. But how about I take you out for supper tonight" asked Hankyung

"You are asking me out for supper. Even after the fact, that Henry is saying that I'm cheating on you" said Heechul

"I don't want to talk about it" said Hankyung

"You don't want to ask me if Henry is telling the truth?" asked Heechul

"Like I say before I don't want to know" said Hankyung

"So you would be okay with me cheating on you" said Heechul

"If I don't know anything about it. Then it doesn't mean a thing" said Hankyung

"Are you really think that I would cheat on you?" asked Heechul

"I don't want to hear about it" said Hankyung

'I can't believe that you actually think. That I would ever cheat on you. Since you have no trust in me. Then it's over between us Hannie. If there is no trust, there is no relationship. So we are over Hankyung" said Heechul

"If that is what you want" said Hankyung before he left the kitchen.

So Hankyung went to room. So that he cry himself to sleep. Since never once did Heechul ever

say. That he wasn't fooling around with Yunho behind his back. Because there was so many

signs, that pointed to cheating. But when Hankyung first saw Heechul and Yunho together. He

just kept on tell himself. That if he didn't think about it, then it wasn't real. But now

Heechul and him were over.

While Heechul went to the living room. Where Yunho was just sitting on the couch. Heechul to

rushed to Yunho's arms. While Heechul was crying in Yunho's arms. Heechul slowly told Yunho

what happened between Hankyung and him.

"Hankyung thinks that I'm cheating on him" said Heechul

"Well Hannie is going mad then. I'll go kill him for you" said Yunho

"No, I doubt that Jaejoong will like it. If you have blood on your shirt for your first date. And also you need to go pick up the flowers for the date tonight. So good luck for the big date with Jaejoong" said Heechul

"Are you going to be okay" asked Yunho

"Yes, don't worry about a thing" said Heechul as he pushed Yunho out the door.

"how can there be love without trust. So why Hannie did you not love me" asked Heechul to a empty room

The End

Tags: pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/yunho

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