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Title: Look who’s talking ~SJ style.

Pairing: Currently Kangteuk, but more will come, mwahahahahaha…

Rating: pg… for now

Warning: Uhm… grammar and AU

Genre: Comedy

Disclaimer : Still in planning process, for a massive kidnapping. As of Right now I do not own.

Summary: Kangteuk are the picture perfect couple, until Leeteuk gets them into a situation involving a few children who have minds of their own.

A/N: If you’ve ever seen the movie Look Who’s Talking or any of it’s sequels you know that you can hear the babies thoughts. Words in italics and ‘…’ marks are what the babies are thinking/ telling other babies… so yeah…




Look Who’s Talking ~ SJ Style.


Kangin and Leeteuk were high school sweethearts. Voted cutest couple, and most likely to make it in later life; and they did.


Five years after graduation, Their relationship was just as strong as it had been before. They had attend a university together and shared an apartment. Both of them had gotten well paying jobs, Leeteuk as a social worker, and Kangin as private investigator (Totally unexpected to all of his friends, except Leeteuk). They were the picture perfect couple.


It was five years after high school that Kangin had plucked up the courage to ask for Leeteuk’s hand in marriage. The proposal had been one of the sappiest imaginable, involving a high class French restaurant with unrecognizable food, numerous arrangements of red roses, and insanely expensive champagne. He had paid a violinist to serenade them, and had the waiter bring out the ring, which he had stylistically worked into their desert. Leeteuk had accepted with very damp eyes and the entire restaurant had applauded them.


Their wedding had been just as romantic on a large cruise ship with all of their closest friends and family. Their wedding sweat had been decorated before hand by Kangin. Candles lit area with their dim glow, he had put on the most romantic music he could think of, and had even scattered rose petals across the room (which Leeteuk had somehow managed to trip on, only to be caught by Kangin).  


The honey moon had taken place in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Apart from the time spent in their lavish hotel room, they scoped the streets hand in hand, lost a majority of the time due to lack of communication (neither had thought about the lack of Korean speakers in France.)


Returning to their life back home in Korea a month later wasn’t as difficult as they had thought it would have been either. Kangin’s business was twice as good as it had been when he left and Leeteuk was easily able to go back and help all of the people who had missed him in his absence. Life was good to them.


Until the day that Leeteuk had burst into Kangin’s office in tears.


Kangin had been startled at first, Leeteuk had never come into his work before, let alone barge into his office like this. Kangin placed a hand on the smaller man’s back trying to calm the violent convulsions.


“Kangin… They… they- they’re going to take him away!” The smaller man wailed, burying his drenched face into Kangin’s chest.


This only confused him more. “Take away who, baby?” He asked still rubbing slow calming circles into the other boys back.


“Eunhyuk, Tablo… can’t… parents…” He sobbed into his spouse’s shirt. Kangin moved his hands to Leeteuk’s shoulders and pulled him away from his chest so he could look him directly in the eyes.


“Leeteuk, you have to calm down! You have to tell me what went wrong, so I can fix it, okay?”


Leeteuk sniffled and took in a huge breath. Looking at Kangin with watering eyes. “Tablo, his parents died.” He took another deep breath. “He only has his little two year old brother Eunhyuk, and…” He paused to sniffle a little. “He can’t support them both. They plan on taking Eunhyuk from him!” With all this said he burst into tears once more and pushed his face back into Kangin’s chest.


Kangin sighed and returned his hand to rubbing circles on Leeteuk’s back. He knew there was only one thing he could do at this point, he was just dreading doing it. “How do we have to go about adopting him?”


Leeteuk inhaled sharply and pulled his face away from Kangin’s chest. “You mean you’d do that?”


Kangin’s wanted to say ‘Even if I said no you’d find a way to make me.’ But because he didn’t want to be mean to Leeteuk when the man was already in tears, and he very much liked sleeping in the same bed as Leeteuk he restrained himself. “Of Course Leeteuk.”


Leeteuk smiled and hugged Kangin tightly before jumping back up. “I have to go call Tablo and make the arrangements I’ll see you at home.” And with that said Leeteuk left practically skipping.


Kangin rolled his eyes at his husband he wasn’t a hundred percent sure what he had gotten himself into, but if it made Leeteuk happy. He sighed and went back to his computer opening a new tab. Why not look up this Tablo, just in case.





Leeteuk had arrived to the social services building just in time to see Tablo, with his two year old brother held tightly in his arms coming up to the building. He parked the car and ran as fast as he could towards the two, meeting them just before the entrance. Unfortunately he was panting to hard to talk.


Tablo looked at him quizzically as the older male tried to catch his breath, and baby Eunhyuk smiled cutely at him making Leeteuk smile as well despite lack of breath.


“I- I – Just- Talked to my husband…” He panted. “He agreed we could... Adopt Eunhyuk...”


Tablo’s face changed from one of confusion to that of surprise in less than a second. “Really?”


Leeteuk smiled and ruffled the two year old’s messy brown hair. “Yep. We can legally adopt Eunhyuk and you can come see him anytime you like, it’ll be perfect.”


Tablo looked beyond relieved. “Thank you so much Leeteuk, you have no idea how much this means to me.”


Leeteuk smiled at him. “I had a feeling you would rather have me taking care of your baby brother than some complete stranger.” Tablo hugged the thin man with Eunhyuk still in his arm. Leeteuk patted the young boys back and smiled at Eunhyuk who decided to attempt to hug him too, with little success.


“When, do you want me to bring him over.” Tablo asked slightly sadder as he pulled away squeezing Eunhyuk a little for comfort.


“How about tonight. I’ll make dinner and if you would be more comfortable you can crash at our apartment for a little while; to make sure you want to leave Eunhyuk with us.” Tablo smiled at Leeteuk.


“Thank you so much you have no idea.”


Leeteuk patted him on the shoulder. “I have to get back to work, but dinners at seven you’ve already been to our house, so see you then.”


Tablo nodded and waved goodbye which Eunhyuk imitated before they turned to walk away from the building.


Leeteuk smiled, this was what he had always wanted, to help people. And now him and Kangin were going to have a child, life was going to be good.




Leeteuk had called Kangin halfway through his research on Tablo and told them that they would have dinner guests. He had also said that he had planed on cooking which was why Kangin was currently in a takeout restaurant waiting for his order. He loved his husband dearly, but he had a tiny little quirk. Leeteuk could not cook to save his life.


He received his order and drove home. By the time he was walking up the steps to his apartment he had already ran numerous situations in his head all ending in disaster. He put his key in the door and turned it holding his breath as he opened it. He took a lungful of air when he didn’t see anything. Thinking that Leeteuk must not have been in the process of cooking yet he walked in further the take out bags clutched tightly in his grasp. He entered the kitchen figuring he’d put them there until his guests arrived when he smelt something. He looked up to see Leeteuk crying over what looked like lumpy black mush. His eyes widened for a second but he walked over to his husband setting the bags on the counter before embracing him and planting a small kiss on his cheek. “What’s wrong baby?”


“It looks nothing like the picture!” He cried poking the lumpy concoction with a spatula.


“Well what is it suppose to be?” Kangin asked tentatively eyeing the undecipherable substance.


“I was trying for pork tenderloin.” He sighed and leaned into Kangin’s embrace.


“Well that’s okay you can try again tomorrow, you were just to excited to cook today.” Kangin told him in a soothing voice picking up the container and taking it over to the garbage.


“But then what will we feed them?” Leeteuk asked frowning and looking at his wrist that currently did not support his watch.


“I had a feeling so I picked up take out,” he said smiling at his husband as he scraped the pulp into the garbage.


Leeteuk smiled “You know me to well.” He said as he went to the sink to start washing dishes.


Kangin chuckled as he stood up noticing for the first time that there was a food processor blade fixed in the wall. “Uhm… Leeteuk?”


His husband turned around and saw what Kangin was looking at “Oh yeah. I had some difficulties with the food processor; but luckily the blade missed me.” He smiled almost proudly.


Kangin’s eyes grew bigger as he brought the dish over to his husband “Promise me something, please!” He begged the smaller man.


Leeteuk looked curiously at him “Promise you what?”


“You won’t ever try to cook with potentially dangerous instruments ever again!”


Leeteuk giggled. “Kangin I’m a big boy, I can handle sharp objects.” Kangin had the dire urge to say something like ‘not when they’re flying at your head at a fatal speed,’ but he quashed down the inner voice and planed on removing all bladed electrical instruments from the house.




Tablo stood outside of Leeteuk and Kangin’s apartment door. He had been here numerous times before when his parents had been alive, but they weren’t anymore. The two people that hadn’t provided for him in life had left him with way more than he could provide for. He loved his brother, but a simple minimum wage job at the local convenience store was not close to enough for proper care of a seventeen year old boy and a toddler.


Tablo reached out and knocked on the door shifting Eunhyuk on his hip and bent down to pick up the bag containing everything he and Eunhyuk owned. He had just straightened up when the door flung open to reveal a beaming Leeteuk.


“Hi! Come on in.” he said shuffling the two boys into the apartment. “I’ll take this.” He told him taking the bag from Tablo’s hand before ruffling the sleepy looking two year olds hair. “I’m going to go put this in the spare room. You should take Eunhyukie in the dining room to see Kangin, he’s anxious to meet him.” Leeteuk said before turning and taking the bag away.


Tablo nodded; he knew he was doing the right thing. He hugged Eunhyuk closer to himself as he walked into the kitchen. They had entered the kitchen to see Kangin setting up what looked like take out noodles on nice china. Tablo chuckled slightly alerting the other man their presence.


Kangin laughed as well dishing out the last of the noodles into the large dish in the middle of the table. “Leeteuk’s idea, he thinks you won’t notice it’s store bought if it’s in fancy dishes.” Kangin straightened up and smiled at the two boys one of which’s eyes were fluttering shut.


“This must be Eunhyuk.” He said stepping around the table.


“Yep, Eunhyuk, this is Kangin.” He shuffled Eunhyuk so he had a better view of Kangin.


But I’m tired Tablo… What do you want me to…AH A GORILLA!’’ Eunhyuk screamed burring his face into his brothers chest.




A/N II: This is planed to have more chapters… well duh, you probably didn’t need me to tell you that. But I’m unsure of weather this plot idea is… valid I guess, so let me know in a comment if you’d read something along this plot line, with more kids of course. Because kids are like pistachios, you can never have just one.  


Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kangin

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