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Title: watching
Author: me
Disclaimer: don't own them
Length: Part 2/ who know
Pairing: Hankyung/Yunho, Jaeho, Hankyung/Heechul. Heechul/Jaejoong
Rating: pg13

After hearing that Heechul and Jaejoong were dating, Hankyung need to be alone. He need time to figure out what just happened and was it real. So he quickly walked away from the happy group of friends. He was so sad that he didn't notice that someone was watching him. Hankyung walked in to dark forest, he was hoping the calm of the night would make him feel better. He decided to take a break from walking. So he found a place to rest and clear his mind. Did he just really lose Heechul he thought. The scene of Heechul and Jaejoong telling everyone that they were dating kept playing over and over in his mind. It just hurt way too much, he was going to tell Heechul his feel tonight. But instead he was dealing with a heart that was broke. Hankyung could not hold it in all longer, the tears just started to pour down his face. It just was too painful he thought. It going to be okay said a voice, Hankyung looked up to see Yunho standing in front of him. "no I think it going to hurt forever" say Hankyung and with that he started to cry again. Yunho sat beside Hankyung and pull him so Hankyung's head was laying on his lap. Yunho whisper "it going to be okay Hannie" as he stoked Hankyung hair. " why, did we not notice that Jaejoong and Heechul like each other" ask Hankyung. Because we both were too busy being in love with them. So we did not notice that they only like us as friend" answered Yunho. Hankyung notice the pain in Yunho voice as he talk. "I sorry Yunho, you hurt too but i being a baby, i should be helped you too" say Hankyung."It okay Hannie, i going to be just fine. I will be fine because Jaejoong look happy with Heechul. I love Jaejoong that much that if he happy with someone else i will leave him be" answered Yunho. "But it still hurt Yunho, I keep on thinking that i not good enough or handsome enough for Heechul and that why he dating Jaejoong" say Hankyung "No Hannie you are more than good enough for anyone and some day you will find the perfect person for you" say Yunho. "You are right if Heechul is happy I will be happy for him" answered Hankyung So the boys continue to try comfort each other under the star.

Meanwhile at the cabin, the rest of the boys were have fun and celebrated the fact that Heechul and Jaejoong were dating. Everyone was so very happy except for the two boys who should be happier than everyone else. But they both could not be happy because for they by now have notice the fact that two boys were missing from the party. It was Heechul who notice that Hankyung have left the party pretty much after he and Jaejoong say they were dating. Heechul just decided that Hankyung was upset at the fact that he and Yunho have not tell the other that they were dating. It really hurt to think about how it was Yunho that Hankyung love. He need some time alone, so went to Jaejoong and told him that he was going for a walk. So Heechul went off for his walk off in to the wood, as soon as he was far away from his friends he started to take his angry out on some tree trunk. Heechul kept on punch the tree trunk, in till some one grab his hands. It was Jaejoong who was holding his wrist, "What the bloody hell are you doing Heechul" yell Jaejoong."i am trying to take away my pain" Heechul yell back at Jaejoong. Then Heechul broke down and started to cry and then he look up at Jaejoong and say "I am sorry Jaejoong". "It is okay Rella, I know how you are feeling . I saw how Yunho ran after Hankyung and it nearly kill me." say Jaejoong. "It going to hurt for a while but just remember that Hankyung is happy with Yunho. The fact that Yunho is also happy with Hankyung, so we have be happy for them" said Jaejoong. But it hurt, i know he is happy but it still hurt" said Heechul. "someday it will hurt less but for now let go for a walk in the moonlight" answered Jaejoong.


Back the party, Lee Teuk have notice that four of his friend were missing. He was a little worry about Hankyung, he have noticed how Hankyung have reaction to the new of Heechul and Jaejoong dating. He saw how the Chinese boy have run off in to the wood and he was worry about him. He was going to go after his friend but he saw Yunho go after Hankyung. So he decided that Yunho would be able to take care of Hankyung and helped him feel better. But he also notice how upset Jaejoong got when Yunho left the party. He though that Jaejoong was going to started crying but then Jaejoong calm down and then left the group. When Lee Teuk look around he notice that Heechul have left the party. He was so very worry about his friend, he was so shocked when Heechul and Jaejoong say they were dating. He though that Hankyung and Heechul would be dating and that Yunho like Jaejoong. So what happened to his friend?


Back in the woods were Jaejoong and Heechul were walking in the moonlight. They come to a beautiful clearing, There was a small pond and huge clear area, in a corner there was a hugh tree. But to Jaejoong and Heechul saw something that hurt them both so very much. Because under that tree was Yunho who have Hankyung head lay on his lap. Yunho was also stoked Hankyung hair and   whisper something to Hankyung. To everyone else this scene would be beautiful to anyone. But to the two boys watching the scene before them it just was slowly killed them.

 sorry about grammar and spelling mistakes

Tags: pairing: hangeng/yunho, pairing: heechul/hangeng, pairing: heechul/jaejoong, with: dbsg
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