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[Series]The Story of Hurting and Healing, chapter 3 and 4

Author : freedomthisway
Rating : Various, up to NC-17, still PG13 for now
Character/Pairing : Siwon, Hankyung, Kangin, Hyukjae, Heechul, other made up characters/SiHan, KangHyuk, very minor SiChul.
Word Count : 1900ish words overall for two chapters
Genre : AU and angst like whoa!
Warning: Underage, rape/non-con, younger!Hankyung, a lot of swearing.
Summary : When Hankyung was 7, his mother was remarried to Choi Min Woo, the head of the rich and famous Choi family. The marriage brings Hankyung to the position of Siwon's younger stepbrother.
Their closeness as child changed after they grew older and Siwon found out his feelings toward Hankyung. Not wanting to ruin the family, Siwon chose to keep his love for Hankyung inside and avoid him like crazy instead.
While Hankyung was struggling to bear his own misery, he too realized his feelings for Siwon, but didn't act on it because he assumed Siwon hated him.
After 3 years of escaping from the family, hearing Choi Min Woo's death, Hankyung decided to come back, only to face Siwon's hatred towards him.

All Hankyung wants is a happiness and love with Siwon by his side. Can he reach it eventually?

Author’s note: Okay, I'm posting two chapters in one post for you guys. Just because.

LOL. Nah..., I'm kidding.

These chapters are a bit short after all but it's a bit weird in the reading-wise if I forced them to become just one chapter. So I split it up. Sorry for the inconvenience. xDD

Thanks so much for your comments. Means a WHOLE lot to me. :D

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“How can this be, Hyung?” Choi Siwon says holding the letter from his late father in a crushing grip.

With him, Kim Heechul, Siwon’s older best friend who is also Choi’s family’s attorney since the past year, tries to get himself comfortable in one of the luxurious couches spread in the common room of Choi’s residence.

In his not so young age, Kim Heechul is still a proud bachelor in all his glory.

His good looking face and his beautiful features make most women as well as men unable to resist his charm. He refuses when people call him a bisexual. He calls his sexual attitude as human love. It is, he says, the kind of love where you don’t refuse anyone coming but also don’t chase anyone going. Until now, he is still one of the most successful practitioners of that philosophy.

“Well, that’s just how it is, Siwonnie.” His voice turns serious when he says the next words. “I mean, what do you expect? He is, after all, a Choi in the name of law.”

Siwon’s gaze towards Heechul at hearing those is certainly not a kind one. His tall figure becomes as stiff as board. Heechul thinks he saw Siwon shake a bit before he finally saying something.

“He is not my family, nor he is my father’s. Hankyung is as good as dead to this family. Keep that in mind, Hyung.”

Heechul sighs heavily. His handsome face is frowning. “I just don’t get why you so stubbornly pushed him away. I don’t know this Hankyung guy much except from what I heard. I mean, people talk, you know? And I think there must be a reason, a good one at that, for him to leave this house to go to God knows where. Besides, if the stories I heard was true, weren’t both of you really close once? What happened?”

But as usual, Siwon keeps silent.

Heechul has known his best friend here long enough to know that he won’t say a thing if this topic emerges.

So, Heechul lifts both his hands in a gesture of surrender, and stands up. “Well, I just came by to give you that. It’s my job, you know. Hereby you must understand that the law expects you to form a proper search party for him. Or else, the will won’t be read, and all of Choi Min Woo’s fortunes and assets will be given to the national government. And God knows that nothing good will come out of it if that happens. Government these days, my friend, I tell you, sucks doesn’t even begin to cover it. Anyway, don’t blame me for that, since it was what your father wanted. That’s the deal.” Heechul pats Siwon’s shoulder lightly as he walks towards the door.

“Let’s go out and drink when you have some time to spare, shall we? I’ll excuse myself for now. And Siwon?” Heechul stops suddenly with his hand on the door knob. “Just think about what I’ve said.” And with those words, Heechul left. The door clicks softly behind him.


Heechul is driving his red Porsche and passing through Choi’s residence enormous front gate slowly, intending to drive straight home to rest before his special date tonight with Governor’s slutty daughter, when suddenly he feels an awe engulfing him as his eyes lay on a figure of a man standing awkwardly just outside the gate.

It’s neither the man’s slender but well-built body, nor his stance and posture that screams heavy masculine sensuality-although he is pretty sure the man doesn’t realize the effect he has which only makes him feel so drawn to him.

Sure, being a loyal practitioner of human love, he could never be immune to this kind of man: six feet-or even taller; his soft black hair which is cut simply but still looks gorgeous on him; his clothes frame his body nicely and even though the clothes themselves seem ordinary enough, but this man somehow manages to make them all look classy on him; and oh, that perfectly rounded and firm ass behind the jeans…. Well, usually that’s already enough to alert the primal instinct Heechul has so raw inside him.

But no, these qualities usually do not left him gaping in awe.

But this man’s face – Soft but somehow strong curve forming his face, a pointy nose, a pair of black eyes that is captivating with their sharp and penetrating gaze; and those luscious lips, so sensual and full and Heechul knows that if he is ever engulfed inside those lips and mouth, he’ll die and no matter what sins he committed, he’ll end up in heaven, smiling and sated.

Yes, it’s these things that leave him struck in admiration… and drowning in lust. And he almost stops his car immediately when the man, looking a bit disoriented and hesitant, stares at him in curiosity and then smiles awkwardly towards him: an act of politeness.

That smile makes Heechul ache with a wild need to devour him right then and there on the pavement.

Until his brain realizes something. He’s seen that face not long ago.

It’s not that the face is forgettable, far from it in fact Heechul recalls that he almost drooled on the close-up photo of that man (or rather that boy, since he ought to be not more than sixteen when he took that photo) on his paperwork of Min Woo’s will.

But the real thing, this man’s face of the boy in the photo is so different. His sheer beauty is not something that can be captured fully with a camera. The real thing is so radiant, that for some time Heechul hadn’t been able to recognize him.

But now he does. It’s him.

Heechul takes hold of his senses again, ignores his awakened lust, and a smirk forms slowly at the corner of his lips.

So, the lost boy has returned. I wonder what kind of bitch face Siwon is going to pull when he finds out.

Heechul chuckles and peels his gaze from those captivating eyes and lips. Focusing his gaze on the street, he pushes the gas pedal deeply, Porsche’s engine rumbles and roars, and excitement runs through his body. Well, it seems things are going to be a lot more interesting.


That is one hell of a weird guy, Hankyung thinks absentmindedly.

It’s not the way he stared at Hankyung with lust so blatantly shown on his face that bothers him. Hankyung gets that a lot. It’s not like he isn’t aware of the effect he has on people. Anybody with normal eyes could see that. Or with a past as horrible as I have, Hankyung thinks gloomily.

But the way he seemed to recognize Hankyung, and that annoying smirk… What the hell was that?

But then Hankyung realizes he has bigger problems. So he shakes his head and focuses hard onto the white button of bell on the wall next to the gate that is so familiar in front of him.

Thanks to his trip to la-la-land just now, the damn gate is already closed again, so he must give up on the idea of sneaking in after the red Porsche made its way out. Thus, he is back to square one, wondering whether he should push the bell or just run like hell away from the house and back to his safe sanctuary with Kangin and Hyukjae.

But the memory of loneliness grips him suddenly, so with all the strength he can muster, he pushes the button with one quick, determined force.

Hankyung hears nothing. He almost thinks the button is damaged when he remembers that the bell’s sound heard only inside the guard’s chamber. So he just stands there and waits.

He doesn’t really remember the sight from outside the gate, for he rarely came out of the house when he lived there. But it still looks familiar.

The beautiful garden in front of the house is still so well-cared with its large pond and beautiful fountain in the middle. He remembers he often brought his mom there, just to get her skin touched with the warmth of sun, and hear the birds chirping soundly, or just to indulge her in beautiful sight other than the sight of her room’s ornate ceilings.

But then he also remembers the uncountable times of him running and hiding behind the shades of trees, looking for a refugee, sobbing and scared at times, though mostly he would just crouched motionless behind a tree or rock, feeling numb and dead, waiting with hidden dread the times when that man would send one of the maid to tell him that he expected Hankyung in his work room immediately.

Hankyung flinches and scrunches his eyes tight.

He has expected this: the flood of horrible memories and a dawning realization that he will be reliving many dreadful moments that he had been pushing into the darkest and deepest recesses of his mind all this time.

He has expected them and thought that he had prepared for them. But apparently he thought wrong. Those memories still sting him sharply, leaving him out of breath and in the edge of tears.

Hankyung is jerked out of his misery when a voice heard out of the intercom. Hankyung feels slightly annoyed of the time the guards took to respond his bell, though deep down he knows it is not more than 10 seconds since he push the bell.

“Choi’s residence. Please state your name and purpose.” The voice heard from the intercom is unfamiliar to Hankyung.

Well, it’s been three years. What do you expect, Hankyung? Of course there must be a lot of old maids and servants retired already and are replaced.

Clearing his throat, Hankyung pushes the intercom button. This is it. Brace yourself.

“My name is Hankyung.” He hesitates a moment, torn up between using Choi as his last name or stick to his own father’s name. But then he continues. “Sung Hankyung. I’m here to see Choi Siwon.”

A short pause, then, “Do you have any appointment with Mr. Choi, Mr. Sung?”

“What? Oh, umm… I… I don’t have one. But I really need to see him.” Hankyung fidgets in his mind, worried that after all of the effort, he isn’t allowed to meet Siwon because he is not in Siwon’s schedule. “Umm… but he knows me. Please just tell him that his stepbrother is here to see him.”

Another short pause, this time a bit longer than the first, then, “Please wait a moment, Mr. Sung.”

Hankyung wants to bite his tongue right there. His panic has caused him to spill unnecessary information and now he is afraid that he has done something that is not in his authority to do. In a few minutes there may be rumors spreading in the house about his return. And he’s afraid that maybe Siwon doesn’t want to see him after all.

Hankyung tries hard to calm his wildly beating heart. Anxiety mixing with excitement floods him at the prospect of finally meet Siwon again. I wonder what he looks like now. Will he be happy to see me again? Maybe he hates me now. This certain thought catches him in gnawing worry. Suddenly, the desire to turn his heels and runaway as far as possible is overwhelming.

But then the voice in the intercom is back. “Sorry to make you wait, Mr. Sung. Please come inside. The butler in the front door will take you to Mr. Choi. Good day.”

And before he can do anything, the damn gate swings open.


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Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon, pairing: heechul/siwon, pairing: kangin/eunhyuk

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