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rain in his sleep, tears on his pillow

Title: rain in his sleep, tears on his pillow

Pairing: Kyuhyun/???

Author: LTN/ElmersGlue128

Chapter: One-shot

Genre: angst, love, [high school verse]

Rating: PG-15

Words: 2,944

Summary: Kyuhyun thinks the other has chiseled abs underneath that shirt and almost has the urge to left it up to see for himself. Why not, he’s going to be dead within the next hour anyways.

Warning: CRUDE language at times, sensitive subjects (suicide/bullying/homosexuality)

Dedicated: to dawnofnewday for the 3 words: “sleep, pillow, rain” (that I somehow translated into dark, dreary, and depressing. I think I might’ve ruined one…or two of your favorite characters when I tried to write them T-T And, I swear I was writing pure fluff but this happened instead...Hae made me do it?)

Click here for KYU <3...


Tags: pairing: kyuhyun/unspecified

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