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Title: think before you speak
Length: part 19/?
Author: Ally
Rating: pg
Pairing: Siwon/Hankyung and others
Disclaimer: do not own them
Summary- Siwon is not treating Hankyung that great
Warning-Unbetad, but I used Microsoft Word’s check

Hankyung was slowly walking back to the apartment. He just couldn't believe, how

things were turning out. Well somethings were starting to look better for some

people, However there still were many things, that were going badly. The next issue,

that he wanted to deal with. Is the chemistry between Eunhyuk and Donghae. Since

there is definitely some major chemistry there. He wasn't sure if they know that

there was something there. He saw the sad look that appeared on Donghae's face. The

second that Eunhyuk raced off to be with Junsu. So the second that he arrived at the

apartment. He is going to find Donghae, so that they could talk. He hate the fact

that Donghae was upset at the moment. He was hoping that Donghae would be home. So

the moment when he step into the apartment. He went straight to Donghae's room. And

lucky for him, Donghae was laying on his bed.

"Hey Donghae, we need to talk" said Hankyung as he joined Donghae on the bed.

"Oh hey Hannie, how are things with Yunho going?" asked Donghae

"Umm, I'm here to talk about you, not about Yunho. Well actually about Eunhyuk and you" said Hankyung

"What do you want to talk about?" asked Donghae

"The fact that when Eunhyuk left. You were definitely sad when he left the apartment" said Hankyung

"The fact that Eunhyuk left early that night. It meant nothing to me at all. If he wants to spend all his time with Junsu, it's okay with me" said Donghae

"Sure, I'm King of the world then" said Hankyung

"Well then I'll bow down to King of the World" said Donghae

"Donghae, you are one of my best friends. However you are driving me crazy at the moment" said Hankyung

"What are you talking about?" asked Donghae

"The fact that you love Eunhyuk. But you think that Eunhyuk is in love with Junsu. Donghae, just remember that Junsu is dating Yoochun" said Hankyung

"Eunhyuk is in love with Junsu. Since Junsu is dating Yoochun, it's onesided love. So we should be thinking of ways to help Eunhyuk" said Donghae

"Yes, we are going to help Eunhyuk. We are going to get Eunhyuk and you together" said Hankyung

"That is never going to happen. There is better chance of hell freezing over" said Donghae

"Well I guess that hell is one cold place" said Hankyung

"Life is not like a fairy tale, Hannie. Things don't always go the way we want them to. So we need to figure out a new plan for Eunhyuk" said Donghae

"Eunhyuk is in love with you, not Junsu" said Hankyung

"I agree with Hannie. I, Eunhyuk am in love with you Donghae" said Eunhyuk who was standing in the doorway

"Umm what did you hear?" asked Donghae

"I heard every single word, you say. So the huge question here, is Donghae will you go out with me?" asked Eunhyuk

"So that means that we are dating?" asked Donghae

"Yes but you are so the girl of the relationship" teased Eunhyuk

"No, you are the girl in here" said Donghae

"You are so much more girlish than me" said Eunhyuk as he walk closer to Donghae.

"Are you sure about that?" asked Donghae as he jumped Eunhyuk. Which led to them both falling to the floor.

"Try to keep the noise down. Donghae take good care of your girl" teased Hankyung as he left the room.

So Hankyung quickly left the room. But inside he was so happy, that Donghae and

Eunhyuk were together. Even with the fact that they fighting about who was the girl

in the relationship. But he was sure, that in about ten minutes. They would be

making out like teenagers. So he was about to go to his room. When he hear his name

being call. It's was Kangin calling him from the living room.

"Hey Kangin did you called me?" asked Hankyung

"Yes Hannie, I did call you. I want to have a talk with you" answered Kangin

"What do, you want to talk about?" asked Hankyung

"I want to talk about you. I have been really worry about you. Hannie, you have been going through so much lately. There is fact, that you been dealing with Siwon. There was so many problems there. You dealt with Siwon not treating you well. The fact that he would put Heechul ahead of you. Then you finally found the courage to break up with Siwon. So you have been through so much" said Kangin

"Well life is not always fair" answered Hankyung

"Well Hankyung, I want you know that I'm here for you. Anyone in the group is here for you" said Kangin

"I know that Kangin, and I'm thankful for that" said Hankyung

"But also when you come home today. I notices the tear strains on your face. So tell me, what is wrong and who I need to kill" said Kangin

"There is nothing wrong with me" answered Hankyung

"Well two things Hannie. One you are terrible liar, then second your eyes are red from crying" said Kangin

"Just trust me, it's really nothing at all" said Hankyung

"Just tell what is going on?" asked Kangin

"Fine, I'll tell you what happen then " said Hankyung

"Okay I'm here to listen then" answered Kangin

"Yunho got back together with Jaejoong. So he broke up with me today" answered Hankyung

"That fucking assholes, how dare he hurt you like that. I'm going to kill him. I'll make him feel so much pain. He is going to die a slow and painful death" said Kangin

"Please calm down Kangin" said Hankyung

'He isn't allowed to hurt you like that. No one is allow to hurt my family" said Kangin

"maybe I deserved it" said Hankyung

"That is it, I'm going to kill Yunho. No one is allowed to make you feel like that" said Kangin

"But Kangin, maybe I don't deserved to be happy?" said Hankyung

"Yes of course, you deserved to be happy" said Kangin

"But why do good things never happened to me?" asked Hankyung

"You are going to be happy soon. But no one hurts my kids and gets away with it. I'm going to kill Yunho" yell Kangin

"What is going on?" asked Eeteuk as he entered the room.

"I want to kill Yunho" yell Kangin

"Why do you want to kill Yunho?" asked Eeteuk

"That asshole broke up with our baby" yell Kangin

"That it, no one hurts my babies. Kangin go kill Yunho, while I make some tea for Hannie" said Eeteuk

"It's okay you two but tea sounds really nice. So how about we all have some tea together" said Hankyung

"Fine but I still want to kill Yunho" said Kangin

"Just leave it be. Hannie, things will get better soon" said Eeteuk

Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon, pairing: unspecified

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