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Heart Problems - Part 42

Title: Heart Problems – Part 42

Author: Me! (2theChangmin)

Pairing: Heechul/Zhou Mi (hints at others)

Rating: PG-13 (for language)

Summary: Heechul may have feelings for his new class mate. Either that or he has some kind of weird disease that causes random heart palpitations. Since the new class mate in question happens to be a guy, he’s hoping it’s the latter.


Heechul woke up early on Wednesday. He really needed to stop doing that; it was almost becoming a habit or something. He got ready quickly, taking what might possibly be the fastest shower he had ever taken, just so that he’d have plenty of time to talk with his mother. Maybe he should cook her breakfast? …To ease the shock a bit.

…Then again, maybe not.

Heechul came down stairs to see his mother in the entrance putting her shoes on. She was leaving already?! What the heck?! After he got up early and everything! Arg! Just when exactly did he need to wake up in order to talk to her before she left?! Wait. Maybe he could still catch her. “Mom!”

Okay, so that came out louder than was probably necessary. But hey, it did the job; his mother stopped reaching for the doorknob and turned around.

“Heechul?” She blinked. “What are you doing up so early?”

That’s what he wanted to know. Aish. He should be in bed. “I was trying to catch you before you left,” he told her as he descended the last few remaining stairs. “You are not the easiest person to see these mornings.”

“Oh,” she smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, well… One of the girls at work is sick so I’ve had to cover the early shift,” she explained. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

‘Oh,’ Heechul thought, ‘nothing much. You know, just thought I’d inform you that I am apparently gay. Or… in love with a guy. Which is different how exactly?’ Hm… Heechul couldn’t remember; he’d have to ask Siwon.

Heechul saw his mother glance down at her watch. Right… she had to leave. “Uh… I can tell you tonight I suppose.”

“You sure?” She asked, taking another look at her wrist.

Subtle. Heechul scoffed mentally. “Yeah,” He said. ‘No.’ What the…? Why was his head going against his mouth? … Oh well, it’s not like this is a first. “I’ll tell you after school.” ‘Tell her now!’ Why did it matter when she knew as long as she knew? ‘You’re just scared of how she will react.’ That was so… only half true.

“Bye Chullie!” Heechul rolled his eyes as she kissed him on the cheek and left. One thing was certain; Zhou Mi must never hear that nickname!!

‘You should have told her.’ Aish. This again? It was over, she was gone, so there was no in saying this now. ‘You’re going to regret not telling her, I can feel it.’

“Shut up,” Heechul snapped out loud. Aish; he really needed to stop arguing with himself. And just when did his inner voice get so annoying and Lee Teuk like?! Last time Heechul checked he did not give Lee Teuk permission to enter his head! ARG!

Whatever; it was too early. He was going to get breakfast and go to school. Early. Yet again. Aish. That’s it; he was sleeping in tomorrow. This was the last day he would arrive to school early damn it!


Zhou Mi walked out of his house and jumped backwards a little in surprise. “Heechul?”

Heechul covered a yawn and waved. “Hey.”

“… Do you know how early it is?”

“You’re the one with the watch,” Heechul remarked as Zhou Mi stepped through the gate onto the sidewalk.

“True,” Zhou Mi chuckled. “What are you doing here?” Although he was glad to see him if his smile meant anything.

Heechul’s heart did that little flip thing it always seemed to do when Zhou Mi smiled. “I was up early,” Heechul explained lamely. “And instead of waiting for you at school I thought I’d walk with you.”

“Oh.” Zhou Mi’s smile widened. “Why were you up early?”

“I wanted to talk to my mother but she’s been leaving early.”

“How much sleep did you get?” Zhou Mi asked as Heechul tried to stifle another yawn.


Zhou Mi raised an eyebrow. “Somehow I don’t believe you,” he laughed when the yawn refused to be stifled.

“Yeah well, I’m not a morning person,” Heechul grumbled.

This only made Zhou Mi laugh more. “Clearly.”

Heechul frowned. Nice. He walks over to his boyfriend’s house to see the guy and what does he get? Teased for not being wide awake at such an extremely horrible time! Aish.

He blinked and look down to his left when he felt Zhou Mi’s warm hand sneak underneath his. Then he looked up at the smiling man he was now holding hands with. He couldn’t help it; he smiled.

Damn. There just seemed to be no way for him to stay grumpy with the man. Hell, he didn’t think there was a way anyone could stay grumpy at the man. No, really; it was an impossible feat.

“You smile too much,” Heechul broke the silence.

Zhou Mi laughed. “How can you tell me that when you’re smiling right now?”

“I’m only smiling because you’re smiling,” Heechul explained while trying to keep a straight face. “It’s not my fault that your grin is infectious.”

“If my smiling makes you smile, maybe I’ll just never stop.”

“That is so corny,” Heechul laughed as that strange warm sensation bubbled up within him.

They walked in silence for a ways after that. Heechul, constantly aware of the warmth his hand held, found his stomach doing weird acrobatics. Aish. Why did his body decide to go crazy now? Was this love? Heechul thought so. It had never been like this with anyone else, but then… how could he be sure since he had never been in love before? Maybe he was mistaken. Still… whatever it was, Heechul liked the feeling.

“Do I really smile too much?” Zhou Mi asked when they reached the school entrance gate.

What? Heechul blinked and looked over to see Zhou Mi frowning cutely. “Yes.”

“Oh…” Zhou Mi pouted a bit.

Aish; this man was too cute!!

“Yah, I didn’t say that was a bad thing!” Heechul gave Zhou Mi’s hand a soft squeeze. “I like how smiley you are.”

“Really?” Zhou Mi smiled.

And there goes Heechul’s heart again. One would think he’d get used to that sensation but he didn’t. “Really.”

“Okay then.” Zhou Mi used their joined hands to tug Heechul against him. “Now let’s see what I can do to get you to smile…” he whispered as he leaned forward.

Heechul was already smiling when their lips met. Oh yeah, this was certainly one way to put a smile on his face, he thought as he kissed back. He slid his right hand up Zhou Mi’s arm and let it come to rest behind the other man’s neck, pulling him closer.

Zhou Mi’s spare hand found the base of Heechul’s back and it was a very good thing it did, in Heechul’s opinion, because it was probably the only thing keeping Heechul on his feet right then. Heechul made a decision, probably the last full thought he was able to think as Zhou Mi pulled his body still closer and explored his mouth deeper. The decision: they should never start making out while standing again; not without something to lean against anyhow. Because Heechul’s knees were slowly growing weak and it would be really embarrassing if he were to suddenly collapse. He was Kim Heechul after all; he did not get weak kneed over some kiss! … In fact, he should probably end the kiss soon so that the whole ‘weak kneed’ thing didn’t occur…

Then again, screw that idea. Heechul tightened his arm against Zhou Mi’s shoulder. He’d just have to make sure he didn’t fall because there was no way he was breaking this kiss. Even if it was getting hard to breathe…

“Ah, guys. Seriously? At school?” A mocking voice reached their ears.

Heechul pulled away from the kiss and glared at the person who dared interrupt them. “Shut up Siwon.”

Siwon laughed. “Hey, I’m just repeating your own words! You are such a hypocrite.”

“What are you even doing here this early?” Heechul asked, completely ignoring the ‘hypocrite’ comment.

Siwon rolled his eyes. “I got up early. It is known to happen. I think the real question here is why are you here so early? You hate getting up in the morning.”

“What are you talking about? I always get up early,” Heechul smirked. The other two tried to turn their spontaneous laughter into coughs. Obviously they all knew this was a lie.

Siwon’s cough turned into a scoff. “Yeah,” he drawled. “Okay.”

Zhou Mi, who hadn’t said anything since Siwon arrived because he was too busy turning red, suggested that they go inside.

Siwon and Heechul both shrugged. It wasn’t until they entered the building that Heechul realized he was still holding Zhou Mi’s hand. …How had he not noticed this? And how had they managed to keep hand contact through that kiss? … Ah, the mysteries of the universe. Cue Twilight Zone music.

It turned out that Heechul, Zhou Mi, and Siwon were not the only ones arriving at school early that morning. Not three minutes after they entered school they encountered a sight so horrendous, so surreal, and so … wrong! All three of them instantly froze in place. This may seem a little dramatic, and okay it’s not like two of them weren’t just doing the same thing five minutes ago outside, but… still!! It’s just… he’s just… he’s the baby! And the baby is not supposed to be making out with his girlfriend pressed against a locker for crying out loud!!! Hell, he wasn’t supposed to be making out period. Maybe he was allowed to hold hands, but kissing was out!! Not until he was married. At the very least not until he was eighteen! This had to end.


The young man jumped apart from his (now) blushing girlfriend and blinked. “Uh…” he wiped the back of his hand across his lips quickly. Sure, as if that was going to make them forget that they had just seen the baby kissing! “What are you guys doing here so early?”

That was all he had to say? That was all he had to say?! What-? How-? Wait. Wait. Wait! Gasp! Does Hangeng know what his cousin was just doing?

While Heechul was busy freaking out inside his head, Zhou Mi simply stood off to the side, mouth agape in shock, and Siwon was repeatedly blinking his wide starring eyes. Siwon was the first of the three to say anything. “How could… wh-what, what were you two doing?!”

Stacy’s face grew redder. Henry rolled his eyes. “What did it look like we were doing?”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Did Henry just get snarky with them? That’s it; the kid was spending way too much time with Heechul.

“Um…” Every one’s head turned to Stacy, who by the way hadn’t moved from her original spot against the locker. “Can we not discuss this?”

Heechul narrowed his eyes at her. He had thought that she was so sweet; so perfect for their little Henry. And now look. Heechul shook his head. Kissing her boyfriend… How dare she. (The fact that he himself had just been making out with his own boyfriend meant nothing to him of course.) She clearly corrupted their young friend. (Again, the fact that Henry had been the one pressing her into the locker and not the other way around meant nothing to him.)

“Seriously guys,” Henry put in. “What is the big deal?”

What is the big deal?! The big deal is that Henry was the youngest among them, and therefore he was not allowed to be making out with his girlfriend!! Or… just… they should never be seen!!! Yes, that one! What the Hell had they been thinking making out on school ground like that?!

Hypocritical? He wasn’t being hypocritical! There were just... different rules for Henry then there were for Heechul.

“What are you guys starring at?” Shit. Heechul, Siwon, and Zhou Mi turned around. Hangeng. The dude was going to flip out. Hangeng looked behind his three silent friends to where Henry and Stacy were. “Hi Stacy,” he waved. Yeah, let’s see if he waves once he discovers what that woman and his little cousin were just up to. Actually… this could be interesting; though the yelling in Chinese would probably get annoying after a while…

“Hangeng would you please tell these three to mind their own business?” Henry requested.

Psh. ‘Mind their own business’ indeed! If Henry had just picked a more private spot to begin with none of this would have happened in the first place.

“What are they doing now?” Hangeng laughed.

“We weren’t doing anything,” Siwon defended. “We just turned the corner and… and…”

Heechul took over once Siwon stopped being able to form the proper words. “And saw them making out against the lockers!”

Hangeng blinked. “And?”

Whoa. Step back. Did not expect that reaction! Why wasn’t Hangeng freaking out? “Why aren’t you freaking out?!”

Hangeng shrugged. “Better here than at home.”

Heechul couldn’t believe what he just heard. Henry and Stacy make out at home? Just don’t tell him that they have kissed in the kitchen where Hangeng’s mother cooks, because that would almost be sacrilegious!

“What’s wrong with them?” Jessica asked, indicating the still scarred for life looking Heechul and Siwon, (Zhou Mi had gotten over the shock already), as she and Kyuhyun joined the group, Wait. Since when did she arrive to school with Kyuhyun? … This is a question Heechul must remember to ponder over later; now he had more pressing issues.

“They had the misfortune to see Henry and Stacy kissing,” Hangeng told her.

“Oh,” Jessica shrugged. “Been there, done that.”

Heechul blinked. Just how many times have these two kissed?! No; on second thought, he didn’t want to know. This was not supposed to happen! Henry was the baby for crying out loud!!

It was silent as two of them tried to accept the fact that ‘the baby’ was apparently all grown up and kissing his girlfriend, who by the way was currently challenging Ryeowook the tomato for redness status.

Since it was so quiet between them they heard the next two voices approaching before they saw them.


“Lee Teuk, I told you, I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine; take it.”

“Really, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Kangin, would you please just take the ice pack!”

Heechul, Hangeng, Siwon, and Henry all exchanged ‘crap, the explosion happened’ looks. Zhou Mi, Stacy, Jessica, and Kyuhyun looked confused. At least Lee Teuk sounded normal now so the threat was fully over. Still, they couldn’t help but wonder what it was Lee Teuk did that had him offering Kangin an ice pack.

When Lee Teuk and Kangin finally rounded the corner, everyone gasped. ‘Oh my Wonder Girls!’ “Kangin, what happened to your face?!”

Kangin looked awful. The left side of his face was swollen and he had a massive purple and green bruise around his eye. Four of the eight that had rushed over to the injured man turned scowling looks towards Lee Teuk. “Yah!” Lee Teuk yelled. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking,” he said. “I didn’t do this!”

Heechul scoffed. Yeah right, Kangin had beaten himself up then?

Jessica, Stacy, Kyuhyun, and Zhou Mi exchanged even more confused looks. Why would the others think that Lee Teuk would hit Kangin? It was Lee Teuk! Lee Teuk wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Ah, innocent souls who have yet to witness the crazy explosion of Lee Teuk’s lividity. Lucky confused citizens.

“I’m serious!” Lee Teuk waved his hands around for emphasis. “I didn’t do this! I wouldn’t!” Heechul noticed that the knuckles on Lee Teuk’s right hand were bandaged and raised a disbelieving eyebrow. The others had seen this too. Lee Teuk looked at the hand they were all starring at and sighed. “Oh for goodness… Look, I didn’t beat up Kangin! It was just a freak accident!”

“Yeah,” Kangin spoke up. “A freak accident that involved your fist and my face.”

Kangin!!” Lee Teuk yelled in exasperation. “Tell them the truth. Tell them what really happened!”

Kangin chuckled at Lee Teuk’s outburst. “Fine, fine,” he agreed. “I’ll tell them.”

Lee Teuk took a deep breath. “Thank you.”

“Okay, so yesterday I followed Lee Teuk to his house. Nobody was home, thank god, so it was just the two of us when he finally went off.” Kyuhyun was about to ask a question but Henry covered his mouth. “Remember the last time he exploded?” Heechul, Hangeng, and Siwon all nodded; how could they forget? “Well multiply that by 2.” Damn. Heechul was really glad he wasn’t around yesterday when this happened. “After he stopped verbally abusing, cursing, insulting, etc. everything and everyone he started hitting things.” Lee Teuk looked at the ground, slightly ashamed at his previous behavior. Zhou Mi and Jessica were starring wide eyed in a state of shock as if silently asking, ‘Lee Teuk? The Lee Teuk we know? He did this? You must have the wrong guy’.

“And this is where your fist became one of those things?” Hangeng guessed.

“Not exactly…” Kangin answered. “You see, we were by the kitchen at this point and you know how behind the door there’s that thin long table pressed against the wall?” Heechul, Siwon, Hangeng, and Henry nodded. “Well… Do you remember the big heavy porcelain fruit bowl?” Another nod. “Okay, so what happened to my face was like follows. It really was just a freak accident. It started when Lee Teuk punched the wall.” Heechul blinked at that. Lee Teuk punched a wall? Okay… so now the bandaged hand made sense. “I was standing what I assumed was a safe three foot distance away during his ramblings,” Kangin continued. “But after he punched the wall, he started waving his hand around in pain and he hit the half open kitchen door… This in turn flew all the way open, hit me right between the eyes and sent me flying onto my back. I tried to save myself from the fall by grabbing a hold of the small table’s edge but all I managed to do was shake the thing. And the shake sent the heavy porcelain fruit bowl, along with all of the fruit in it, crashing down onto the left side of my face.” Everyone blinked. Damn.

“I’m really sorry,” Lee Teuk said.

Kangin rolled his eyes like he had heard this too many times already that morning. “I’m fine.”

“Oh my…!!!” Everyone turned around, well everyone except for Lee Teuk and Kangin who were already facing the proper direction, to see Yesung, Ryeowook, and oddly enough Sungmin. “Kangin! You’re face! What happened to it?!” Yesung yelled as he rushed forward. Then he saw Lee Teuk. “What did you do?!”

“What did who do?” Everyone looked the other way and saw the stooges and Kibum.

Yesung pointed dramatically to Kangin’s injured face. “Lee Teuk beat up Kangin!”

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