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Sowon – Part 2

Pairing Ryeowook/Yunho

Disclaimer: I don’t own Super Junior or DBSK



It was quite some time later before Yunho saw Ryeowook again. Since they last met at Suju concert, Yunho had hoped to hear or see Ryeowook again but no such luck. Plus DBSK was busy with Bolero, their latest Japanese single. They had to reshoot the video due to some unforeseen technical problems and they have been flying back and forth from Seoul to Tokyo, doing various promotions, just like today.

“You’ve been rather quiet….” Jaejoong suddenly remarked as he and Yunho along with the rest of the group walked to their terminal gate.

“Hmmm?” Yunho pulled the earphones from his ears.

“I said, you’ve been rather reserved of late.”

“You used the word quiet in your first sentence.”

“So you did hear!” Jaejoong cocked an eyebrow  at the tall, lanky man next to him.

“Hmmm ….”

“So, is everything okay on planet Yunho?” Jaejoong pressed on.

“Yeah, why?” Yunho asked back but he never got his reply because as they rounded the corner they came smack into….

“It’s M! Super Junior M!” Junsu said and quickly went to say hello to his hyungs and dongsaengs.

Super Junior M? Ryeowook’s in M! There weren’t as many members so it was easy to spot Ryeowook. The sight of Ryeowook’s pale and exhausted look was enough to make Yunho’s frown deepen.

After Yunho greeted his hyungs and dongsaengs, he bent his steps towards Super Junior’s eternal magnae. Ryeowook was on the phone. He nodded a few times and hung up. “Hey….” It was hardly audible amidst his noisy fellow bandmates but Ryeowook heard it. He looked up and smiled at the towering leader of DBSK. “Hi.”

“What happened?” Yunho decided to get straight to the point. Obviously something wasn’t right. Despite the bright smile and greeting, Yunho could feel it in his gut something was amiss.

“Nothing, hyung…I’m just tired. I didn’t get any sleep during the flight back. “ Ryeowook ran almost bloodless looking fingers through his hair.

“You’re a horrible liar.” Yunho grinned to soften the harshness of his words. Siwon who happened to turn to their direction saw the famous Yunho grin felt his heart skip a beat. For as long as Siwon could remember, he has this crush on Yunho.

“Yah hyung! You’re drooling!” Kyuhyun said not too softly from behind him.

Siwon spun around and clapped his hand over Kyuhyun’s mouth. “Will you keep it down?”

“But you ARE ouuuf….!” Kyuhyun managed to say despite Siwon’s hand over his mouth.

Meanwhile back to Yunho and Ryeowook….

Yunho decided to try it at another angle. “I know I shouldn’t poke my nose where it doesn’t belong but Ryeowook you look like a wreck! Your only asset is not only your voice but your cute magnae looks too. You’ve to maintain that or how else can you be the eternal magnae?”

The last bit brought a small smile from the magnae. “Thanks, hyung but really I’m fine. I just need to get some shut eye and I’ll be fine.”

No way in hell was Yunho convinced but their manager was reminding them about the time and how they were going to miss their flight if they didn’t hurry. “My offer still stands.” Yunho squeezed Ryeowook’s frail shoulder and quickly ran after his other bandmates.

Jaejoong bit his lip and exchanged glances with Junsu. A knowing look passed between the two good friends.

Junsu cleared his throat. “So….”

Jaejoong nodded. “Yeah….”

“When did it happen?”

Jaejoong just shook his head. Yunho was heading towards them. “Hyung! We almost left without you! ”

“Yeah right!” Yunho chuckled.

After a few minutes of walking in silence, Jaejoong finally spoke. “Yunho….”

“What? When are we going to get to our terminal?”

“We’re almost there. Yunho….”

“What?! What is it?” Yunho asked testily.

“You know he’s with Yehsung….”Jaejoong let his sentence hang.



“I know, so?”

“You like him.”

“Of course I do! Why should I hate him?” Yunho pulled out his MP3 player and let out a sound of dismay when he discovered the earphone’s wires were in knots.

Jaejoong took a deep breath. “I mean, you like him in a romantic way.”

Yunho paused for a second but almost immediately continued to untangle his earphone’s wires. “I just want to help him. Make him see what a bas… negative influence Yehsung is.”

Jaejoong nodded and decided not to pursue the matter. “Okay.”


SJ dorm.

Coming home was supposed to be a happy occasion. SJ M has been in China for 2 weeks . So he should have been happy to be back, over the moon to be with Yehsung, eager to spend time with him but….Ryeowook sighed at the sleeping Yehsung next to him. Slowly he sat up and pulled his knees towards his chest. The truth is he didn’t really mind when Yehsung criticized or gave him some pointers on his performance. Hyung has been in this business longer than he has and has tones of experience but sometimes….  Sometimes they were like how they were in the beginning of their relationship. Wookie envied Kang in and Leeteuk. They have been together for 5 years but their relationship is still going strong, still as loving as ever. And then there was Kyu and Sung Min. Kyu’s in SJ M just like him but Sung Min’s reaction to see his Kyuhyun back  compared to Yehsung’s was on different ends of the scale. But as always Yehsung had an answer for everything. He said he and Sung Min are 2 different people and he wasn’t that big a fan of public display of affection. Yehsung sensibly said that as long as they know they love each other , that’s what matters.

Suddenly there was a loud thud from the room above his and Yehsung’s, followed by laughter. In the dead of the night, any sound made is amplified. Ryeowook sighed again. At least someone was having fun and…. the gentle sound of snores invaded Ryeowook’s ears. Great! Sounds from upstairs and now Yehsung snoring! Ryeowook pushed aside the covers and slipped out of bed. He couldn’t possibly sleep now but there was a photo shoot tomorrow and he needed to sleep! So he gathered his pillow and slept on the sofa in the hall.

Next morning.

“Ryeowook?” Leeteuk shook Ryeowook gently awake. “Why are you sleeping here?”

Ryeowook stretched his cramped limbs and yawned. “Couldn’t sleep, thought I watch some TV.”

Leeteuk glanced at Ryeowook and Yehsung’s room door. “Everything’s alright?”

Closing his eyes, Ryeowook replied tiredly. “Yes! Why is everyone asking that?”


“Not everyone, but someone else asked me that question too.” Ryeowook mumbled as he  picked up his pillow and rearranged the cushions on the sofa.

“Who?” Leeteuk was curious but his umma senses told him who it could be.

“Yunho hyung….oh no! It’s almost 9:00am! Hyung, we’re going to be late!” Ryeowook scrambled to his room.

At first Leeteuk thought of correcting the magnae but decided not to. Yehsung will probably tell him that it was actually almost 8:00am! Leeteuk laughed to himself but sobered up when he remembered how tired Ryeowook looked just now. The boy needs a break and he’s gonna  try and get some time off for the magnae. Leeteuk rose from the sofa and headed to the kitchen. On the way there he heard Yehsung lecturing Ryeowook about how important it was to get a good night’s sleep. He knows Yehsung means well but…. Leeteuk made a mental note to him. Get some time off for Ryeowook, away from SJ and Yehsung even if it was for just a day!


“Hyung, I’m worried.” Chiang min whispered to Jaejoong.

“Yeah?” Jaejoong kept his eyes trained on his laptop screen.

“Yeah, hyung….” Chiang min whined and went around the table, this time facing Jaejoong straight in the face.

Jaejoong took one look at the puppy dog look Chiang min had on and rolled his eyes. Chiang min can get so….insufferable at times! Slamming his laptop shut, Jaejoong barked. “What?”

“It’s Yunho hyung.” DBSK’s magnae begin.

“What about him?” Jaejoong made no secret of his annoyance. “If it’s because he’s been rather quiet, reserved, distant… just let him be. He’s fine!”

“I know but I’m worried. He has never been like this!”

“We’ll be going back to Seoul in a few days, I’m sure he’ll be fine then. Just leave him be and don’t ask him anything, okay?” Jaejoong started to open his laptop.

“But hyung….” Chiang min wailed. “What’s wrong with hyung?!”

It’s called falling for someone who isn’t within reach.”He’s alright, okay? Don’t worry. Now, get out or I’ll kick you out! Go and find someone else to bother!”

Chiang min bowed. “Okay….”


No matter how Leeteuk tried he couldn’t get any time off within this week for Ryeowook. The best management could do was a guest spot on a variety show. The show is called Eating around Seoul and it explores various unique eateries around the capital. Usually the show will have a guest or two. The guest(s) and the host will go to 2 or 3 restaurants /eateries in Seoul, sample the dishes and give their comments. Simple enough for Ryeowook. Take or leave it. Leeteuk decided to take it.

That’s all for now! Let me know what you think! Thanks.



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