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[3/100] 100 Fic Challenge

Title: Cherish before you lose it...
Author: ayakabun (archieve)
Theme: 038: "I want you to stay forever.", (L)Eeteuk/Kibum
Rating/Warning: Not beta-ed. Hmm, might be a little.. not very logical.

!Disclaimer: I do not own any character in the fic (though i'd wish), everything written is fictional and not based on any real life events.

Summary: Some things should be cherished before it's lost and you regret for life...

“Hyung! I won’t allow you to do that! I want you to stay forever! Stay with us forever! Don’t you dare leave us behind and go alone! HYUNG!”

Leeteuk smiled and whispered, “Our Kibummie~ You look cuter when you smile, you know?”

And Leeteuk’s hand slipped off from Kibum’s hands….


“Kibum! Stop playing already! We’ve got a schedule in 2 hours time! Switch the computer off and go get prepared this instance!”

“Hyung, you’re really naggy, give me another 20minutes, I’m about to down the enemies now!”

Leeteuk came in and switched the main switch off. Kibum slammed the keyboard.

“Hyung! How many times have you done this to me already! 20 minutes won’t kill you wouldn’t it? How can you be so rude as to come in and switch my computer off without my permission!”

“We’re running late, we can’t afford the time! We cannot possibly keep everyone waiting just because of your stupid game right? Why won’t you understand Kibum!”

And they quarreled really loudly. The rest of the members came in and broke off the fight. Kibum slammed the door shut and went to get changed.

“I really don’t know what to do with him! He doesn’t see me as the hyung at all! I don’t know how to take him into hands! Kangin, Heechul, you guys do it instead! I’m sick and tired of all this!” Leeteuk said and he let out a scream.

The members’ hearts were torn, some went to Kibum and the others hugged Leeteuk tight.


“So, Leeteuk-sshi, are the members hard to handle? Since you’re the leader and there’s like 13 members in the group?”

“Ah, no, not at all~ everyone is really well behaved and disciplined and I had little trouble looking after them~” Leeteuk said and end it off with his trademark laughter.

“Ah, I see, alright, it was good to see all 13 of you here today! Okay, thank you for coming on our show! We’d see you guys some other time!”

The members bowed and waved goodbye and left the studio.

They went to a restaurant nearby for lunch.

“Didn’t you say I was hard to handle, why did you lie on broadcast, hyung?” Kibum probed.

“How could I have said you were hard to handle on broadcast, which would totally ruin our images?”

“Oh and so you lied to prove you’re a good leader, huh?”

Leeteuk kept quiet and continued eating his food. The rest of the members felt the tensed atmosphere and asked Kibum to stop talking while eating to make him keep quiet.

Leeteuk stepped out halfway and went back to the dorm first.


Back at the dorm, Leeteuk kept crying. He didn’t know what to do with Kibum; he loves all his members and respects them. However, Kibum does not regard him as the hyung at all! It really hurts him, to be disregarded like this and his words are mere jokes to him.

The rest finally came back; Leeteuk wiped his tears off and went to the door to greet them with smiles, Kibum went into his room without acknowledging Leeteuk’s presence and slammed the door shut. Leeteuk stood there shattered and broke down again.

The situation did not get better even after a few days. For days, Kibum ignored Leeteuk’s presence, and no matter what he said to him, Kibum would pretend that he didn’t hear anything and ignore him. Awkwardly, Leeteuk would laugh it off and continue talking on some other topic with the rest of the members.

The other members went to Kibum and tried to talk some sense into him but he wouldn’t listen.


Weeks passed and it still didn’t get any better…

The members were outside at a photo shoot. Everyone was busy – putting makeup, discussing the shoot’s details, receiving instructions and all.

It was time to take individual shots, it’s Kibum’s turn now and Leeteuk sat at one side and looked at him quietly. All in his mind was… how to mend their relationship, how to make Kibum know that he cares for him, how to make Kibum regard him as a hyung, how to make Kibum acknowledge him.

He looked around quietly while thinking of all these. He looked up and noticed something weird.

One of the lamps hanging above seemed to be… out of place. He looked down and realized the danger. It was right above the set, right above Kibum. He looked up again and noticed the lamp seems even more out of place now, it seem to be dropping any moment.

He moved forward and closer to the set while keeping an eye on the loose lamp.

“Ha, coming to keep an eye on us again so as not to tarnish your reputation of super junior’s leader aren’t you?" Kibum said in a sarcastic tone.

Leeteuk ignored him, his eyes fixed on the lamp that may fall any moment. Kibum ignored him and continued doing his shoot.

The wire finally snapped, the lamp came crashing down.

“Look out!” Leeteuk screamed as he jumped forward and pushed Kibum away, the lamp came crashing down on Leeteuk.

Leeteuk let out a loud scream and everyone was startled. Members rushed over to check on Leeteuk, the manager called the ambulance, the rest panicked and worried. Others started blaming each other for the falling lamp.

Kibum, who was pushed aside, regained himself from the shock and carefully make his way towards Leeteuk and started crying.

“Hyung, why? Why… why did you do this?”

“I saw it… so… I had to stop it, but before I could… it fell… ahh… so it’s only right for me to protect you… my dongsaeng. I’m your hyung, not just a name… ah ow… I’m your hyung for real…”

Kibum knelt next to him, he held his hands tight and cried.

Leeteuk laid there severely injured and not able to move a inch at all, although the impact was lessen due to the setting, it was still a heavy blow, not a blow big enough to kill one instantly, but definitely… big enough to injure severely and maybe cause a few internal injuries here and there.

“Ah, Kibum… I’m tired… I’m going to… sleep for a while… so… yeah….”

“Hyung! I won’t allow you to do that! I want you to stay forever! Stay with us forever! Don’t you dare leave us behind and go alone! HYUNG!”

Leeteuk smiled and whispered, “Our Kibummie~ You look cuter when you smile, you know?”
And Leeteuk’s hand slipped off from Kibum’s hands….

“Hyung! Where’s the ambulance! When’s it arriving?! Hyung!”



Leeteuk opened his eyes and saw the white ceilings. He looked to his right and saw Kibum, who held his hands tight all these while without letting go.

“Hyung! You’re alright!”

Kibum hugged him and cried.

“Silly~ I’m alright now aren’t i?” Leeteuk said while weakly stroking Kibum’s head.
Kibum cried uncontrollably.

“Hyung, I want you to stay forever, by my hyung forever! We shall be together forever, alright? Promise me.”

“Ah kibummie~ I told you, I’m your hyung, it’s not just a name only. Of course, we’d be together forever, now give me a smile…”

Kibum let go of him and gave him a smile.
Leeteuk smiled and gave Kibum another hug…
“I’d stay with you cos’ I’m your hyung… so stop crying~” (:


s/n: Hope it wasn't too rubbish-y. x___x
Tags: pairing: eeteuk/kibum
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