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One-shot: Austrian Cyborgs

First time posting at a community, so if there's anything wrong, please point it out to me. (and I apologize ahead of time for any troubles)  I've always had trouble with html and the likes of all computer codes... So... Yeah. Help the newbie plz. :)

Shihan's my OTP.  Fo'sho.  (And for all those Chinese people out there, Happy Chinese New Year. :D)

Title: Austrian Cyborgs
Author: flurgle45
Pairing: Shihan (ShiwonxHankyung)
Other Characters: Heechul
Rating: PG
Summary: A short, senseless day in the lives of Shihan and Heechul... But Heechul's not really into threesomes.
Disclaimer:  All situations written about are purely fictional and all just wishful thinking from a deranged fangirl.

“It’s funny,” Heechul muses, staring at the sickeningly cute couple sitting next to him, sitting a little too close to his side of the couch, “How they think we’re in some weird, twisted threesome.”

It is at this time that Hankyung tears his eyes from the blaring, bright screen, cuddled under a strong, muscled arm, long enough to incoherently blurt out one syllable, “Huh?” Heechul tries to ignore the fact that the man Hankyung is curled up against is still glued to the screen and not paying attention to him, for once not trying to spew nonsense about God and Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and continues on his random, totally uncalled for rant.

Ignoring the helicopter sounds and cries of pain that explode from the television speakers, Heechul continues, “I said, it’s funny how we’re the Shihanchul threesome or something.”

“What?” it is only then that Shiwon is able to redirect his attention onto the overly feminine Super Junior member, arm unconsciously pulling Hankyung closer to him, hand tightening around a thin shoulder. Heechul wonders why he tries to have conversations with these two when there’s an angry Austrian cyborg spouting out catchphrases on the television screen. Obviously, even he can’t compete with the mesmerizing effect of bulging muscles and oversized guns combined.

But, Heechul is never one to give up, so he continues on his rant, this time raising his voice to compete with the sounds of a police siren that roars out of the annoying bright screen across the room from them. With a frown on his face, Heechul teases Shiwon, “It’s nice that the only thing that can draw you away from explosions is mentions of sex.” A crude way of saying things, but worth the look of denial that crosses across Shiwon’s overly expressive face.

As Shiwon’s eyebrows continue to wander up and down his face in whole new paths of a combination of annoyance, denial, and embarrassment, Hankyung places a calming hand on the other’s knee before directing attention back to Heechul, “Are you talking about fan pairs?” Heechul fights back the urge to retort that three does not equal a pair, and instead it should be something like… fan threesomes… or something like that.

Heechul nods, then adds as a side note, “I don’t get why I have to be on the bottom. I mean… You’re a total sissy, no offense Hankyung.” This time, it’s Hankyung’s turn to feel embarrassed and annoyed, while Shiwon’s hand runs soothing circles along the other’s shoulders. “And stop with that mushy touchy-touchy thing you guys keep doing… On second thought, go to the other couch. Your lovey dovey cooties are getting into my personal bubble.”

Wordlessly, the couple moves and before long, Heechul occupies a couch meant for three, sprawled across it loosely like a sack of potatoes, and Hankyung and Shiwon are crammed onto an armchair, the Chinese slung over both arms of the chair, close to falling off the side any moment, held only atop the lap of his lover by two very firm arms.

“… What were we talking about again?” murmurs Shiwon as he looks down on the face of his lover, fingers threading through strands of Hankyung’s hair. He gets no reply as Heechul lets loose a loud whoop of excitement as yet another car blows up.
Tags: pairing: hangeng/siwon

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